The other 3 walls are fine because I realized I really needed to spread it out (which wasn’t easy). I was working on it this morning and I used a 320 grit on a sanding block and with a low amount of pressure went over the surface 3 or 4 passes in the direction of the grain. This is common. i have stripped sanded and re stained a dining table using minwax poly satin finish and now i have little spots all over the top. I find the new floor is scratching too easy. I heard that steam via a damp cloth and a steam iron might cause the area to swell the area. I ask because my sample piece is far from perfect but I still preferred the rub out looked after just 8 hours to the non-rubbed out look. I just installed a new 3/4 inch hardwood flooring from Bruce. Could polycrylic be good for stain as well? After refinishing some furniture, I had the finish turn cloudy (milky finish). Does a high build poly make it easier to rub out without going through the top layer? Please don’t waste your time posting any questions here because they won’t be answered. Exotic woods: These need to be coated in within 1 hour of prepping them for a coat. Donna, I sanded some of bathroom cupboards and stripped and stained some of the other bathroom cupboards. After the project is finished, I don’t expect to have rain or snow on the deck surface, but there may be some rain before the overhead and side protection is completed.

I tried sanding lightly with a foam sanding block, but this began sanding away the stain under it. Do you have any suggestions to keep it down or fix the curling up problem? We stripped and repainted an old oak table and then applied minwax polyeurathane and it remains tacky after a week. Even slight temp changes spread and tightened the grain so radically that it would squeeze the oil-based stain up through the polyurethane semi-gloss finish, or even bubble poly layers away from the wood surface. I striped a wall with polyurthene. A couple of boards look glossier than the rest of the floor.

I tried sanding and it “gums” up and collects on the sandpaper. The trick with varnishes is to put,at least the last one or two on thick because the coats do not integrate with one another.

Getting polyurethane to stick to "glue" is very difficult. I decided to refinish my hardwood floors recently. I was very upset so after it had dried I sanded this wall so that all the puffed up finish was smoothe. It will be treated as an unheated room.

I used a water base product. The best product I’ve used that requires little mixing is Poloplaz Primero. I’ve filled the knots with wood putty and sanded down the wood multiple times down to a 220 sanded finish. I polyed my oak floors after staining them. She I took off the excess putty it let a light spot on my cabinet. Dura Seal "gloss" instead of semi-gloss). Do you know how we can get rid of these spots without replacing the floor?

coating applied too thin). I am refinishing a dresser and I complety removed the old stain and finish. What would be the difference of waiting for a longer cure time before rubbing? I then applied a coat of polyurethane. Any thoughts are appreciated. Hope this helps.Richard. They said it was moisture trapped in the stain and I should sand off the finish and wipe off the stain with mineral spirits with would remove the color. It been raining cats and dogs for the last three days, and the finish is still tacky. Richard - I appreciate what you are saying with regard to the grit, but I was thinking that if I went straight from dried poly to sanding with 1200, there would be no grit to obliterate, no? I also noticed some of the stain came off on the tach cloths.

No problem, i sanded those down to even them out, and proceeded to add another layer using a brush. I refinished my wood dresser. I applied two coats of minwax wood stain, each with 24hrs drying time in between. Read the packaging for specific drying times and allow the putty to dry completely. What suggestions do you have that would accelerate the drying time in prep for a second coating? Scrub the surface several times with each solvent and wipe it clean, using fresh rags each time you do. Just stained over old stain on kitchen cabinets.

(small) area of table shows nano bubbles and What's the best way to avoid that? Apply just enough putty to form an even layer. Hi Helen, Does it still protect as well? The floor looks a little cleaner maybe… but it is still white and hazy.

Thanks. Sounds like it could be fisheye, caused by silicone contamination. Coating over a porous surface. Hey Danny, I’m installing two new solid core doors in my daughters business. Here are some getting-started tips, Create a one-of-a-kind dining set from a collection of cast-offs, Sawn-off car roofs for the siding, windows popped out of van doors ... this California home is as resourceful as it is beautiful, Reclaimed wood floors, thrifty finds and plenty of patience pay off for a budget-minded family in Dallas, All-Black Doors, Trim and Cabinets Will Add to the Year's Chic Appeal, Stop worrying over every little nick and chip.