For example, the PADI Open Water Diver Course, which is no doubt the best beginner scuba diving course in the world, has these 3 parts, the first being ideal for online PADI eLearning: Knowledge Development (with PADI eLearning or in a classroom) to understand basic principles of scuba diving, UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED PADI ELEARNING CERTIFICATE, THE DRESSEL DIVERS COZUMEL PADI ELEARNING ACADEMY. Some corporate or company firewalls may also cause difficulties. We know that you are eager to become a scuba diver for life and are willing to dedicate the time necessary to do it properly. The eLearning Gift Pass PIN number access will expire 12 months from the date of issuance. A dive center must demonstrate excellence in customer service, facilities, and instructional programs to qualify for the PADI seal of approval and membership in the PADI Dive Center and Resort program. So we give elearner a discount the additional €365 includes your Pool and Open Water session and your certification for Padi. The structure of the PADI eLearning program does not install any cookies on any computer, does not require the recognition of any particular IP address to function properly, and does not demand any particular amount of time for any study session. You will need to affiliate with a dive center to complete your diving certification. Try scuba diving. That is the simple part. PADI ®, Professional Associaion of Diving Instructors ®, is known for its slogan - The Way the World Learns to Dive ® and is the global leader in scuba diving education. Completion of the PADI eLearning program will provide you with an Academic eLearning Referral, a completely portable document that demonstrates and certifies your readiness for continued progress in the open water program. What are the prerequisites to sign up? All the following PADI courses are available with PADI eLearning and tutoring by the Dressel Divers Cozumel PADI eLearning academy. How long does it take to complete the PADI eLearning home study program? As a training organization, PADI has developed a great reputation for change and continuous improvement. This computer-test phase of the sign-up process is just another example of the degree of professionalism built into the eLearning platform. We are always here to help you. If this is the case you can solve the problem by registering from your home computer. Therefore, PADI has made it compulsory to designate such PADI dive center as tutor when signing up for PADI eLearning. This document can be presented to any PADI Dive Center or PADI professional dive instructor and serves as proof that you have met all of the training standards for academic study. When you are completely finished with all of the material, a final examination is administered and immediately scored to allow you to remediate your training and move on to the water skills portion of your training. Therefore, if interested in this approach, please contact us via the website or fill the contact form next to these lines: Clearly, the sooner you start reading the better and the less you have to do during a vacation. So, choosing the Dressel Divers Cozumel PADI eLearning Academy does not limit you in any manner as to where and with whom you will finish the actual diving parts of the course. This offers fully online learning with unlimited access to an electronic version of the PADI Open Water Diver Manual and the other course content.

You can click any of the SIGN UP NOW! This simpler but more limited option is called PADI LITE, and can only be organized contacting Dressel Divers directly for us to purchase and send you a PADI access code to their PDF or eBook version of the student manual. Acknowledging and preserving the high level of customer satisfaction achieved by PADI Members is the cornerstone of the PADI Quality Management program. Your chosen dive center will likely be a center close to where you live and will assist you throughout your entire eLearning process. #3 Choose the applicable program: eLearning (aka Open Water Certification Pak – Online) Click on Available Code(s) under eLearning Registrations. Once you complete the academic study, you will go to the dive center and begin your water skills training. You can get started immediately with the knowledge development portion of the course and work at your own pace using the PADI eLearning® system. Refresh your diving knowledge before going to your PADI Dive Center or Resort to practice your dive skills and receive a replacement certification card with a ReActivated date on it. The cost of water skills training is a matter between you and your PADI Dive Center.

Why wait for a weekend or vacation to start a PADI scuba diving course when you can do it now with the PADI eLearning log on? This can not be changed at redemption. PADI is the world's leading scuba diver training organization. Because dive conditions, gear and prices vary from region to region, you’ll get the most accurate information by contacting the dive shop directly. Sign in to PADI eLearning for pros, enter your login credentials, select the role of Student in the drop down menu, and click the eRecord link that appears below the course name. eLearning is a general term that describes the entire battery of training and education using the power of the internet as the primary medium for knowledge acquisition. Although very user friendly, the PADI eLearning system understands access to a PADI professional center and instructor, specialized in eLearning is also important. Can more than one person use the eLearning program to do the home study?

PADI eLearning allows you to begin your dive education at your convenience, using your desktop, laptop or mobile device, and finish your training in the water with a PADI Professional. When used along with the PADI Go Dive companion DVD, the PADI materials represent the most complete materials kit offered by any scuba training agency. Without the PADI Dive Center and the services of your professional PADI dive instructor, your eLearning program would be an empty information shell, not unlike any other website you might visit. Frequently Asked Questions. Only minor spelling mistakes can be corrected. Check out employment opportunities at PADI Careers. A pin code is generated at the time of purchase that allows the recipient to register for the PADI eLearning program. PADI eLearning is simply the natural evolution of the patented PADI training process. Your one-time payment to PADI covers all your eLearning needs. There is always been flexibility in how the academic material is presented; eLearning is simply another choice in the battery of available methods. If you are having problems registering for PADI eLearning, these are the most typical causes. Absolutely none! However, the eRecord you receive when you complete your online study is accepted by any PADI Dive Center, Resort or Instructor worldwide. No, I am a new customer ... Purchasing a PADI eLearning Course is Quick and Easy. Message (arriving date, destination, hotel…). Click the Link to the Right to Begin PADI eLearning !

Once an eLearning Gift Pass is redeemed by a recipient (the eLearning program commenced), it is non-transferable. The PADI eLearning program integrates your selected PADI Dive Center into every element of your eLearning experience. If you only want to start reading the student manual in preparation for your course this too is possible. So the cost difference is minimal. (as you determine), to assist your child through the online instruction. These examinations have a variety of question forms; multiple-choice, mix and match, true/false, one word fill-ins, and other question forms. As explained, you must choose one or your payment will not go through. What if I get stuck and need help from a real instructor? PADI student divers have always had access to the finest academic study materials in the industry. If you have a scuba diving question, the global PADI organization is here to help.

It is never necessary to make that change because the eRecord you receive when you have completed your online study program is accepted by every PADI Dive Center, Resort or Instructor in the whole world.