Any suggestions will help. Let us know what you think. Joseph, actually you roast the porchetta at 475° for 30 minutes–15 minutes on the top and 15 on the bottom.

Discover all the Lainox solutions . If you want to maximise the flavours, halfway through cooking, pour off some of the vibrant red oil from the roasting tray and use it to roast some blanched Charlotte potatoes to serve. !” Hehe, will have to do this really soon. For the pollen, you can omit this if you can’t find it, or if in Australia you can buy it from Herbies Spices online. Oh my…. Love these shots.

It’s a prerequisite of any trip to Rome to ensure you try porchetta from a street vendor served piping hot and in a panino (bread roll). 30 minutes before your pork goes into the oven, preheat it to 220° Celsius (430° Fahrenheit). Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences.

Let it rest for 5 minutes. The proper traditional way is to cook it in a wood fire for 10-12 hours.

Email the grocery list for this recipe to: Pat the pork belly dry and place it, skin side down, on a cutting board.

Enjoy cooking, eating and exploring! Quite simply, porchetta is a large boneless suckling pig which is rolled with garlic and fennel (often with rosemary and other herbs, or even mince and sweetbreads in some places) and then roasted in a wood fired oven. Make sure you tie the roll at the ends last and very tightly.

The day before cooking, pat dry the pork skin then put the porchetta skin-side up on a rack over a roasting tin in the bottom of the fridge. Turn over and season the flesh with two handfuls of sea salt flakes and a generous amount of freshly ground pepper. Then, taking 2-3 generous handfuls of sea salt flakes and press it into the rind ensuring you have a visible layer of salt on the rind (as per the photos above).Ensure you have a roasting tray with a roasting rack large enough for your pork.

(I am also researching how to MacGyver a rotisserie for our fire pit thanks to your trick.) Already have an account with us? The professional oven in your home . Recent Post: Achiote Pan Seared Chicken on Southwest Rainbow Hash, I absolutely love the idea of this recipe! Thanks!

The day before cooking I pat the skin dry of all moisture, then place it on a rack skin side up and put in the fridge overnight so that the skin is dry. Professional blast chiller. Filed Under: Gluten-Free, Italian, Meat, Recipes, Snacks/Picnic, Uncategorized. And I love that every time you write a post I feel like I am going on a little day trip with you!

Looks amazing, giving it a crack for Christmas lunch Fingers crossed #goldcoastpizzaovens. Receive new posts and recipes home delivered fresh to your inbox. Coat a roasting pan with a little oil and place the pork in it. Have a picture you'd like to add to your comment? I think it might have been easier if the meat was the larger size called for in the recipe or I had someone to help. I don't have a roasting pan, so I used a big, deep cast-iron skillet that I first heated on the stove for a few minutes, just to move things along. If desired, while the pork is still in the roasting pan, turn to coat it with the pan juices and honey and lime juice, although this will elminate any chance of shatteringly crisp skin atop the roast. Next, I suggest you score the skin in a diamond pattern in an effort to improve your chances of getting coveted pork skin cracklings. The reason you are leaving it overnight is to ensure the skin dries out which makes it easier to achieve maximum crackly on your rind. But it will be tasty.

I chose to keep the amount of fennel at 1 tablespoon, as I love the combination of fennel and pork. Hate tons of emails? I am literally wobbly in the knees at this thought, Bkhuna. Set the temperature to 325F and preheat, lid closed, for 10 to 15 minutes. Now I just need to be gifted a 6kg suckling pig.

Pork Belly Porchetta Recipe © 2014 Nichola Fletcher. Remove the pork from the fridge two hours before you are ready to start cooking. I create simple recipes with bold flavours and believe that food deserves to look as dynamic as it tastes!

Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. For this size belly, you will need eight 18-inch lengths of very good, strong butcher's twine. I can only imagine how delicious this must have been, Amanda! Combi and accelerated cooking ovens, multi-purpose blast chillers. Put skin-side down on a board, then spread the ’nduja paste evenly over the central part of the meat. Recent Post: Squash Blossom and Zucchini Pizza. Cover with aluminium foil and rest for 30 minutes before serving. Your photos are fantastic! Please don’t tell the Hungry Dad that people eat fancy food like this at home! It is easy to digest, brilliantly written and the first and only time I have made this resulted in WOW from all around. You now have lots of tension to make a tidier roll. Can you say "ultimate weekend project"? I just got the fennel pollen and look forward to making it.

Hope that helps!

And use your recipe. While keeping that tension, let the other hand take over the tension near the loop. My husband would love it!

Pinning it, because I certainly want to make this is the near future.

I am speechless. It’s settled then, I’m going to Rome , Wow. Accelerated cooking oven. Use skinned cooking chorizo if you can’t source ’nduja. Roast for 45 minutes before turning the oven down to 160C/fan 140C/gas 3 and cooking for 3 hours. New recipes delivered fresh to your inbox. I can actually taste it!

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