I think each kayak design makes tradeoffs, but the portability, and quick set up compared with other foldable kayaks, makes up for any shortcomings. I used one time for 3 hours in water, plus 2 practices to assemble in home, one of the SEAM Channel is broken. All in all, I really like this boat. No water leaked in.

With superb speed and handling its our most sophisticated kayak yet. Overall, I've absolutely loved it.

Skills: Graphic Design, Logo Design See more: Hi. With practice I think I could probably assemble it in close to 5 minutes. ", By Chris Meehan | I can fit two of them in my compact car, without having to purchase and rig up any special racks.

On the other hand, portability is great!

The one major issue is "Durability". I think future improvements that will be nice would be to adhere a vinyl skin underneath the kayak. After five years of prototyping, Willis met the company’s current CEO Ardy Sobhani and together, they launched their new product on Kickstarter.

I don't want to sound like I'm just complaining, I promise I do LOVE my Oru! Oct 19, 2020, By Chris Meehan | Information on valuation funding cap tables investors and executives for oru kayak. The Oru Kayak sets up faster than the inflatables, and has the advantages of rigidity and speed. Let's talk handling first, because that's what a boat better be good at. I need Logo Design for Kitchen Design Interior Service Company.

I have to slide my legs, straight-legged, into the interior.

What this kayak is not is a kayak designed to feel rigid and rugged - it is lightweight, portable and fast. The Oru Kayak solves many of the problems that have prevented me from purchasing a kayak sooner. I've had the Oru on a flatwater man-made lake in the centre of my city (Regina, SK). One of the big challenges for Oru is selling a product (a 12-foot long plastic boat) that has a pretty big sticker price — an Oru costs $1200.

Main thing is that performance and stability is great, is as comfortable or more so than all other kayaks I have rented and has portability and storage benefits.

Its more then 5 weeks!!! - - - Handling

On all counts, I was extremely impressed! There are a couple steps which are frustrating, like positioning the back-half of the kayak's folds into the seatback but overall, it's super easy. Handles like a boat half its size. Collapsing it into a box is even quicker - 5 minutes max and that's mostly if you take time to sponge the water off and let it air dry a bit. I retired at an early age last fall and decided I did not want to go back to work. Same thing when putting it together. I asked a friend to bring it when he visited us. "But it would also have to perform as well as a traditional kayak when it was unfolded.

"ORU Kayaks compare very favorably with both groups." I'm a recreational kayaker just getting into open-water kayaking but most of the time I'm kayaking in the local rivers, lakes, and bays of Maryland. So I did a TON of research on my new kayak.

This plastic is also rated to 20K fold cycles and is completely recyclable. All-in-all it performed as expected for a 12 foot long, 25 inch wide, 25 pound plastic kayak despite its unusual construction. • I'm 5-11, 175 lbs, so the cockpit and boat fit really well. And, she is right. There's additional room for storage in various sites, behind the seat and in the bow as well. The Oru Kayak took around 10 minutes to build.

Carrying the kayak is comfortable for fifty meters (50 yards) or so. Specialized materials include a custom extruded plastic that has a 10 year UV treatment that makes up the main body of the kayak. It is not a perfect fishing kayak, but it is certainly adaptable to fishing and will get you to your favorite fishing hole quickly and easily. Yes, I'm saying this again, but going to talk about the actual process of unfolding and closing up the Oru. I can attach water bottles, cameras and accessories with ease.

I did get an additional cushion and that did help some and I will consider upgrading the seat once the newer one becomes available as a separate item. The Oru answered all issues.

I was immediately awestruck-- the kayak is sleek, beautiful, and seems sturdy as hell for what it is.

The Oru is way above rec status - rec boats are heavy, slow, and well, terrible really.

While the water was quite cold I did not wish to put to the test in the slightly choppier water its secondary stability. Why did someone trash the durability when they stated they did not use it?

Another reviewer on this site actually mentioned the same issue and it became apparent that it was the same one I was having. The Oru Kayak seemed promising at $800, but I wanted to try it out first- I was concerned mainly about its durability and handling, but I was also skeptical that it could be assembled in 5 minutes.

Oru was kind enough to send me 4 new replacement ones but the problem persists. Ordered two in the Spring which my wife and I used most of the time last paddling season (we own a couple of Prijon Merlin Prelite also). Other minor things to note: It does fold up nicely, but ....?

I am a very happy paddler Thank you Oru Kayak !!!

Oct 28, 2020, By Glen Martin |

Getting in and out is also challenging, granted being used to a canoe, that is a new learning curve for me but the size of the cockpit does also make it challenging.

I'm writing this review because the Oru has provided me with something awesome: the ability to own and store my own kayak living in a one bedroom apartment in Downtown Seattle.

Give your back a break, and save your arms for paddling. It's just a bit too big and sways into my calf or hip periodically.

I sent a picture to the company and they said it apparently got cross threaded, presumably because it didn't go in straight.

From the fasteners, the foot rest, seat cushion, and the hull itself - its very well made and you can tell a lot of thought went into its design (and production!) It's a real boat, folks. In the end, they always take good care of me-- They actually shipped me a replacement boat when they couldn't resolve one of the leaks. I've had two holes in it now-- the last one simply from bumping it against a dock cleat. No trouble in steering through heavy current either. The Oru Kayak is a 12 foot kayak that becomes its own box through a series of clever folds. This could be improved with better paddling technique. A bit disappointed and thinking it may be just the one I bought, I went to the REI store where they had an assembled model on display. It's natural. I bought Bay ST in April 2018.