There’s an integrated roll cage, and keeping the driver and passenger secure in their seats are SQP racing harnesses. Then in late 2012, the owner decided the Lola was just not radical enough as a road-going car. Ready for its shakedown test at Killarney international raceway in Cape Town. I think it actually handles better than a real 917 would have done in its days. I drove the car in circles shifting gears and everything worked properly. We can feel the slide coming from miles away, and we have all the time in the world to calculate our options: Kill it by correcting, or keep our foot buried and enjoy the most glorious of power slides. “The 905 was such an amazing car,” remembers Hélary. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. This was an absolute beast, I have never experienced something like this. And even if you have the money for a real 917, try finding one-and then running one.”, “Even if you have the money for a real 917, try finding one-and then running one.”. Features Bailey Cars North America represents Bailey Cars in the U.S. “We receive the finished cars without drivetrain,” Bosio continues.

“The idea was to have a much more driveable car, making the 917 more accessible to common enthusiasts,” explains Olivier Bosio, the European distributor for Bailey Cars through his company, Racing Legend Car. The Porsche 917 LH was the second new model version made in cooperation with the 2017 racing game Project CARS 2, developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. We turn on the kill switch–no ignition key here–and hit the starter button.

But overall, this car stands out as a very reliable track toy, not a widow-maker. | Dis 'n plesier. There was a controller, mounting with pedals for the steering wheel and a sensor and gear position display. It’s also about 4 inches longer, rides on larger 17-inch wheels, and sports a modern Bilstein suspension. But once this was sorted out, the 917K variant took off like a steam train.

He admits that he does not have the skills to race, so instead has always relied on competent drivers to pilot both the 917 and Lola and do them full justice. The rear hubs that came with the kit for the 917 were meant for Volkswagen CV joints. I assembled the complete hub assembly and everything went together as it should.

Is this the best road-going Porsche you could possibly have? I would never in my wildest dreams be driving a car like this. Here this 917 displays its best characteristic: utter predictability. Since this is one of the first times this car has been out on course, we stick to a self-imposed 5000 rpm limit. The car still exists and has been restored to its livery from the previous year (1970), it is on display at the Simeone Foundation Auto Museum. My heart was jumping around in my chest as this was going to be the first test drive of this brutal machine.

We drop our bottom into the tiny leather seat found in the Bailey Cars 917, and the differences from the genuine article are clear: different tubing, different dials and buttons on the dashboard, and a flattened-bottom steering wheel that’s no 917 copy.

Both were used early on for racing and later fitted with turn signals and number plates along with other things needed for road use. I drove the car out to the cement apron just behind the plane hanger. Just as it does in the real 917, a beltdriven cooling fan starts wheezing over the engine note.

| From the May 2019 issue When the V10 concept was originally considered, they thought about mounting two very large cooling radiators in front of the rear wheels, which would then be fed by two large NACA ducts from the top and two smaller ones from the bottom in the sills, but this proved to be inadequate. The cockpit of this beauty has been kept pretty simple, as it should be. The Porsche 917 is a sports prototype race car developed by German manufacturer Porsche.The 917 gave Porsche its first overall wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970 and 1971.Powered by the Type 912 flat-12 engine of 4.5, 4.9, or 5 litres, the 917/30 Can-Am variant was capable of a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time of 2.3 seconds, 0–124 mph (200 km/h) in 5.3 seconds. Well, there is actually, and that’s seeing one driving on a public road. But even with the more comfortable setup, the state of most South African roads is so bad that he really has to look for a nice highway to truly enjoy the drive. Porsche 917 LH has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions: Born: 1971 Stuttgart, Germany

As we made custom water-cooled exhaust for the marine engines I had a set of flanges that bolts onto the heads. It all worked perfectly; the engine fired up with no hesitation and the owner got a surprising call from the shop while on holiday, with the only sound being the revving of the now alive V10.

Welly New 1:24 W/B Collection - Yellow 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 Diecast Model Car, Porsche 917/10#16 George Follmer Winner Road Atlanta 1973 Rinzler Motoracing RC Cola Ltd Edition to 399 Pieces Worldwide Exclusive Item for North America 1/18 Diecast Model Car Minichamps 153736516, Hot Wheels 2017 Factory Fresh Porsche 934.5 153/365, White, PORSCHE 917 (YELLOW) The Hot Ones 2011 Release of the 80's Classic Series - 1:64 Scale Throw Back HOT WHEELS Die-Cast Vehicle, CMR CMR43003 Miniature Collectible Car Blue / Orange, Hot Wheels Matchbox Porsche 5 Car Bundle Set Version 3 Include Porsche 911 Carrera Panamera Turbo Hybrid 917 LH Panamera, Minichamps Can-Am Watkin Glen 1973 – Echelle 1: 18 Scale 155736504 Porsche 917/10 – Blue/Orange/White, Hot Wheels Porsche 917 LH Blue 101/250 and Porsche 917 LH White 269/365 2 Car Bundle Set, Maisto Porsche 911 GT2 RS Yellow with Carbon Hood 1/24 Diecast Model Car 31523, Porsche 917 K Martini - Winner LE Mans 1971, Hot Wheels 2019 Hw Race Day 3/10 - Red Porsche 917 LH, CMR CMR131_6 Collectible Miniature Car Blue / Orange, Hot Wheels Zamac Porsche 917 LH 45/250, Porsche Series 4/5, Hot Wheels 2019 Hw Race Day: Porsche 917 LH [Red/White] - International Card, Norev NV187585 1:18 1970 Porsche 917K AAW Spa Francorchamps, Multi, Porsche 917/10#0 Vasek Polak Racing Inc. Jody Scheckter 1973 Can Am Mosport Limited Edition to 300 Pieces Worldwide 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Minichamps 155736500, Porsche 917 Long Tail Le Mans 1969 #14 1/43 Scale Diecast Model by EBBRO, Minichamps 1/18 diecast - 155736502 - Porsche 917/10 Bosch-Kausen Team 1973 #2, 81 HWY Porsche Bundled with Matchbox Panamera + '96 Carerra Black + 917 LH Racer Blue + MBX Rally Die-Cast 4 Items, Minichamps 1/18 Scale 155736592 Porsche 917/10 Farewell In The Snow Nurburgring, Minichamps 1974 Porsche 917/10, Nurburgring Interserie, W. Kauhsen, Porsche 917K, No.34, Zitro racing, 1000 km Buenos Aires, 1971, Model Car, Ready-made, Brumm 1:43, Minichamps 180716922" Porsche 917/20 Kauhsen/Joest 24h Le Mans 1971 1st Practice Die-Cast Model, 1:18 Scale, Porsche 917/20 #0 1974 Supersprint Interserie Winner Team Martini 1/18 Minichamps, Steve Mcqueen Porsche 908/02 1970 Holtville #66A 1:18 Autoart, StarSun Depot 1970 Porsche 917K Gulf #20 with Steve McQueen Figurine Steve McQueen Collection (1930-1980) 1/43 Diecast Model Car by Greenlight, Matchbox Hot Wheels Porsche 5 Car Bundle Set Version 4 Include Porsche Carrera 917 LH Panamera 911 GT3 Panamera Turbo Hybrid, Porsche 917/20#23"Pink Pig 24h Le Mans 1971-1:18 - Minichamps, Minichamps Porsche 917/10 G Follmer Winner Road Atlanta 1973 Diecast Model in 1:18 Scale, Brumm 1971 Porsche 917K, Monza, Elford/Larrousse, Porsche 911 GT2 RS Racing Yellow with Gold Wheels Limited Edition to 2400 Pieces Worldwide 1/64 Diecast Model Car by True Scale Miniatures MGT00136, Porsche 911 GT3 RS White 1/24-1/27 Diecast Model Car by Welly 24080.

| Posted in He was always afraid the 917 would sustain damage and withdrew the car from more racing so that he could bring it back to the full road version it was intended to be from the start. Built by Bailey Cars in South Africa, a company that creates the highest quality replicas for customers all over the world, it was modeled from original plans, with just some modifications to optimize running costs and modern safety aspects. ], Story by Johan Dillen • Photos by Dirk de Jager unless otherwise credited. Designer: Porsche

This replica is very interesting because unlike the normal 917 replicas seen using air-cooled VW engines or Porsche engines, this uses a unique Audi sourced V10. Click here to check out some of the other posts, Click here to make a contribution to my Golf 6R Project car, Click here to setup a monthly contribution to website, Click here to check out the Top 100 Auto Blogs. The car is also fitted with adjustable bias from the twin master cylinders, allowing great tweaking abilities.

Obviously it had to have everything like working indicators, mirrors and DOT-approved road tires, but to get it registered they used the VIN number from a smashed Porsche 911. Let’s not forgot how insane it sounds with the V10 in the back and it can fit under parking booms. But for gearheads, it helped further define the 917 as an automotive icon. The owner says he truly believes if Porsche would have had such an engine in the late ’60s they would have grabbed it with both hands. The brakes in the front are locally manufactured VARI six-piston units, and in the rear there’s an AP Racing four-piston setup. This one uses a standard 911 fivespeed manual gearbox and clutch, so it leaves the pits graciously. mhh, the taste of apartheid and gated white communities. By Staff Writer It is based on the real-life Porsche 917 LH, 'Langheck' (Long Tail). It never ceases to amaze me how people pour money into a build and then pick the crappiest tires they can find. “The triple righthander, which is now cut short by a chicane, was quite the corner,” he says. In total, the car weighs about 110 pounds more than the genuine article, a downside that is offset by better handling and, according to its builders, improved safety. Green 'tribal' striping on top and sides. This can easily be solved by just switching to the secondary pump. Features: - full tube chassis (round, seamless tube) built to the dimensions of the original 917K (will ac I mounted all the components and started with the wiring. Next, I gave it a bit of throttle. It took close to 10 months to fully assemble the car with weekly visits to the very small and dedicated workshop where one man worked full-time to hand-build almost everything.

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He needs to drive this through some roads in Cape Town This cruising on Chapman Peak Drive or screaming through Franschhoek Pass would be unreal. It is based on the real-life Porsche 917 LH, 'Langheck' (Long Tail). The gearbox needs some time to warm the oil to allow for smooth changes. For engine management, a full MoTeC system was chosen and fitted to the car, with a big deciding factor being that MoTeC was willing to dedicate an engineer to the project. Other cars is the 718 lineup consisted of the 718/2 open wheel racer, the center-steer 718 RSK Mittellenker, the 718 GTR Coupe and eight-cylinder W-RS. Millions and millions. This one is attainable–well, more attainable than a real 917 in any case. Really passionate about the 917 but don’t have the budget?