13 comments. Full Power Energy Wave (フルパワーエネルギー波[3] or 強力エネルギー波[4], Furu Pawā Enerugī-Ha[3]), also called Super Energy Wave (スーパーエネルギー波, Super Energy Wave)[1] or Super Ki Wave (超気功波, Chō kikō-ha),[2] is a powerful energy wave technique. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! At the last moment, while Tony was left unconscious and Yamcha'd in a crater, Iced struck while Antony prepared to launch a gigantic blast at Tony. He explained that Tony was destined to be his instrument in this crusade, and that it both shall be and already is Tony who would be the prophet of Goma's ascension atop the Divine Hierarchy, overthrowing Zen-Oh, who's rule allowed such "suffering, death and entropy" to plague the Multiverse.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars. He approached from behind and waited, well aware that the Time Patroller ought to sense his presence. He showed Tony many realities, some little different to his own, others vastly divergent: a world where Frieza retained power and went on to terrorize the Universe for decades before being defeated by an even more powerful, and dangerously unstable Saiyan named Goku. With no other forces close enough to respond, Tony ordered his command ship to the system and led a ground force including Iced to investigate. Before Buu could finish him off with a final attack, a small creature appeared between them. After a brutal battle, one in which Tony appeared to be holding his own, Iced realised that Antony was not using the immense power he once displayed when they had fought previously. He later used it to kill the last two remaining members of Team Dodoria. The 100 skills included here will just have to do for now. Join. Aware of changes happening elsewhere down the timeline, Goma detected Iced and Tony who, following the All-Time Tournament, had taken to retracing Tony's own history to find and defeat Antony. Still salty that XBox/Switch users got conned out for the Broly lite raid. This being introduced himself as "Icedny" before rattling out a few other potential fusion names before an irritated Antony cut him off to tell him his name was "Kold", combining the surnames of the two (Kovacs and Cold). Then, they draw their hand(s) forward and fire the energy sphere in the form of an energy wave at the opponent, inflicting a great amount of damage. Goma allowed them to see the entire story play out, right up until the day before their attack on the All-Time Tournament, which Goma was now aware had failed, and was already planning for the next attempt.

Moments before the blast hit however, Iced remembered the Potara earings he was given by Creepy Kai after his appointment to temp Supreme Kai. The technique was used to defeat Vegeta. With a smirk of satisfaction, Antony charged Zen-Oh and prepared a killing knife-handed blow against the defenseless Omni. When Tony questioned the purpose, then, of erasing these timelines, Goma explained that he believed it to be the key to the "ultimate power" which Tony had achieved before, in his other life, but with the specific circumstances around it's acquisition remaining a mystery even to him.

However, finding himself unable to even harm the invincible Buu, he resigned himself to his death, telling Iced that he was sorry: he had failed to save their Universe, he had failed "to save anybody". He no longer donned any lipstick, removing yet another cultural influence of Frieza's over himself and his reformed civilization. Super Tony knew of beings such as the Supreme Kai, Beerus, and even his Angelic attendant Whis, but he only now learnt from Goma of the Twelve Universes, as well as the countless others that once were in a previous age. Battling Tony this time proved to be far less easy. Awaiting above the deserted City Streets, the trio of Tony, Iced and Max Stone soon arrived as expected to confront the intruder.

Tony demanded to know who the voice was, but it neither answered nor showed itself, simply stating that he had "nothing to fear" and that he was only here to offer a solution - the voice admitting that it was truly he who needed Tony. When he eventually did return to Conton, he would tell his friends of "an evil version of himself" who had tried to kill him, dubbing this new and deadly enemy Antony. Tony himself became isolated from his men, falling into a deep despair.

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Went through and cleaned up all the X2M's to remove leftover files. This is my first mod, it's SSB Gohan with custom moveset. While Goma laid this groundwork, and "competed" in the contest against hopelessly outmatched mortals, Antony awaited in the Goma's Realm, meditating and preparing for the coming task (being seen briefly at the end of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 #25). When the Finale came, with "Mr.Goa" facing none other than the Time Patrol's Tony, the plan was put into action, with Goma summoning Antony to the arena just as Grand Zen-Oh appeared. However the announcement of Xenoverse 2 and wrapping up of the Xenoverse 1 episodes delayed the execution of this concept, and allowed for further story development. When Iced and Tony followed suit using Iced's own, newly acquired Time Ring, they found themselves in an unknown to them timeline, and a massive Battle Royale between the Twelve Universes: The Tournament of Power.

At some point it became evident to Tony that the Kais, including the Kaioshin, had been killed by Buu, and that Beerus was too detached from the mortal world to care or intervene. With a swipe of it's hand, Buu stumbled and vanished into thin air, erased utterly from existence. Iced's attempts to intervene were initially brushed off, and Antony's threat to prolong Tony's suffering if he continued to get in the way, caused Iced to stand back and wait for a chance to strike. Buu, being more a force of nature than a strategic planner, continued random attacks in and out of Empire territory. - Roxas, 2019.

Protecc at ALL COSTS" - Steven regarding 21 No.21 is a Red Ribbon Army "Bioandroid" Type Android based on the template of a female scientist who - along with her husband, Dr. Gero - helped lead the development of the RRA's Artificial Human Programme before and … Tony shot into the offensive against the so-called "God Tony", finding to his satisfaction that he was able to overpower the Time Patrol's greatest warrior, even in his ultimate form. The short, rotund green creature introduced itself, with the familiar voice from the ship, as Goma.

My level still won't go past 80 even after Gurus boost. Special rules make this quest extra hard! Bardock kills Toolo with a Full Power Energy Wave, Toolo vaporized by Bardock's Full Power Energy Wave, Bardock charges an Energy Wave to kill Dodoria's Elite, Bardock fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Dodoria's Elite, Bardock's Full Power Energy Wave blasts Dodoria's Elite, Bardock ends the Flash Spirit combo with an Energy Wave, Bardock fires a Full Power Energy Wave in, Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket charges a Full Power Energy Wave, Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket about to shoot his Full Power Energy Wave, Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket fires his Full Power Energy Wave, Jeice fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Goku, Goku dodges Jeice's Full Power Energy Wave, Jeice fires another Full Power Energy Wave, Medamatcha charges a Full Power Energy Wave, Medamatcha fires his Full Power Energy Wave, Medamatcha's Full Power Energy Wave explodes, Salza fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Goku, Goku blocks Salza's Full Power Energy Wave, Salza fires his Full Power Energy Wave at Piccolo, Android 13 uses an energy wave against Goku, Android 13 charges a Full Power Energy Wave, Neko Majin Z fires a surprise Full Power Energy Wave at Vegeta, Goten is hit by Super 17's Full Power Energy Wave, Super 17 charges a Full Power Energy Wave, Super 17 charging his Full Power Energy Wave, Super 17 prepares to fire the Full Power Energy Wave at Dr. Gero, Super 17 fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Vegeta, Vegeta charges a Full Power Energy Wave in, Fasha charging her Full Power Energy Wave in, Fasha firing her Full Power Energy Wave in, Salza charging his Full Power Energy Wave in, A Saibaman charges its Full Power Energy Wave in, The Saibaman fires its Full Power Energy Wave, Tarble charging his Full Power Energy Wave in, A Saibaman uses a Full Power Energy Wave in, Frieza Soldier prepares his Full Power Energy Wave in, The Frieza Soldier's Full Power Energy Wave in, Bardock charges a Full Power Energy Wave in.