(Empress Pei is the only character who can be said to be on the same level as LWY, in terms of cunning and scheming.) I read 媚公卿 after this one, and thought she was a little like a clawless kitten in comparison. Younger sister ends up with a scar on her face and goes mad….her mother calls a truce with weiyang to bring down the elder sisters mother….as far as I can remember….might not be 100% correct. 3rd prince becomes a cripple. She died on her own terms while also massively one-upping the emperor, by revealing the truth to the emperor right before they were both literally engulfed in flames. I really enjoyed Shu Nv You Du/Jin Xiu Wei Yang and would highly recommend it.

The Queen of Yuexi, Queen Pei (I never know how to translate these Chinese names. Enjoy If you can't read any manga and all the … *edit, ok so who is the main lead? She’s not scared of dying because she has already died an atrocious death. I’ve recently gotten back into audiobooks too.

Thank you. Yes, it is a happy ending. It seems a lot of very popular authors get accused of it, first Guo Jing Ming, then Cang Yue, Vivibear, Shu Ke, Tang Qi Gong Zi. Wei Young has a genius brain but she’s out for blood.

Younger brother Min De is still there but he seems more like a side character…. After discovering the plot, Wei Yang doctored elder sis’ hair oil with the poison instead. Hello, additional VN translation source, since http://noline412.wordpress.com dropped it at chapter 147: http://diendanlequydon.com/viewtopic.php?f=144&t=314460. Both Chu Wang Fei and 庶女有毒 are long novels, but that’s about it. Hence what should she do? Elder sister tried to poison Wei Yang’ s younger brother with a venomous and painful toxin. Her former arch-enemy expressed that he has been secretly in love with her for many years. Guys I think that in the Drama,the Northern Liang Princess is the “rebirthed” Wei Young as Wei Young died and the new Wei Young lived for revenge but also subsequently can’t escape love…. The Princess Wei Yang c132 part2 09/13/20 The Princess Wei Yang c132 part1 09/07/20 The Princess Wei Yang c131 part2 08/29/20 The Princess Wei Yang c131 part1 08/20/20 The Princess Wei Yang … Being someone who’s played with writing stories in the past, I think coincidental similarities do happen and sometimes authors do inspire each other, but geez, 9 chapters worth of original writing out of 300? Weiyang is such a smart girl and she doesn’t play nice so it’s entertaining to see how her enemies try to come up with evil schemes but end up walking right into her traps. Here, she really does try to, but at the same time, it is also satisfying (for the most part).

Princess Wei Yang - H.MangaIro.com You’re reading manga Princess Wei Yang Chapter 1.1 online at H.MangaIro.com. Rebirth? I’m sick and tired of it. People need to start controlling these drama producers, makes me fear for the ones coming up. I will rip apart that beautiful façade!

@Mint: I agree with you so, so much right now. Not sure if it is complete yet or not. But, I read in his wiki page that he ascend the throne at age of 12… and then I found that his empress’ history is similar to WY in drama…. She gave birth to YL as a result and shortly thereafter committed suicide. At first, Tuoba Zhen doesn’t believe it to be true, but then as events unfold at the very end, he believes those memories that he saw in his dreams.

The poison was so unbearable that elder sister pulled out her own hair and scratched out her own face, destroying her good looks with her own hands. (For example, if your cousin’s mother was sisters with your father, then you would be permitted to marry, as you belong to different clans.). Srsly, the script writer should have had an idea how we hated the stories where the women was potrayed as useless and had to be rescued most of the times!! A two-faced, hypocritical older stepsister? But he’s hidden away by Li Wei Yang and eventually taken to her new family, the Guo family (who are AWESOME by the way), and they nurse him back to health. @tranzgeek: It’s tranzgeek!

If they were just going to use a couple character names, they didn’t even have to buy the rights to the book.

It’s not just the mc that does this, but the antagonists too.

Yes empress pei is awesome.

What rebirth?

Have you read 知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦?It’s a little like that where there are a lot of guys in love with her (some of them princes), but the ML doesn’t start as a prince (but he eventually becomes one in part 2, which is a long story). From what I’ve gathered in these comments, the plot of the book hits pretty much every item on the list of “things you can’t show on TV in China.” Supernatural elements like reincarnation are frowned upon.

And I’m so happy! She’s involved with one of the Tuoba princes in the drama version, but not in the book. All this time, the Yuexi emperor doted on YL thinking he was the son of his beloved half-sister, Princess Qixia, while ignoring/neglecting/even scheming against the crown prince.

i think this book is quite enjoyable. I still really want to read Cang Yue’s Mirror City though, even though Cang Yue is also swamped in plagiarization scandals.


I tried it for a while but it’s really just another Mary-Sue drama that Asia seems to like so much.

I have to say, out of all the villains I read about in the CNovel land, Empress Pei is definitely one of the best. Look at what they did to Hua Qian Gu…. I’m just glad for her that the man that loves her is just as black bellied. It’s true he didn’t have them throughout the whole story, but fell in love with Wei Yang for real the second time around, and it turned into this really great love/hate dynamic, but towards the end, on the eve of fulfilling his big plan, Jiang Hua (he’s Wei Yang’s cousin of sorts, one of her great enemies in the first half of the novel, son of the Jiang family from which Jiang Rou, Wei Yang’s stepmother is from) gives Tuoba Zhen some sort of magic potion he got while he was in Yuexi that would allow one to see memories from his past life. to foil all the attempts to frame/rape/capture her, to the point of being unbelievable.

By the time we get to the second book in Yuexi, it’s not really 后宫 at all. Yes, she’s quite cold, and the way she deals with her enemies are shockingly terrifying, but she eventually warms up to people, even though she claims she doesn’t care for them.

Cannot fish up and unable to guess or make out. ive never read the book just started the drama and im super loving tuabajun!! From what I could understand through google translate, Weiyang messes with her elder sister’s beauty products and destroys her looks, literally makes her hair fall off and her face gets covered with festers. Isn’t the author being accuse of plagiarizing the story?

An evil stepmother?

7th Prince Tuoba Yu (who is the basis for Tuoba Jun in the drama, I think although except for personality, the two characters are pretty different trajectory wise) thinks he will become king. I thought a lot of it also had to do with the torture scenes too? You also can’t show anything that seems to glorify violence, sexuality, religion, capitalism, or anything else the government doesn’t like. It usually promises a FL that is very strong and calculating. Zhao yue and Zhao Nan? Recently got back into the hobby of listening to audiobooks again. I remember in one of the chapter (before Jiang 4th son died), he told Weiyang, that the law of this world is the law of the jungle, only the powerful and strongest can win and stand above. “In 庶女有毒 (I prefer this title more, since it describe the novels better) it is about revenge, not just any revenge, but crushing the antagonist in the most bitter way possible. The drama is all lovey-dovey rainbows and unicorns while the book is somewhat like a cross between thriller/horror/period romance. I manage to skim through the second half in the past week n I must this story is quite interesting. Otherwise, not going to plough through all those chapters . They are awesome .

The old sorceress who gave it to him said that Tuoba Zhen was fated to be king and Li Wei Yang was fated to be queen, but because there was so much hatred and obsession that that fate has been messed up. In her previous life, he died in the drowning, so by saving his life, she changed the course of her whole life. Tuo Ba Jun hasn’t even lived his life yet at this point. Thank you so much for the details. I’m willing to give the author the benefit of doubt but there’s no smoke without fire !!! Maybe because I am female myself, but I do love a good novel with a strong heroine. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe in ancient China, [i]tang[/i] cousins were not permitted to marry, because they technically belonged to the same patriarchal clan. Yeah I disappeared for a long while. but that doesn’t meant she disregard people lives.

@Zhilie: yup, totally about reincarnation and revenge. Do you have 蜻蜓fm?

She controlled her own life, not God.

I don’t think 锦绣未央 was supposed to be based on anything either, so I hope they don’t try to fit 孤芳不自賞 into a historical time period. Haha, you’ll be shocked. @atsu hey there!! Game of Go between Jiang 3rd Smart Son and WY, I was expecting him to vomit blood and die there like those old chess battle of experts but alas it is not expected to be. They are each other’s soft spots.

Although I’m disappointed about the drama ending, after I found out that TBJ is a real historical figure. I like most of the characters, even villains like Tuo Ba Zhen, First Mom, Jiang Hua. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’m curious as to wether which one of the princes becomes the emperor.

Just like Mishil in Queen Seon Duk and Gil Tae Mi in Six Flying Dragons, you will hate their cruelty but you will respect all they went through to get there and the talent that brought them there too.

But it was still a fun read. How? You're readingThe Princess Wei Yangfree novel online on ReadLightNovels.Net ! Hope someone gets interested in this and decides to translate it ^^ It sounds similar to Mei Gongqing, which I’m liking so far. That must have taken a lot of work, trying to make it all fit into history! Well @indomnianoodles, Tuo Ba Jun doesn’t have any memories of his “first life” because Wei Yang is reborn back into her younger self. If never went to see any of the evidence, but it really spoils the joy of reading. Is this story very palace-like 后宫 type conflicts between women or more political? But they had to use the same name for a conplete other story. The drama is nothing like the novel except the names. Creativity and integrity in online novels these days is harder and harder to come by I guess. I like Tang Yan but I hope her acting doesn’t destroy the story. It’s been so long since I’ve been on shushengbar, glad to see an old friend is still here! Just asking but when does the male lead appear? I wouldn’t say the author’s writing is brilliant, but it’s simple and straightforward.

Interesting @atsu. care to spoil??

Plus the costume designer needs to be fired for putting braids on him, making him even more deadly. okay, sorry about that rant, I didn’t intend to blab about all that, it just came out while I was commenting about the book.