a) Take the money offered and go to the shops for them “just this once”?

____ I’m willing to end a relationship rather than continue to allow the other person to hurt me. You believe they are becoming sexually attracted to you. ____ I put the needs and wants of others before my own. What is your approach to professional boundaries? Professional boundaries can get confusing in fields, like social work, that are based on relationships. Also explore over 66 similar quizzes in this category. Choose an answer and hit 'next'. Sarah, on the other hand, grew up in a family that allowed no personal boundaries at all. b) Tell them you don’t invest in the stock market, but follow their advice secretly? ____ I am uncomfortable with physical contact unless I initiate it, and even then it needs to be on my terms. d) Suggest they need to put some clothes on before starting the session? 1 2 3. and sense of self go hand in hand •protect us from unsafe spaces •separate what is our business and what isn’t our business Boundaries •help define who we are Boundaries .

In order to assess your comprehension of professional boundaries in social work, complete the quiz and worksheet as many times as you would like.

Transference and counter transference between the work and a client is. ____ I often use anger and/or intimidation to get my way. Sarah’s father began visiting her bedroom late at night when she turned twelve years old. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. ____ I agree with others to avoid conflict, even though I feel resentful later. b) Report the colleague to the GSCC, all social workers have a responsibility to uphold public trust and confidence in social care services, and must not behave in a way, in or outside work, which would call into question their suitability to practise. d) Accept the hug and tell them it is not appropriate? Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do You Belong To Quiz.

Q2 Your work mobile phone is broken and one of your clients needs to be able to contact you about the outcome of a custody case on a day that you are working out of the office. All rights reserved. d) Talk about the time you saw them play live? Quiz to assess your professional boundaries By Personnel Today on September 7, 2009 in Education and training Managing the boundaries between you and your clients is a difficult juggling act. Be ready, willing, and able to back up your words with actions. Are you surprised by your score? c) Tell them you would love to go but professional boundaries mean that you can’t. All the other clients laugh and, although tasteless, the joke makes you want to giggle. ____ I take responsibility for my own feelings and don’t take responsibility for others’ feelings.

Appropriate, healthy boundaries fall somewhere in the middle of the continuum.

Q11 One of your clients used to be a financial adviser. It is never appropriate to use self-disclosure in a professional setting. c) Offer to do the shopping on a regular basis for them? We can help you address the specific areas where setting boundaries may be difficult, such as with your kids, your spouse, your dating partner, or your workplace. Personal Boundaries Quiz – Discover the Type of Boundaries You’re Enforcing, “Life is about balance; too much or too little can kill. c) Ask your friends to leave with you to another pub? ____ I try to “fix” other people’s problems. General Social Care Council - Professional Boundaries - guidance for social workers 3 A wide range of people across the social work sector have contributed to the development of this guidance. ____ I’m not afraid to disappoint or anger others by stating my opinion.

Maintaining professional boundaries is the responsibility of : Professional boundaries only apply when there is a dual relationship? One or more drafts of the guidance have been shared with the following individuals or organisations: Peter Allmark (Sheffield Hallam University);

All Rights Reserved. e) Have a moan about your partner/lack of partner? The best way to balance life is setting your boundaries and learning to say ENOUGH.”, Stress, Anxiety, & Depression Management Coaching, Book Resource: Divorce Recovery: How To Clean Out Your “Inner Closet”, Book Resource: How To Get An “Emotional Divorce” & Speed Up Your Relationship Recovery, Book Resource: “Mental Stress Management 2.0: 40 Tips For De-Cluttering Your Inner Closet”, Book Resource: “Emotional Stress Management 2.0: 40 Tips For Taming Your Turbulent Emotions, Book Resource: Stress Management Blueprint 2.0: Design Your Stress Relief Plan, Book Resource: Journey to Self Empowerment: Increase Self Esteem & Self Confidence, Book Resource: Reset Your Relationship With Food: How to Ditch Your Disordered Eating, Book Resource: The Fitness Goal Triad: How to Successfully Reach Your Fitness Goals, Book Resource: How To “Rock” Your Body Image: Improve Body Image & Self Confidence, Yoga Therapy Groups for Mental & Emotional Health. Q6A client you have been working with stops engaging with you and rejects your attempts to support them. Take our quiz to find out where you stand on the following scenarios.

Managing the boundaries between you and your clients is a difficult juggling act. Q1 You are walking down the street with your partner and see a client you are currently working with walking towards you.

Maintaining professional boundaries is the responsibility of : Professional boundaries only apply when there is a dual relationship? Personal boundaries are meant to protect us, just like the physical boundaries of roads & guardrails.