Halloween! Mystery of big foot is revealed early in the movie. Dread X: 10 Awesome DREAD/Epic Horror Movies You Can Stream Now on Our Free AVOD App! The big foot could easily kill him but he didn’t. I am not sure if there is going to be sequel or not, but I am not sure if I am interested in seeing what happens next.

Solid flick that went a little sideways half way through. Upside is that the female lead played by Casey Gagliardi is very attractive actress and fair good job. The Husband did not bother to ask “ Who is the scary witch on your porch”””. Paul Rodriguez Talks Mixing Horror and Comedy in Gravy, Devilish New Image Gallery for Halloween Hell, Moody Intro for Anthology Web Series, The Witching Season, The Scarehouse Cast Members Get Pranked; New Stills and Clips, Must-Watch Short: Fear Post-Apocalyptic Trick ‘r Treaters in The Last Halloween. Coming tomorrow! Then finally why would the husband just go back out there with one old guy? No sexual intercourse. (2016), Beauty of Horror: Christmas Clay-Massacre, Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween (2015), Chris LaMartina's Trick or Treat Video Goodie Bag Mixtape, Cinematic Void 2019 Halloween Video Mixtape, Commander USA's Groovie Movies: Trick Or Treats, Count Spookula's Horrorthon: Halloween Special (2020), EC Comics Style Artwork of Horror Movies Part 1, EC Comics Style Artwork of Horror Movies Part 2, EC Comics Style Artwork of Horror Movies Part 3, Everything Is Terrible! Bloody-Disgusting.com The Ultimate Guide to Over 100 Horror Movies Set Around Halloween! Very bloody. The Ghostbusters: Afterlife Official Trailer is Here! If you already saw this movie, help us rate the movie by click on the Star Rating. The surprising ending is that this isn’t the only big foot out in the woods. 13-Year Old Emily DiPrimio Puts Down the Barbie Dolls to Direct Slasher Flick Carver!

Unfortunately, the acting suffer a bit. The Halloween / Trick or Treat Scenes Part 2, HALLOWEEN EXORCIST Theme Metal Music Video, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 Lipstick Prop Replica, TALES OF HALLOWEEN (2015) Official Trailer, Saint MICHAEL MYERS and Baby SAM by CRAIG HORKY, THE FEAR: HALLOWEEN NIGHT (1999) VHS and DVD Covers, HAUNTEDWEEN 2 Indiegogo Campaign Launched, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS Theme Metal Music Video, HALLOWEEN MICHAEL MYERS Art Prints by NICK CASALE. The monster shoots a woman in the leg with an arrow.

*hating ass bitches*. The bone is seen protruding from the skin and he is bleeding badly.

The monster dissects a man and pulls out his innards.

I’d give it 2/5 or 2.5 at the very most. A woman stitches up a man's wounds. On the way home, they encountered the big foot. A man is hit in the face with what appears to be a rock. Video Mixtape, Flipping Channels on Halloween Night Video Mixtape, Goth TV Halloweenie: Volume 1 VHS Video Mixtape, Halloween Franchise (1978-2009) Video Mixtape, HALLOWEEN FRANCHISE VHS DVD and Blu-ray Covers, Halloween III Season of the Witch Video Mixtape, Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street (2008), Happy Halloween: A Halloween Kills Fan Film, Happy Happy HALLOWEEN 2020 HALLOWEEN III Montage, Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel (2018), Horror Icon: Inside Michael's Mask with Tony Moran (2015), Jack-O's A Hip Hop Halloween Horror Video Mixtape, Jack-O's Halloween Theater Trailer-A-Thon Spooktacular Video Mixtape, Midnight Confessions: Halloween Special (2009), Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (2005), Rob Zombie's Ultimate Halloween Playlist Video Mixtape, Scary Harry's Halloween Night Video Mixtape, Skeleton Farm's Halloween Horrorshow (2010), Skeleton Farm's Halloween Horrorshow (2010) Video Mixtape, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990), The Bastardizaton and Oversaturation of Freddy and Jason Video Mixtape, The Halloween Store Zombie Wedding Movie (2015), The Horror Section’s Halloween Clip Show Video Mixtape, The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018), The Phenomenal Halloween Slaughter Party Massacre Video Mixtape, The Return of Skeleton Farm's Halloween Horrorshow (2014), The Stuff Of Horror Movies Art Collection, The Whore Church Presents: Yule Log Video Mixtape, The Witching Season - Horror Anthology Series, Trick or Treating Monsters Carving Jack O Lanterns, Unmixable: All Hallow’s Evil – The Unwinnable Halloween Video Mixtape, Video Vengeance’s Halloween Spooktacular Mixtape of Horrors, Video Vibin' VHS Mix 02: ++Trick or Treat++ Video Mixtape, WNUF TV28 Presents Frank Stewart Investigates: Halloween LP, ‘Terminator: Resistance’ Receives Free DLC, Digital Comic Book. What so different about this big foot is that it is very smart, and its sole purpose is to hunt and kill people. & she cured the husband just so he could die along with everyone else, ,,,””except the girl who is “”Carrying her own CareBear””” ! Together with the local sheriff, the husband went out to look for the wife in the forest. The female creature is Duskyea woman or Tsonnaqua, my spelling stinks. This supercharged big foot remind me so much of The Predator. babyanimalgifs: This battle has so much similar with the second Predator movie with Danny Glover. HOLLOW GATE (1988) Newspaper Ad, Trade Ad, VHS and... 24 Reasons HALLOWEEN & THE TERMINATOR Are The Same... 12:01 Beyond - Episode #1: Halloween Special, Alienween: Halloween Party Apocalypse (2016), All Hallows Eve: The Dead Have Stories to Tell (2016), All Hallows Evil: Lord of the Harvest (2012), Baron Von Laugho's Christmas Special (1985), Baron Von Laugho's Halloween Spook-A-Thon! Also it is able to camouflage itself to hide within the forest. Perhaps it can sense she is in estrus like with other mammals. Money!

A man is shot with an arrow through the mouth. This is a very brief scene. AVAILABLE NOW!

Husband and wife lead don’t really have any chemistry between them.

There is surprise ending, but it was predictable. Luckily, the movie does explain little bit about this supercharged big foot. With posts containing trailers, fan art, official posters, reviews, music videos, short films, and toys. Primal Rage: The Legend of Konga (2018) Parents Guide Add to guide . Want to Buy One (or More) of These Horrifying Wax Mannequins?