Ordering tank support, he hopped aboard one of only two Shermans that responded, grabbed the .50 caliber machine gun mounted on its turret, and directed the armored beast up the icy trail that led to his surrounded companies. [57], Der Rückzug der alliierten Kräfte führte zur Preisgabe von großen Abschnitten der Maginot-Linie. And do it they did. Another smaller attack was made against the French positions south of Strasbourg, but it was finally stopped. This attempt to cripple the Allied air forces based in northwestern Europe was known as Operation Bodenplatte, which failed without having achieved any of its key objectives. Seventh Army and French 1st Army in the Upper Vosges mountains and the Alsatian Plain, and destroy them, as well as the seizure of Strasbourg, which Himmler had promised would be captured by 30 January. Hintergrund der französischen Haltung war vor allem die jüngere Geschichte des Elsass als Zankapfel zwischen Deutschland und Frankreich. At dawn the next morning, January 9, the enemy launched an infantry attack but Company L, aided by tanks, turned back the attack, allowing the bridge to be fully repaired by 5:00 pm.

[6] In a briefing at his military command complex at Adlerhorst, Adolf Hitler declared in his speech to his division commanders on 28 December 1944 (three days prior to the launch of Operation Nordwind): "This attack has a very clear objective, namely the destruction of the enemy forces. Die Versorgung des Brückenkopfes wurde nachts durch Fährbetrieb sichergestellt, da eine Brücke Luftangriffen der alliierten Luftwaffe ausgesetzt gewesen wäre.

The 42nd was designated “Task Force Linden,” the 63rd became “Task Force Harris,” and the 70th was known as “Task Force Herren.” The U.S. 12th Armored Division would be held in reserve. In fact, so vicious was the fighting around Reipertswiller that the 157th Regiment ended up losing 158 men killed, 426 captured, and some 600 wounded or evacuated due to illness or injury. On January 8, Carey was in command of an antitank platoon when about 200 enemy infantrymen, accompanied by a dozen panzers, attacked his battalion and overran part of its position. But the 12th Armored was relatively green and no one knew if they could do much to stop the enemy avalanche barreling through the mountains. The 7th Army—at the orders of U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower—had sent troops, equipment, and supplies north to reinforce the American armies in the Ardennes involved in the Battle of the Bulge. As the Germans began their Alsace offensive, Eisenhower again gave serious thought to moving 6th Army Group back (thus losing all the ground that had been gained during the fall) and abandoning Strasbourg.

Strasbourg was saved but the Colmar Pocket was a danger which had to be eliminated. The U.S. VI Corps—which bore the brunt of the German attacks—was fighting on three sides by 15 January.

They grabbed us and dragged us out the door and searched us. [32] Hieraufhin drohte De Gaulle mit einem Ende der französischen Beteiligung bei SHAEF, während der ebenfalls anwesende General Alphonse Juin Andeutungen machte, Frankreich werde den Alliierten die Nutzung seines Eisenbahnnetzes verwehren. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. Fortunately, VI Corps ordered the 36th Infantry Division, which had been in reserve, to take over 12th Armored’s positions, and 12th Armored went into reserve to lick its wounds. [6] Anfang bis Mitte Dezember hatten sie die deutsche 1.

This article is about the 1944–1945 operation. […] Schon die bloße Vorstellung, dass es überhaupt wieder offensiv vorgeht, hat auf das deutsche Volk eine beglückende Wirkung ausgeübt. There is not a matter of prestige involved here. Januar aufzufangen und zum Stehen zu bringen. (The 3rd Battalion of the 399th Infantry Regiment earned a Presidential Unit Citation for its battle at Lemberg). Imperative that all defensive precautions be immediately effective.”.

Then one could see the dark monsters [the bunkers] looming up out of the snow. [26], Der Angriff der Sturmgruppe 2 war deutlich erfolgreicher. On December 28, after it was clear that Wacht-am-Rhein had failed, Hitler told his generals (Keitel, von Rundstedt, Jodl, Blaskowitz, Obstfelder, and Westphal): “This attack [Nordwind] has a very clear objective, namely the destruction of the enemy forces. US-Armee zur Abwehr der deutschen Ardennenoffensive umgliederte, wurden dem SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force) die Herausforderungen bewusst, die auf die 6. Januar zugeführt), 9.

Januar traten Teile von drei deutschen Divisionen im Raum zwischen Neuburg und Schweighausen an, wurden jedoch nach Anfangserfolgen zurückgeschlagen. Von Luck said, “Suddenly, we could make out the first bunker, which received us with heavy fire. “This went on until around midnight. In the annals of military history magazines, this is one of those moments. There is not a matter of prestige involved here. Antwerp had become the Allies’ major port through which millions of tons of food, ammunition, fuel, weapons, clothing, and other vital supplies were pouring and Hitler badly needed to put it out of commission. [15], Nach dem Abschluss der Zerschlagung der alliierten Kräfte im Unterelsass war als Folgeoperation das Unternehmen Zahnarzt vorgesehen, ein Vorstoß in die Flanke der 3.