The chassis shows no signs of accident damage either before or after the fiberglass kit was installed. DailyTurismo Uncategorized 914, body kit, Chalon, Flares, Porsche 3.

For any vehicle recovery needs, the OE tow hook provided by the manufacturer, or other suitable method as determined by the... Universal5.75" Tow Hook Shaft by Torque Solution®.

Protect your bumper from speed bumps and dips while... UniversalFront Bumper Lip by Torxe™. Original color was L13K Summer Yellow. All the lights, gauges and horn work, except the clock. Flexible foam rubber will bend and conform to the... UniversalBumper Scrape Skid Plate Guard Kit by Sliplo®. Track Ready Tow Hook by AutoTecknic®.

Original California car on original blue plates. Bolt-on or do-it-yourself: Choose from bolt-on coilover sets for Porsche 914-4 / 914-6 or get DIY sleeve conversion kits to convert your 914 locally. Het gewicht varieert tussen de 898 kg en 980 kg.

1975 means it’s pre-smog forever. There are some stress cracks in the gel coat and of course the vintage paint is faded. 2.0 Long term ownership, very original condition, 2.0 Full engine rebuild, very nice condition overa. De transmissie van deze auto gaat handgeschakeld en hij rijdt bovendien op benzine. Take your vehicle to the next level in style with these fender flares. The 1.8L engine won’t set the world alight, but it starts easily and got my son to school and back just fine. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Love to record your street and track driving experience on GoPro? Entire fuel system flushed, new fuel hoses, new fuel pump and new filter.

Manufactured from... UniversalSide Skirt Splitter Extensions by Vicrez®. Rondrijden in een luxe model van Porsche Een tweedehands exclusieve sportwagen van Porsche. De cilinderinhoud van de 914/4 en de 914/6 ligt tussen de 1679 cc en 1971 cc. contact

Then you need a secure mount for it. Het Europese model van deze auto staat ook wel bekend als de VW-Porsche. or inexpensive running air cooled P-car.

This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Het vermogen van deze Porsche ligt tussen de 80 en 110 pk en de aandrijving ligt aan de achterkant. Manufactured... UniversalV1R Style Rocker Panel Winglets by Vicrez®.

AutoScout24 Nederland B.V. This top-notch product is a great solution to reliably mount your license plate. AutoTecknic racing tow hooks are functional tow hooks with a towing capacity of 1.5 tons or they can also be used for show purposes. The Renegade Hybrids 914 Chevy V8 conversions have been around for 25+ years and hundreds of cars have been successfully converted. Designed with a threaded positioning set screw to be sure you achieve the perfect desired mounting position with 1 of our add-ons. Dit betreft een aantal functies, zoals They are manufactured from high quality 6 oz. Dit is een van de succesvolste racemodellen van Porsche die op de markt is gebracht. The Tug View by Raceseng is just the option. By creating a high pressure area on top of the... UniversalVeneno Style Front Bumper Splitter Winglets by Vicrez®.

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