Charles Allen – An outlaw, Allen robbed and killed a group of people in Virginia City, Montana and was hanged by vigilantes. Favorite Answer. This French word has it roots in Latin and has come from the word ‘amicus’ meaning to love. More: 64 All-American Baby Boy Names That’ll Never Go Out of Style, More: Rugged Baby Boy Names for Your Little Lumberjack. While much speculation still exists about individual dogs, there does seem to be some indication that Wyatt Earp himself owned a faithful dog companion he and his wife Josephine called Earpie, a squat and surprisingly well-fed Jack Russell mix (his breed an estimate based on one of very few photos of both Earp himself and the dog). Austin: Majestic, venerable. A version of this article was originally published in January 2013.

If you want to capture that rugged Wild West spirit in your little dude, you’ll likely get a kick out of these Western names inspired by famous outlaws and icons. The pair embark on a thrill-killing spree after they first dispose of Mallory's family in a gaudy gameshow-style murder scene. Use these to name your bad boys and troublemakers. If they’re both fast and rambunctious, then Zip would be a great choice. A lot of the famous names from the American Old West or Wild West (the second half of the 19th century) are the names of famous or infamous outlaws and the sheriffs who sought them. :) Answer Save. Western baby names & their meanings. Rich. Bart: From the barley farm. “Bladder” Allen – An outlaw in Lincoln County, New Mexico, Allen was jailed for stabbing a man in White Oaks, New Mexico. Fortunately, unlike many other themes dog owners may choose to go with, there are numerous big, wild, and notable outlaw characters from the Old West that provide ample fodder for generating names ideas to match to your rebellious friend. With it, came images of cowboys, outlaws, and lawmen, dispersed throughout the deserts, plains and bluffs of the region. 0 1. carra.

If nothing else, it says that even for those who had to suffer the lifelong struggle of getting the American West settled, they still had the heart and care to give some of their limited food to their faithful companions. Western-sounding baby boy names can come from many different sources. When coming up with ideas, consider the outlaws’ names, looks, and personalities first and foremost. Other names here come from Western tales in radio, film and literature — from popular actors such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper to authors such as Louis L’Amour to fictional characters such as Ranger Reid, aka The Lone Ranger. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. apricotteacup’s list 'Old Time Gangster, Mobster and Outlaw Names' of 38 great name ideas: Clyde - Apache! Thankfully enough, there were a limited number of people bold enough to brave these wilds, therefore leaving a wake of familiar faces captured by photography throughout the mid-to-late 1800s and into the early 1900s. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. After Clay Allison, who once killed a man, cut off his head and brought it in for a drink. Here, Dad Supports 13-Year-Old Flipping Off Racist Karen at Target for the Best Reason. These Long & Elegant Baby Names Are Just the Right Amount of Fancy, Everything You Need to Know About Kids & the Flu Shot, 7 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for A Pandemic-Era Cold & Flu Season, 64 All-American Baby Boy Names That’ll Never Go Out of Style, Rugged Baby Boy Names for Your Little Lumberjack, Emma Stone Might Be Ready to Start a Family With Dave McCary, Walmart’s Unbelievable Black Friday Toy Deals Are (Already!) 0 0. averyl. The outlaw couple in question are Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis as redneck hicks Mickey and Mallory Knox. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Outlaw – ⧝྾␅͟ あ , ꧁དOUTLAWཌ꧂ , Rex, ߹͛ⳙⲧꤪꤨʟⲡ̵ᤐ܊ꖬ, rico, 超 ᛭ . After John Wesley Hardin, notoriously ruthless killer of even his own friends. lol. Corral and Four Dead in Five Seconds. Relevance. ?–1858) Ben Daniels (1852–1923) Roy Daugherty (a.k.a. Some are drawn from history, others from fictional media. - Created by apricotteacup. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Regardless of which dog it happened to be, the account makes a strong statement as to the types of relationships held by those in the earliest days of America, before the country was ever truly settled. To rate lists on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. On this list you’ll find the names (first and last) of outlaw brothers Frank and Jesse James as well as the Earp brothers (Morgan, Wyatt and Virgil), legendary lawmen of the Old West. My call could be Billy the Squid and that i … i forgot to add that i'm going to be a MALE outlaw.

For instance, if your dog happens to have a stately mustache, such as a Schnauzer or a Shih Tzu, a name like Wyatt, Doc, or Holliday would be good fits, as both sported thick mustaches in their time. Lv 4. So hop on your horse, don those boots and pop on your cowboy hat; you’re in for a fun ride with these Western baby boy names. If they are particularly wild and carefree (or just plain thieves), maybe Bonnie or Clyde or other related names would be suitable. In the account, the reporter mentions that after Morgan was ambushed outside of a bar while playing billiards, his “hound” sat nearby whining and moaning, even going so far as to follow his fallen master out when his friends, family, and doctors carried his body out. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. If you’re looking to give your dog an outlaw’s name, chances are you’re either an outlaw yourself, have a bit of a rebellious side, or just plain appreciate the kind of brutal lifestyle necessary to survival in the Old West — either that or your dog is a rebel who needs a name to suit their rambunctious personality. 1 decade ago. 1: Killer. Alonzo: Eager for battle. 1: Clay. We're excited that you have an opinion about this user-generated list, "Old Time Gangster, Mobster and Outlaw Names". 4 years ago. Lv 4. Copyright © 2020 SheKnows Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. With them, came both dogs and speculation as to the nature of the human-canine relationships established at the time. Throwback baby names are more popular than ever, but we think it’s time to throw it way back — back to a time before the West was won. If it happens to be the latter, there is undoubtedly no better way to honor a modern rebel than tying them to one of history’s most notorious. Ames: The name originates from French word ‘amis’ or ‘ami’, meaning companion. After James 'Killer' Miller, a known sadist, gunslinger and … Butch: Butcher. If they tend to be ruthless hunters, Killer or Miller, after James “Killer” Miller would be a great fit. © 2020 Unfortunately, without writing accompanying them, there is limited content through which to perceive the images. Bob Dalton (1868–1892) Emmett Dalton (1871–1937) Gratton "Grat" Dalton (1861–1892) William M. Dalton (1866–1894) John Daly (1839–1864) Pancho Daniel (? Source(s): Bill Allen – A Texas outlaw and robber, Allen occasionally rode with the Jesse Evans Gang. Cowboy Outlaw Names. 1: Horn. Anonymous. If they also have long hair like a Lhasa Apso, Wild, Bill or Hickock would be even more appropriate. The stories you care about, delivered daily. Male Outlaw Dog Names. Ivanna B. But if records of the time were any indicator, many men still enjoyed the company of dogs, especially if they were particularly good at either of those activities, including James “Dog” Kelley, the mayor of Dodge City, who imported and kept a pack of Russian Greyhounds for those very purposes. After John Wesley Hardin, notoriously ruthless killer of even his own friends, After Clay Allison, who once killed a man, cut off his head and brought it in for a drink, After Tom Horn Jr., once a respected lawman, had to give up his badge after being linked to 12 murders, After James 'Killer' Miller, a known sadist, gunslinger and assassin for hire, After John Wesley Hardin, known as some of the fastest guns in the West, After Wyatt Earp, not an outlaw, but an outlaw killer, After Wyatt Earp, one of the most respected lawmen of the West who went on an outlaw killing spree after his brother was murdered, After Henry "Billy the Kid" McCarty, one of the most famous outlaws in the West, After Henry "Billy the Kid" McCarty, who was a known thief and murderer who died after killing 21 men, one for each year of his life, After John King Fisher, a lesser-known but no less notorious outlaw who even killed his own men, After John King Fisher, who would beat people with brandishing irons and shoot unarmed men, After Dallas Stoudenmire, a tireless lawman who killed no less than 11 men, After "Wild Bill" Hickock, known as one of, if not the, best gunslinger in history, After "Wild Bill" Hickock, more a lawman than an outlaw but one of the best shots in the West, After Henry Longabaugh, aka the Sundance Kid, After Butch Cassidy, along with the Sundance Kid, lead the Wild Bunch gang, After Jesse James, leader of the James-Younger Gang, one of the most famous outlaws/robbers of all time, After Doc Holliday, a renowned gambler and gunfighter, After William "Curly Bill" Brocius, who was a well-known gunslinger; tied to the murder of Morgan Earp, After Hyman G. Neil, aka Hoodoo Brown, leader of the Dodge City Gang, After Crawford Goldsby, aka Cherokee Bill, was a two-year terror from age 18 to 20 before being hung, After Crawford Goldsby, aka Cherokee Bill, who shot a man at 18 for beating up his brother, After Isaac Black, a notorious cattle stealer and robber of the Old West, After Henry Newton Brown, who went from outlaw to lawman back to outlaw before being lynched by an angry mob, After Thomas Coleman Younger, a Confederate soldier turned outlaw, After Clyde Barrow, the male half of Bonnie and Clyde, After Buck Barrow, Clyde Barrow's brother, who helped he and Bonnie on their crime spree, After Jesse Woodson James, a Confederate guerilla turned outlaw, one of the most famous, After Andrew "Buckshot" Roberts, who took down a chunk of Billy the Kid's gang so badly they retreated, After Bass Reeves, lawman not outlaw but is credited with arresting 3,000 outlaws and killing at least 14, After Butch Cassidy, robbed $21,000 from a bank in Telluride, among others, After Clay Allison, widely known to be brutal and ruthless after a blow to the head in the Civil War, After James 'Killer' Miller, known to have killed 14 but estimates range up to 50, After Dallas Stoudenmire, more a lawman than an outlaw, but feared and brutal nonetheless, After Henry Longabaugh, aka the Sundance Kid, leader of the Wild Bunch, After Henry Longabaugh, aka the Sundance Kid, a highly successful train and bank robber, After Doc Holliday, who rode with Wyatt Earp on the infamous "Vendetta Ride", After William "Curly Bill" Brocius, leader of the Cowboys Gang of cattle rustlers, After Sam Bass, who robbed the largest amount from Union Pacific, $60,000 in gold, After Thomas Edward Ketchum, also known as Black Jack, who was part of the Hole-In-the-Wall Gang of robbers, After John Joshua Webb, a high profile criminal of the Old West, After the Bloody Espinosas, notorious for stealing horses and killing white settlers, After James Averell, who was branded as an outlaw but never proven to be the cattle rustler he was framed to be, After Thomas Coleman Younger, who helped run the James-Younger gang with Jesse James, After Zip Wyatt, robber and criminal who shot up the town of Mulhall, After Bonnie Parker, one-half of the notorious Bonnie and Clyde, After Bonnie Parker, a historically notorious spree criminal, After Clyde Barrow, who, along with Bonnie Parker, went on a historic crime spree, After Blanche Parker, Bonnie's sister, who helped Bonnie and Clyde on their crime spree, After Fred Waite, a member of Billy the Kid's Regulators gang, After Pearl Hart, a career stage coach robber, After Pearl Hart, one of few historic female outlaws, After Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr, one of few female outlaws in the Old West, After Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr, a rich woman turned outlaw, After Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr, a horse thief and robber of the Old West, After Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr, the Bandit Queen, associated with the James-Younger Gang, After Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr, a notorious outlaw with a mysterious death, After Henry Antrim, another alias of Billy the Kid, one of the most notorious outlaws in history, After George Parrott, a highwayman, robber and outlaw who murder two lawmen, After James Riley, a mysterious outlaw at the heart of the Gunfight at Hyde Park which resulted in more dead than O.K.