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The red velourish seats. / Mark Gibson The first memories I have of the place is that it was dark & dingy and you could get spirits for about $1.20.

5/5/1983: War & Peace with Matt Taylor Still have the original War and Peace stickers, Previous post: Australian Singles Chart for 1990. Sadly I also remember going to a charity night that Anita Cobby was hosting. Any help is greatly appreciated! Read more, 39 comments Luckily they had a drink menu and I spotted something that looked familiar, Bacardi & Coke for $1.20. And a party pie and chips at midnight always tasted good.

regards, Spider. Is Mick King a Muscian. The Hitmen, The Reels, The Numbers, Dee Minor and a bit out of the usual the Bushwackers and even Tiny Tim played there and many many more. Ian Nash – Guitar / Vocals They were good old days. Yes I did grow up in Dundas Valley. INxs were one of the bands I saw on a Thursday night and years later I was telling some Americans how I saw INXS for 33 cents. I worked with you on the door for a couple of years with Ian Riley, Richard Chinzani, crazy days. 24/2/1983: War & Peace Hotel with Non Stop Dancers Nick & Nora's With 270 degrees of uninterrupted skyline views, a 11-metre long back bar boasting more than 900 spirits- Nick and Nora’s offers an unprecedented rooftop bar experience. Probably a grandmother these days. I was in a band called the Aviators that played at WAP often in the 80’s. First up because I was under-age and secondly there was a strange ritual question asked at the door, “Do you intend to partake of a meal tonight Sir?”, and I gave the wrong answer. Anyway my mate who had been there before stepped in and explained that I would love a meal and we were in. Hi mark ☺ i too went to wap a lot.

Great fun and made some great friends. Lots of music and fun people. Venues – M, It’s hard to describe The Manzil Room to someone who had never been there. The Radiators played gigs in Parramatta … 65 comments I’d been to a pub or two & seen some bands but this was like, at least in my 17 year old head, the big time! Beautiful… Everybody stopped when she went in the dance floor. For even more gigs check the War & Peace page in our database.

We can chat further if you like. I did know a Jeff King from that time he lived in Ermington and we all went to the WAP……, Saw the Great Man Billy Thorpe there and even had the pleasure of meeting him and the Aztecs as they came strolling across from the Royal Oak It cost a lot to see him there but was so worth it Saw same band a few other places but non as good as the gig there, Mad gorilla were great thought we saw zarzoff brothers too. And myself

One of the better sounding rooms that we played at. NUANCE (Parramatta ASYLUM Niteclub) NUGGATTIES (Kings Cross) OLIVE BAR (William St) ORB; ORIENT (The Rocks) OZ ROCK; PALMS HOTEL; PARADISE (Parramatta) PARADISE (Kings Cross) PASSIONS (Maroubra Seals) PATCHES; PEANUTS (North Sydney) PHIONX BAR; PINK PEPPER LOUNGE (Parramatta) PINKIES; PITT STREET GARDENS; PLAYERS; POLISH CLUB (Ashfield) PROPAGANDA …

I mentioned a girl Eva with long brown hair, and drop dead gorgeous.

Sorry Vicki.

The other one that sticks in my mind is the “Mexican Missile” which had Tequila and Vodka in it. Hi Bob, I don’t have any specific information to say whether they did or didn’t but I’d be very surprised if they didn’t. The most memorable gig was the night I got electrocuted on stage….for real…. Peter it was a great time for sure. He leads the tour and keeps the crowd entertained with behind-the-scenes stories about the clubs and the big names from AC/DC and The Radiators to Midnight Oil that used to hit the stage in Sydney’s west. You have 1 listing for us in the gig list but we were regulars around the time that Tiny Tim played there. Basically got paid to work hard and have fun.It had it’s moments,as I’m sure that you have collection of your own interesting stories.as do I. I remember Linda the DJ and her friend Rebecca.Punkabellas real name was Annette.Caz was a kiwi whose name was Carol…she lived in Hornby.I remember when Barrie and Mary got married we were all invited. Been searching forever , Hi, I was going to suggest looking on Facebook. Great place to see a band. The Roxy in Macquarie St is one of the few that remains in its original form, but even it has closed up shop at least for now. Read more. Did Karen marry? / Back in those days there was some pretty whacky liquor licensing laws and somehow you could get around it by claiming to be a “Restaurant that sold a few drinks” so the meal was compulsory whether you ate it or not. Once we had Billy Thorpe (Most People I Know Think That I’m crazy) playing and the manager told us to make everyone sit down. I was a regular at War and Peace in the mid seventies – if I remember rightly The Angels were regulars there early in their career. That was peak Saturday Night Fever era. Stunning brunette that was hard to forget. Memories……, was always first on the dance floor at war and peace watching the Angles.

Great memories.

Lots of great bands getting their first shots at the industry happened there. Went to St Bernadette’s and then Macquarie Boys. Is great to hear stories about this place, I was a regular Saturday Nighter in the 70’s. It was a place where all the big bands played. I remember for a while WAP was real Saturday Night Fever type of a place. Caz was her name.

Read more, 40 comments I was a dedicated disco girl… My partner worked on the door in 1978… Trevor Chillingworth and our friend John Unis and of cause George the cook. I was a member of “The War & Peace Band” That opened and played at this venue Monday to Thursday back in 1976 (I Have live recordings from the venue) Then we played in Newcastle Fri day & Sat at the other venue that Warwick Miller owned – “The Castle Grape & Grill” Steel St Newcastle Yes it was a crazy and fun place. Venues – B, The Bondi Lifesaver was a staple of the Sydney music scene for almost 10 years from 1971 until it closed with a bang on the 31st of August 1980. / Mark Gibson I lived close by and would always try to catch Heaven there. I’ll keep looking.

Sometimes after gigs or to see a band or 3.

Hey Bill. Hi Shaun was that message for me?

War and Peace. Invalid postcode. There is a Mick King on Facebook who is a musio, actually a couple from that time that may have come from the area. I walked up to the bar and I didn’t have a clue what to ask for. Venues – S, Selina’s in the Coogee Bay Hotel was one of Sydney’s best venues for a number of decades.

Should bring it back….lmao. That’s pretty cool. The tour continues and we walk around town, bopping away occasionally to the disco tunes pre-loaded into individual MP3 players handed out at the start of the night. Only photo I had of War and Peace was of her… Till my wife chucked it! 29/4/1982: War & Peace Hotel Supporting Jon English Copyright © 2007– 2020 Australian Music History. Eventually I did see some great bands at War & Peace.

“People used to go out closer to home,” he tells us, which is why Parramatta CBD was once home to more than 20 nightclubs in the 70s and 80s. There was a short in the lighting system and in the second last song of the gig – strangely called “Notice Me” – I reached up with the mic in my hand, covered in sweat and grabbed the in-house lighting bar that ran across the top of the stage front, and zap, I copped the full force.

SYDNEY FESTIVAL IN FULL SWING IN PARRAMATTA. Register, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Good Luck. Ol warries, loved the place, would go there most nights during the week and our local Parramatta band Parole played there many a Friday night…I loved the place as there was so much variety in the people, rockers, westies, punks in the corner, sharpies, footballers, and Pat benatar look alikes…Hedly was the manager at the time and I would be drinking double op rum with coke, schooner glass no ice and the music was great,,,loved the heavy metal nights in particular with heaven and such. Don't have an account? Venues – B, The Bexley North Hotel, like the Family Inn at Rydalmere, was an iconic pub venue of the 1980’s in Sydney.

The flashing dance floor. I have made 2 comments before relating to seeing DRAGON , Mark Hunter at WAP in the 70s, but I’ve not seen a reply . Are you still around on this site. / Mark Gibson What a time we had. Hi peter ☺ did you grow up in dundas valley ? Just thought I’d add some more gigs played at the War & Peace, 15/4/1982: War & Peace Hotel Supporting the Hitmen And the dumb waiter (normally used to move food between floors) had a dual purpose as a way to quickly get rid of troublemakers by hurtling them down into the street below.

You can listen to the stories of people including someone who met the love of his love on the dancefloor at Traders. That’s right, I’ve never seen a band at The Manly Vale. Apart from the art, there is also a DJ set up, a dancefloor, and slushie machine serving up icy cocktails. ? I would regularly see two or three bands per week from the time I was old enough to pass for 18. It was almost like a parody of the ultimate rock venue. Read more, 15 comments We race along in time to the music, before it’s time to move on again. To join the conversation, please log in. The question re are you having a meal was the same at the West Tower Tavern at Parra. It was a great band venue and even one Christmas eve they had Izzy Dye throwing frozen chickens into the audience, I caught one. Anyone remember her? Peter. /


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Thanks so much for those dates Mark, what band was it? We revisit the sites of some of the city’s lost nightclubs as the stories continue. I owe my life to Sam…..he saved my arse. Some big nights! Many a wild story from there and many from that band room. At least some memory works. Remember going there in 1977. I grew up in the Valley. I worked ‘security’ at W&P and later when it became Images. Late 70s early 80s I remember seeing finch. Izzy used to be one of the first late night infomercial people on TV. Last stop is a disused Chinese Restaurant in Station St, once known as the nightclub Lucky Lil’s that has been transformed into nightclub central.

I distinctly remember leaving there on more than one occasion, just in time to… Just ignored that request. Kevin borich. The publican Dennis was approached with the proposal of opening the doors to a new style of music for that time, Punk Rock. Hi Shaun, its Jennifer, I think we dated, you were a punk, you came to my house, we saw the models, I worked at WAP behind the bar.