Extra Extreme charts are often made to be rated with a either higher difficulty or at least the same difficulty as their original Extreme counterparts. The current settings are displayed at the top-right of the 'Customization' screen.

Wiki-Version 14.0.1 rev190702 Wikipages are still in development This is a fanpage about the Project DIVA game series. Time it well with the melody icons, and once you press the button, continue to hold down on it. This wiki is NOT This includes songs within the series such as DIVA extend and F 2nd. *Button Help Display is disabled during EXTREME or EX EXTREME, and/or when the controls have been altered under button config. Hairstyles can also be previewed before applying them. rev190702 When using Shared Settings: The Main Outfit character differs from the Sub Outfit character, only the Main Outfit character will be used in the video.

Listen to the beat, and when the icon overlaps the target, press .

To adjust the song-specific timing, pause during the rhythm game by pressing the OPTIONS button, and selecting Options from the menu. Project Mirai Series Sorts songs by character. 001.Kouya to Mori to Mahou no Uta (Game Edit PS3PV) 3. Melody, slide, and target icons will not appear until the last instant.

Melody icons will move across the screen during the rhythm game. Using the left and right sticks for the slide icons below will net you a higher score than other controls. Items can also be previewed before applying them. Players can customize rhythm games and modules using the free app Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone Prelude.. Future Sound. It might differ if control settings have been changed. Displays the overall completion of the song, evaluation, and VP. associated with SEGA. In addition to the global lag adjustments you can perform via the Options menu, you can also make small adjustments on a per-song basis. This wiki is NOT associated with SEGA. Enable/disable vibration on the wireless controller.

Add two new features by buying both Future Sound and Colorful Tone expansion packs! When ON, the controllers can be used for slide icons by tipping it to the left or right. Change button settings for melody/slide icon controls. 008.Ievan Polkka (Game Edit PS3PV) 9. *Sound FX adjusts the volume of the wireless controller speaker. Changing from 'Do Not Upload' to 'Upload' will upload previous scores from when the setting was turned off. The game update was released on 21 November 2013. To view this software, you will need the base application and the concert content package. They did the same thing with Future Tone, internal livestreaming will automatically mute the music. Complete all songs in a set to win! (Controls can be changed.). Introduction to Project DIVA This option is only on available on certain songs. View the average clear percent rankings for Future Sound and Colorful Tone in HARD, EXTREME, and EXTRA EXTREME modes. Toggle View. Press to confirm, and preview with . 'Default' displays standard wallpaper while the game is loading.

004.World is Mine (Game Edit PS3PV) 6. This game includes all Modules, songs and skins from its predecessor while including new songs from the PlayStation Project DIVA games from Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F onwards, and … © SEGA. In options, sound settings and game themes can be changed here. Add in whatever songs you wish using the song list displayed on the right. Trivia & Facts Players can customize rhythm games and modules using the free app Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone Prelude.. Over 120 songs from the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F games can be played in this additional content! IA/VT, Zyon, Miracle Girls Festival Shows the best score per song. Use to select the settings to change, and press to confirm. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone (初音ミク -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone,?) Play the rhythm game or watch music videos.

Note that not all songs support success effects, vocal or video changes. Use to select, and to confirm. Melody, slide, and target icons will disappear when they're about to overlap. View added song difficulties, VP data, playtime, modules owned, and accessories owned. After highlighting the melody or slide icons to be set, press to confirm. From Project DIVA Wiki.

Changes game settings. Configure button settings by highlighting what you want to change with directional buttons. Select one of five styles for the melody icons displayed in the rhythm game. Also, multi-press icons can be set so that pressing a single button will trigger them. This option can be accessed from the Results screen after the first time HARD difficulty is cleared. Note that if you adjust the lag values during gameplay, your score will not count for the remainder of that song, and will need to reset the song or choose a new song.

The results screen also shows your highest COMBO, along with CHALLENGE TIME and MULTI/HOLD scores. 'FS Rank' and 'CT Rank' indicate songs from Future Sound and Colorful Tone expansion packs, respectively. Each mode has its own settings as described below. N=NOT CLEAR C=CLEAR G=GREAT E=EXCELLENT P=PERFECT. Press the directional buttons to navigate and use to confirm. The timing will be calibrated to the average of three button presses.

The melody icon will fly in from various directions. Select 'Start Practice' from the Song List to get a feel for a song. To remove a song from the favorites list, press the touch pad button again while highlighting the song. After completing the download of any additional content, restart the application, and it will show up in the game. View high scores for 'Survival' mode. *Game/Control Config affects all songs. Press L2 + R2 on the Module Settings screen to select the Recommended module. View completion status, scores, and online ranking. When the Timing Bar is straight up, the target icon will overlap with the melody icon. Select a playlist displayed on the left side of the screen to play and/or edit it. Moves the restart position back by 10 seconds.

VP is earned based on a song's results, and can be spent to add modules and accessories from the 'Customization' menu. Project DIVA Series Spin-Offs Project Mirai Series Discontinued Games Misc Games Games we would also like to add: IA/VT, Zyon, Miracle Girls Festival Feel free to submit info for these games! These are similar to the Star symbol notes from Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd which similarly required the player to swipe their across the touch-screen. During certain rhythm games, a unique Rainbow Target will appear. Play a tutorial that teaches you game basics. Enable/disable speaker playback on the wireless controller. Hatsune Miku (Voice & Character) On EASY and NORMAL difficulties, there is a challenge mode at the end of the song.

HIDDEN You can "kind of" get around it if you have the PS4 camera, you can turn on the mic, and assuming the volume is high enough, it'll pick up the music, though I can't vouch for how good the quality will be.Only other option would be an external capture card. When a Chain Slide Target appears, tilt and hold an analog stick in the necessary direction. Default settings is on.

is the updated successor of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade.The game update was released on 21 November 2013. The sound that plays for chain slide icons. On some of the songs, the difficulty can be changed from 'EXTREME' to 'EXTRA EXTREME' with . Here you can set whether or not to upload your high scores and completion level to the rankings. Name The game will display which songs and modules are associated with each expansion pack by displaying identifer icons on them. This option is only on available on certain songs. Like melody icons, slide icons sometimes have multi-press markers. You can delete, reorder, or alter song settings such as changing the vocals or how the video plays out.

Score The screenshots in this manual are taken with the additional content "Future Tone" and "Colorful Tone" installed.

Increases the speed of the melody and slide icons.

This page explains the default control settings.

Filters items by OWNED, NOT OWNED, or ALL. WORST, MISS, and ALMOST are evaluated together. On the module customization screen, select Random from the list in the upper left of the screen. The rhythm game's button presses result in the following: Use the restart function to master a song's trickiest parts! View high scores in HARD, EXTREME, and EXTRA EXTREME modes. Manually adjust the timing when melody icons overlap the target. Practice rhythm games in 'Practice' mode. Below are the corresponding buttons. Select the “Library” icon from the the PS4™ system’s Home Screen and check the list. Switches between modules/hairstyles/accessories. Default settings is off. During the rhythm game, when you successfully complete certain sequences, a special scene will play. By doing so, the Clear Gauge will fill up.