In an interview with Peter King, Mahomes made it clear that while football is his passion, there are more important things in the world. Randi explained that Christianity isn’t a new adventure for her son. That doesn’t happen often in professional football these days. I just felt overcome with this most awesome moment, more than any football game, because I knew where his heart truly is.”. At the beginning, he wasn’t his normal (well, normal for four total NFL starts) stellar self, and I thought I was going to write a post about how we’re all human, even Patrick Mahomes. Don’t let us allow our successes, our triumphs, our strengths, or our victories blind us to our need for you. He’s on track to have another stellar football season. As Chiefs fans have learned by now, anything Mahomes says or does hits the local newswire and much of it even stretches to the national media as well.

You can read the comments from KMBC’s and KSHB’s Facebook pages, which were mostly words of encouragement and support, although there were also some negative comments about what Mahomes is doing. Now you know.. ♥️ @PatrickMahomes Patrick Mahomes is gaining a significant amount of attention for his performance on the field in the NFL. He’s got an incredibly strong arm, agility to beat the band, and the smarts to make the right reads and find the right receivers. Miller looked as incredulous as the announcers sounded. Patrick Mahomes’ efforts to help voter registration is admirable. Talking about Jesus Christ my Savior made it so great, & I am a rabid Kansas City Chiefs fan! Can you help?

What a great article! Our fundraising burden for 2020 is roughly $375,000, and with virtually no overhead, your gifts translate directly into mission and ministry. Outside of making a lot of money and having a big platform, Mahomes is no different than any of us. WHEN: Mockingbird was incorporated in June 2007 and is currently in its 13th year of operation. God, prevent us from being like the rich young ruler, who couldn’t see past his riches to Christ’s saving grace and went away sad (Mark 10, Matthew 19). Powered by Minute Media © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Ever since Patrick Mahomes has been a part of the Kansas City Chiefs, he has … Do it today, even though today is the today on which it appears he needs saving least..

Jesus, save Patrick Mahomes. 2020 is no exception as Mahomes donated meals to Harvesters and took part in the NFL’s Black Lives Matter video. Ever since Patrick Mahomes has been a part of the Kansas City Chiefs, he has been very active in the community. Featured image by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images. He is a believer. They were just fans of what I did on the football field. He’s a Christian. have all he needs. Last week, Mahomes was one of many athletes and celebrities who signed a letter in hopes to end black voter suppression. 17 Cover, Why Otis Lost MITB Briefcase, Wrestlers Banned From ThunderDome, NFL Star Jay Cutler, PGA Legend Jack Nicklaus Face Bitter Backlash After Defiantly Endorsing Trump, The Rock Confirms Several WWE Stars Tried To Keep Him Down. This is a man who could prove to be a very worthy role model for children. When Mahomes announced his charity last offseason, he was never told to “stick to sports.” When Mahomes visited the University of Kansas Hospital, helped build tiny homes for veterans, plays video games, or donates to charities, Mahomes isn’t told to “stick to sports.”. Always wondered if he was a Christian? Home Security, Eternal Security, and Justification: A Quick Reformation Day Reflection, On Cities Unseen: Living in the Homelessness of Grace. This method will allow you to give with a credit card, in any amount you wish. While Mahomes has not shared specifically who he will vote for yet, he has crossed the realm of a social movement and voter registration. Do it today, even though today is the today on which it appears he needs saving least. First & foremost, I am a rabid fan of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God. He calmly transferred the ball into his left hand and shot-putted it forward to his receiver. Then, He rose from the dead to conquer sin forever! Mahomes’ example stands in stark contrast to that set by Colin Kaepernick which, of course, received generous coverage by mainstream media and even Nike. On our best day, Jesus had to die for us. I know, I know…that metaphor isn’t quite right. #ChiefsKindgom thank you for your passion but this is just the beginning! As a convenience, we are set up to accept online donations via Paypal.

Mahomes is the son of Major League Baseball player Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin. In doing so, Mahomes has focused on voter registration this year. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or would like more information. The video below highlights the genuine nature of Patrick Mahomes. He’s a Christian. Mahomes has never publicly stated any allegiance to a political party or candidate, which he is certainly allowed to do, but he has made his ideals public for anyone to see. On October 12, Matthews shared a slideshow of images on her Instagram account on which she can be seen standing sideways to the camera as she cradles her early pregnant belly, as well as posing with some of her friends. Amen. Mahomes had more touchdown passes through the first three weeks of the season than…anyone ever. However, some Chiefs fans are unhappy with his involvement in the Black Lives Matter video and fight against black voter suppression. Mahomes is a superstar. — Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes) February 3, 2019. Mahomes told King that with his platform, he has the ability to speak and he hopes that people will listen to him, even if they disagree. Martin credits Christianity with keeping her son humble amidst all of his fame and success.

Patrick Mahomes is the second-year (but first year as the starter) quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. WHY: Are we called Mockingbird? He is the son of former Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher Pat Mahomes.He initially played college football and college baseball at Texas Tech University.Following his sophomore year, he quit baseball to focus solely on football. var _ctct_m = "0b501bbcd7eb71d3beeca70997451a81"; The work of Mockingbird is made possible by the gifts of private donors and churches.

If Patrick is a Christian, he does indeed. All-pro Von Miller dogged him, not giving him any space to pull his arm back to throw.

He decided to become a Christian at a young age and he doesn’t shy away from that choice. HOW: Via every medium available! Related: Colin Kaepernick Celebrates 3-Year Anniversary of NFL Anthem Kneeling Protests. He is very grounded while being incredibly accomplished. God is amazing! The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback keeps being labeled as “the next Brett Favre.” That’s an incredibly flattering comparison, but this superstar stays humble for an important reason. He did die for us, to save us from our sins! One play in particular during that fourth quarter, Mahomes was flushed out of the pocket (oh yes, on Monday night, he had more passing yards from outside the pocket than…anyone ever) to his left and scrambled toward the sideline. I pray young Patrick is a Christian! Has the same #15 as Tebow, which is a rare jersey # for a QB. XHTML: You can use these tags:
. Jesus, save Patrick Mahomes. While many other NFL athletes relish in their success to boost their own egos, Mahomes follows a different playbook. “In middle school, he got real involved with his youth group,” his mom said. This man is a leader on and off the field. Man this is crazy! And then he played on Monday Night Football for the first time. WHERE: Our offices are located at Christ Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, VA. I really respect the people, whether they have the same beliefs as me or not, they are still going to support me for the person that I am every single day. This is a prayer that we all might pray for ourselves: that when things are going well we remember from whence our saving comes. Kansas City Chiefs news from FanSided Daily, Chiefs news: Mike Pennel suspended two games, Kansas City Chiefs defense will be most vulnerable in first two weeks, Mahomes announced his charity last offseason, Report: NBA players decide to resume playoffs, Kansas City Chiefs: Five intriguing storylines from training camp, Terrell Davis praises Clyde Edwards-Helaire addition for Chiefs. The name was inspired by the mockingbird’s peculiar gift for mimicking the cries of other birds.

And when we forget, and think we’re doing well—when we think we’re Patrick Mahomes—and then start to think that our forgetfulness makes us the worst…may he remind of this other truth: that on our worst days, he did die for us. “I want him to stay humble; that means a lot to me,” Randi said about the quarterback. He is lighting the NFL on fire. He praises God when he succeeds. On Saturday, two local Kansas City television stations, KMBC and KSHB, shared a story on Facebook about Mahomes signing the letter to fight against black voter suppression ahead of the 2020 election. Patrick Mahomes is gaining a significant amount of attention for his performance on the field in the NFL. As long as he isn’t hurting anyone in the process, he shouldn’t have to face any backlash for it. In addition, Mahomes launched voter registration programs, teaming up with NBA superstar LeBron James in the voter registration drive. Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images). As A Christian, Mahomes’ Playbook Is The Bible. Agree or disagree, let’s respect that. Patrick Lavon Mahomes II (born September 17, 1995) is an American football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). He’s blowing the NFL up like a nuclear warhead. By opting in, you agree to receive emails with the latest in Lifestyle + Entertainment from TellMeNow. He might have the athletic staying power of Brett Favre, but he also has signs of Tim Tebow’s humility and faith. Patrick Mahomes II (L) and Brittany Matthews attend The Maxim Big Game Experience at The Fairmont on February 02, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.