Artemis thought while getting off her couch she was laying on and started for her door. His father insists that as soon as Percy shows himself worthy enough, he shall become one of the major gods. As the celebration wore on many of the deities in attendance were getting drunk.

Perseus shouted, gently cradling his mother's limp form. With the eyes of a man with no courage or hope left, Perseus straightened and looked at the Olympians. Many of the contributors of the war are also there. ", The rest of the Olympians starred in shock at Zeus until a teary Athena spoke. I have received permission by them to write this story and they are also helping me write this story as I am not that great of a writer. And, if you like, we can have Apollo not only help with the birth but also teach him how to heal wounds if anything happens on their journey. "Father, what do you speak of? Will he stay with Annabeth or go with the Goddesses?

Poseidon smiled back and got up off his knees and went to his walk-in closet. Percy and Athena.

He made his way over to his sister's palace and walked in, glad to be away from the crowds.

The battle of Thermopylae has been lost, the fleet forced to retreat, because of his assistance!". "They will have key roles on the Olympian council-the oracle has already foreseen this.". As the twins entered they were given enthusiastic greetings from their family that they returned in kind.

But, being the true lover that he is, he gave her the freedom she wanted.

Zeus quickly nodded and gently lifted the young baby boy up, rocking him back and forth. "Do you believe Greece will survive this?" As the thirteen immortal beings took their seats, carefully avoiding their enraged king's eyes, Zeus snapped his fingers and a woman in celestial bronze chains appeared in the center of the room.

Hera kept her gaze to the ground, refusing to look at him. Your review has been posted. Poseidon yelled out. It's only been a few months after that, and the summer season is drawing to an end.

Zeus quickly flashed him out before any permanent damage could be done. The Olympians nodded, recalling the moment. Athena, one of the most bravest Goddesses, was afraid to turn to her right. ", Athena chuckled.

Artemis said but quickly added, "Not that I mind the visit. She didn't want to believe what's right in front of her. Athena stood. Percy is still in a relationship with Annabeth. ", Athena gave her a weak smiled but kept quiet. What's even more amazing, is that this love is for none other than Percy, the son of my rival, and the once lover of my daughter. Note: Check out my amazing beta: AmericanBeautyAmericanPsycho. I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, or Heroes of Olympus and never will. Percy's now God of the Tidal Waves and living a good life on Olympus. Athena started to breath more heavily when she notice that she wasn't wearing any clothes but the blanket wrapped around her.

She made her decision and defiantly stayed by her brother. Since Percy has just recently become a god, and Olympus is well-known to have wild parties, one will be thrown to congratulate him on his becoming the God of Tidal Waves. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Poseidon, God of the Sea and her least favorite God, was sleeping next to her, naked from the waist up and a blanket covering him from the waist down. "The boy shall be named Perseus, and the girl, Athena." Perseus and Athena both dropped to their knees and stared at the spot where their mother was mere seconds ago, now just a blackened streak on the pale throne room floor. She couldn't help herself but smack him over the head.

"No matter what you may believe, Father…," her voice was laced with disgust, "this council is a democracy and we must vote. I should congratulate you or not but you're going to have a baby." Hestia smiled fondly at her favorite nephew from her spot in the Hearth. Especially your father.". Silence rang throughout the room. "So, what must be done about this war?". ", Artemis started at her with her mouth opened then she started to laugh, "Yeah, okay, what is it really you need my help for?". I'll wait for you by the front door." "Do not fret-although we are not allowed to directly interfere, I will make sure that the Greek soldiers never lose courage or hope in the midst of their uphill battle.". Metis smiled at Zeus. At the age of twenty, Poseidon took Percy to Zeus and demonstrated how over-qualified Percy was to become a god. Athena was nervous when they finally got to Artemis palace door. Apollo pouted. Okay?".

She backed up and let the two Gods in.