bte is fake team (pes united) and palermo will be removed from the patch soon.

I want to ask us we are going to see new leagues added to this year patch apart from the ones added previously in the years? this is the way the sider for pes 2020 workswhen starting the sider, it starts the game then go to background. They have to be connected with the sider.ini though.

* sp21 v3 is in the testing phase, expected to be released on the 31th of October, (download from the links page, replace two files), SP20 v3 is converted from SP21 v3, there are differences in the game so we have modified some leagues so the game will run without errors, see. Otherwise, great work! -----------------------------------------------------, - open (map_teams.txt) with notepad (Sider SP20\content\stadium-server), (settings file inside sider folder, open with notepad). people do not know how hard it is and how many hours are needed to do your job. there is nothing wrong with the sider or the sider addons,be sure you are using the latest version of any addon and follow the install instructions exactly. Hey SMoKE!I have an idea, I hope you like it.Why don't you guys just organize the classic teams as classic national teams?I always change them after installing your patches .... with the authentic flags and kits. yes its hidden by mistake, will correct soon, Could you add some polish classic players like Młynarczyk, Deyna, Boniek, Lato, Żmuda? Thank you smoke patch for your hard work. hey smoke, meaning if I already have a V8, do I only need to install the DLL File? This manager face pack contains faces like Pavel Nedved, etc. The facepack i use and add on to is a mega 20.000+ facepack.

Latest 2020 Patch by BiRaitBec; EvoWeb Patch 8.0 For PES 2020; PES 2020 Andri Patch 8.0; ePatch 2020 For PC; Smoke Patch Version 20.2.7 For PC; PES 2020 ICMP Patch Version 2.5 [PS4] PesVícioBr OF DP5 For PES20 [PS4] PESFan 2020 OF V7 [PS4] CYPES 2.1 Update For PES20 ; Tools: Sider 6.3.9, Kitserver 2020 v1.45, DpFileList Generator 2020 and PUMM Why can not I shine off the face from sider? Learn more. how to remove them?thanks. Credit & Thanks to : EsLaM. in the editing tools section has a new dpfilelistgenerator for the new datapack.

install went smooth and very pleased with the result!! Very good patch, as every year, as a real madrid fan, and noticed that the fifa world champion logo is missing from the kit, try to fix it for the next update, thank you very much team. why after sider 6.9.0 Funzotik addon "anthems" are no more working? best patch out there by a stretch!

It can cause problems sometimes. SmokePatch20 v2 (for PES20 PC) version 20.2.7 (all in one) (27.jun.2020) update 20.2.8 (12.jul.2020) Update 20.2.8 applies database upgrades to smokepatch v20.2.7 added players from the live update added players from the SP database, updated stats, many official transfers, and many corrections. by Rean Tech-May 06, 2020. Truly appreciated. PES 2018 XBOX 360 On Fire Patch V3 VIP Season 2019... PES 2018 XBOX 360 Infinity Patch 2020 Season 2019/... PES 2020 Faces Dale Stephens by Rachmad ABs, PES 2020 Faces Fredrik Jansen by Random Facemaker, PES 2020 Faces Cristiano Ronaldo 2004 by Andri Mod, PES 2020 Faces Ronaldinho 1998 by Andri Mod, PES 2020 Faces Onel Hernandez by Rachmad ABs, PES 2020 Faces Matteo Mancosu by Random Facemaker, PES 2020 Faces Håkon Evjen by Rachmad ABs, PES 2020 Gameplay Mod Majestic V5 by Holland, PES 2017 Stadium Syria & Kuwait National Teams, PES 2017 Stadium Palestine & Iraq National Teams, PES 2017 Stadium Finland & Hungary National Teams. Luis Binks, I. Pussetto, M. James, K. Tsimikas, C. Jullien, M. Svilar, A. Dovbyk, J. Justin, J. Arp, O. Syrota, B. Milovanov, G. Poussin, S Amallah, O. I have a ML manager face pack mod that is experiencing interference because of the SMOKE patch. I'll leave this here for anyone who might run into the same issue.Thanks for the update and the overall great work! could you upgrade the brasilerao roses? why teams like altiplano bunan (or sth else) and the players still appear in the game? Download PES 2017 New Mods Sider Season 2020 * Other Version : The "Bate Borisov", other editable team I already found in "Other European League". I have a problem with ML. Please do something! smokepatch20, pes 2020 patch, sp20, smokepatch download, patch mediafire, patch mega PES2020 SmokePatch20 (20.0.2) - PES SmokePatch smokepatch mod for pro evolution soccer game series for PC, created by fans of this game and made available for free to our fans all over the world Replies. Obrigado, melhor patch!! Sir Alex Ferguson2. David Moyes4. you can find the solution in utube. pes2020 lite now release. Reply.

The sider is running and stadium and kitserver works, for instance. Hello and thanksSorry we do not add things not made by us. all teams are correct, try reinstall the full patch then the update, No , my sider got something there that is uncompatible i'll try to see what it is. Thank you guys so much for the patch. Any ideas?