Old Man’s Beard and Traveller’s Joy are names for a variety of which flower? Printable Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme Quiz Game Unique Printable Flower Foliage Glossary Your Complete Guide To All Things Flower Which yellow, pink-flushed rose was bred by Meilland in 1945? There is the calla lily, which represents marriage and as such is seen in many bouquets. A plant that lives for more than 2 years (accept lives for a long time). Cleaning Nozzle with Swivel Connect™ Next Video. Play Flower quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. Sunflowers view answers

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There's a Flower quiz for everyone. Whether you're a garden variety flower enthusiast or a full-blown botanist, it's hard to deny the allure of flowers. The largest horticultural campaign in the U.K. is called 'RHS Britain in ...' what? A good year for Van Gogh flower paintings was 1987, as "[S----ow--s]" was auctioned in March for $39.9 million USD and "Irises" sold at auction for $53.9 million USD in November.

It's formal name is the Great Spring Show. They're colorful and complex, edible or toxic, aromatically pleasing or gag-worthy (we're looking at you, corpse flower) and they grow practically everywhere on Earth. Which hanging basket favourite is also called pelargonium? The parts of a flower play important roles in plant reproduction.

(a)Frances Hodgson Burnett, (b)John Steinbeck, and (c)Dr. Suess (his last book official book). Which flower gets its name from a Persian or Turkish word for turban? This is a biennial plant. What is the common name for the antirrhinum? What is the common name for any of the plants that fall into the genus Narcissus? Azaleas are flowering shrubs in which genus? What is the common name for the antirrhinum? Home / About Flowers / Flower Trivia Print This Page.

Take this flower quiz and match your personality to a flower now! Take this flower quiz and match your personality to a flower now! Cocoa beans While you may not be able to dig your spade into the soil just yet, there is plenty, Design a Beautiful Drought Resistant Yard. How about a happy-go-lucky sunflower? Where is the London venue for the largest flower show in the world (it's held in early July by the Royal Horticultural Society)? The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is held in which month of the year? Which yellow, pink-flushed rose was bred by Meilland in 1945? Which poisonous, sweetly scented woodland flowering plant with bell-shape florets dangling from a thin stem has the scientific name, Which flower is often called the 'winter rose' or. The swivel allows the nozzles to pivot without, Winter Gardening Tips to Tackle in the Off Season, As winter marches on, avid gardeners become more and more eager to get growing. Parts of a Flower - Science Quiz: Flowers may look pretty and smell nice, but plants that create flowers do so in order to reproduce.

Which animals love nepeta, giving the latter its common name? Previous Video. Maybe an outgoing gerbera daisy? Which flower, also called chalk plant or baby’s breath, is a favourite with flower arrangers?

By what name is Solidago known? Which small flower, usually with 5 blue or purple petals, is associated with freemasonry and has the scientific name Myosotis?

Which daisy like flower, the national flower of Mexico, gets its name from an 18th century Swedish Botanist?

There as those like the lotus flower, which is both religiously and culturally important to many Asian people. General Knowledge Quiz.

What would you find in an anther on a stamen?

One that germinates, flowers, seeds, and dies in a year. Next Question > Take the plants quiz See all quizzes › Go to topic › Question 10 What is chocolate made from? This list of floral trivia gives the meanings, messages or myths associated with various flowers. Which authors wrote the following books with flowery titles: (a)The Secret Garden, (b)The Chrysanthemums, and (c)Daisy-Head Mayzie?

Next Question > One that germinates, flowers, seeds, and dies every two years. Awesome 30 questions on roses, perennials, daffodils and other flower triva. Flower Trivia.

Which flower is sometimes called the sword lily? Categories . Are you a romantic red rose? Keep the Betterdays coming with gardening tips and exclusive offers. Which wildflower is also known as the knapweed? Flowers hold special significance, both as a group and also individually. Hot weather and drought-like conditions don’t mean a beautiful yard and garden is out of reach.

Which flower according to legend bloomed everywhere that lord Buddha walked; these days its seeds can be eaten raw and its stamens dried to produce fragrant teas?

Their life cycle is unique among living things, going from germinated seed to seedling, then becoming a mature plant that’s capable of flowering. Which plant is grown not for its flowers but for its silvery seed pods? What type of bell is a campanula? Which family of flowering plants, with between 22,000 and 26,000 species, include the variety Lady's Slipper?