Sibling(s): None The Space Mice are pastel-colored mice who are Princess Allura's friends.

Shiro, Clara, and Lance were hiding behind a wall on a Galra ship trying to figure out a plan to get into a room guarded by a handful of sentries.

): Single, Personality: I’m Clara and I… am not a paladin of Voltron. #voltron #voltron lance #lance mcclain #voltron oc #voltron original character #Olly Yuu commissions. When Keith came to unlock his blade she left the Blade to travel with Voltron. Who makes a space suit with no quiznaking boosters?”. Quietly, he whispered, “It’s going to be okay,” Closer and closer she shakily reached out.

TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Before the girl could react, he was gone. Otherwise none. You were being way too overprotective of me,” The black paladin continued to say nothing.

Mother: Lioea Dkeloz

To King Lotor. “Alright, now just talk about whatever you like.

I made a Voltron OC but I have no artistic ability so no art for her. Finally, Shiro responded in a slightly louder tone than he intended. Kaede does have an end game. A prize that Aqua Illustrations won in my 500 days on vld amino anniversary raffle!

“But space has zero gravity…”, Clara grumbled. His first act as the. Lance (Voltron) & Original Character(s) (8) Keith & Krolia (Voltron) (6) Allura/Keith (Voltron) (5) Keith & Voltron Paladins (5) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (14) Angst (11) Fluff and Angst (8) Galra Keith (Voltron) (6) Keith (Voltron) is Bad at Feelings (6) Domestic Fluff (5) Flying

Finally realizing that he was real, she felt tears forming in her eyes. I’m not an illusion.

1 syndicated children's show in the U.S. during its two-year run in the 1980s. She turned to the camera and sighed. “Lance, when I say go, you’ll start firing at them. Despite this Keith still believes he will earn the right to lead the team again, He and Daniel develop a mind-link, where they can both hear each others current thoughts. sometimes "torso", depending on the episode, Becomes infected with Haggarium while in control of Voltron and swears the other cadets to silence. Clara wasn’t sure what to say. These videos will be completely safe. “How are we gonna get past those guys? People who get in her way “And we’re outnumbered!

Finally, their fingers touched. Let the universe know who you are!” “Isn’t that a little dangerous? Cautiously, she moved closer and studied his features. he finally breaks character and admits that it ''also'' feels good to be back to his old self, Whereas Takeshi died in the sixth episode of.

Only because Zarkon reprogrammed him to distrust and condemn them.

“Shiro, I know we haven’t seen each other in a long time, but I don’t need you to keep trying to protect me. She felt her anger grow even more. She was three Kolivan came and took her back to train under the Blade because she took after Krolia and she feared for her daughter’s safety on Earth. Charismatic #voltron oc #vld oc #original character #voltron original character #vld original character #hyten #isteith #tariq #nalquod oc #allurivan twins #alfor #antok #hezak #tyten #alfezak #children of the universe #raffle. What’s going on?”, Shiro looked her in the eyes with a sad expression. “I don’t want to lose you again, Clara!” Clara was stunned and fell quiet. Please… Trust me…”. Voltron OC that is still in the works, need to add more detailing and maybe colour? “...Shiro?...” she whispered weakly.