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ManMade Kennels is committed to being highest quality Pitbull Breeders in the world. Each individual breed section on the Canada’s Guide to Dogs web site includes listings of Rescue Organizations specific to the breed. Every puppy comes with a contract that guarantees its pedigree, documents the designated pick from the litter, provides UKC Registration paperwork, and most importantly ensures the overall health of the pup. Will be updating with pictures regularly as they grow. He has the cutest face. I hope so!

Although the majority of our clients are financially capable of purchasing the dogs up front, we are also willing to work out payment plans with clients who share a passion for the breed and our style of pitbull -  BIG!

The BGK ebook gives a lot of XL blue bully pitbull breeding tips fron one of the best pitbull kennels in the world. Pitbull terrier puppies sale indianapolis.

We have placed BGK dogs in Kuwait, Indonesia, South Africa, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, Mexico, Panama, Canada, The Virgin Islands, etc, etc. Our breeding facility is located in sunny Los Angeles, California. Most are purple ribbon bred animals.

She’s a pampered and joyful little girl.

Vet Checked Puppies. They born October 8 , ready to go home November 27. We created our on lane! by thgthtdbv0f -

Toronto, Ontario [Canada] - Every big blue pitbull puppy from our kennel is pampered and treated with love.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier BGK’s staff gives our pups multiple vaccinations and deworming’s prior to them being given to our client.

QUALITY MATTERS! In addition to the Breeders listed here, the Breed Clubs generally include listings of member Breeders on their web sites and, if not, then a listing can usually be obtained either by e-mail or telephone. Are you interested in taking on the responsibility of becoming an “American pitbull terrier” owner, then your on the right site. This is one of the ways our kennel likes to give back to the breed we love and support. PLZ TEXT OR CALL 437-882-3179

        Santa Monica, CA 90403

Guelph, Ontario [Canada] -

Italian GreyhoundItalian SpinoneJack Russell TerrierJapanese ChinJapanese Spitz, Kai KenKarelian Bear DogKeeshondKelb Tal-Fenek (Pharaoh Hound)Kerry Blue TerrierKlee KaiKomondorKooikerhondjeKuvaszLabrador RetrieverLagotto RomagnoloLakeland Terrier Talk about Pitbull, at the moment, in this article we are going to talk about Pitbull in Ontario. The amendments to DOLA prohibit individuals from.

If you are looking for the biggest blue pitbulls in the world, well you found the source. One of them is Pitbull.

Big Gemini Kennels has been consistently producing the largest pitbulls in the world for the last decade. The Ontario government introduced Bill 132 to change the Dog Owners’ Liability Act (DOLA) on October 26, 2004. To learn more about adopting a rescue dog, please see the Rescue Organizations & Shelters section of the web site. His bags are packed and they are ready to go! Very healthy and has a great nurtured love personality. He is little ball of fire! It is after the Dangerous Dogs Act. Oct 13, 2020, Our female is due in about 10 days.

Both parents...

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We work very closely with two of the most talented dog trainers in Southern California for our clients who request it. Our American pitbull terrier have a variety of different shapes and sizes as well as temperaments.


We have rehabbed and rehomed over 576 dogs to date and will continue to do so for no profit. BGK blood is known to carry specific character traits, including size, look, and temperament generation after generation. Both of these animal rescues specialty is in taking in all breeds of cats and dogs, mostly from L.A. shelters that are just hours or days away from being euthanized and from “High Kill” shelters. Oh my goodness!

We are the go to pit bull kennel for big, healthy, blue pitbulls even for other pitbull breeders and kennels. Moochie is a very unique color. Socialization is a very important part of our breeding program. Follow us and stay updated with our BGK dog family as it grows and grows. Toronto, Ontario [Canada] - Cardigan Welsh CorgiCatahoula Leopard DogCaucasian OvtcharkaCavalier King Charles Spaniel

the big beautiful XL American Bully BGK's Handsome Monster owned, by our great friend Yavuz Bulut was recently  featured  on major news networks such    as  FOX, CBSm and aCNN in over 15 cities!!! Here are some of the news clips of BGKs Handsome Monster. located in the great state of new jersey, we pride ourselves on breeding healthy and extremely big dogs. PLEASE remember there is a difference between us and other pitbull kennels/ pitbull breeders that you find via google or word of mouth.

Oct 16, 2020, DOB: October 4th There is no question that despite their incredible size, our big beastly pitbulls are gentle giants with children. If you want to buy it in a breeder near your house, you are able to search “Pitbull breeders near me” in your browser. You will not find an extraordinary quality puppy like him!!!


Huge Discounts Available, AKC Registration With Shots Up To Date, Fast & Safe Shipping.

Originally, Pitbulls were banned in 1991. Our kennel is inspected and licensed by the city and province.

Fort Erie, Ontario [Canada] -


At Big Gemini Kennels, we have acres for our puppies and dogs to enjoy the best of life.

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Accuracy of information for all advertisements is the sole responsibility of the advertiser and we cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation. We are completely familiar with the different types of Pit-bull breeds. The primary dog law in Ontario that bans specific canines is part of the Dog Owners’ Liability Act. Please consider adopting a pup  from one of these top quality rescues. We also work closely with, recommend, and highly support the two following animal rescue facilities because of their commitment to the breed. Small Munsterlander Pointer -

Blue Nose American Pitbull Terrier Puppies For Sale - $2,500 DOB: October 4th Will be updating with pictures regularly as they grow. -

We offer a wide variety of color with our dogs including brindle, red, blue, silver, blue brindle, black, champagne, and white.

The true temperament of pitbulls is loving, affectionate, fearless, and extremely protective with their family. Many of today's top pitbull kennels have came to us for their foundation stock over the years when they wanted QUALITY and SIZE for their program....WE ARE THE SOURCE...I have females bigger than most male XL Bully pitbulls on the other sites that you find on the front page of google. 2 Male American Pitbull terriers left! Thank you for taking the time to look at our dogs, their families, and friends.

We can purchase the dog with variety prices.