The selection process isn’t something you really need to be worrying about as a cadet, I think the earliest you can even start down that road is 7 years TIS. Werner went on to wrestle at 118 and 126 during his career at the Academy and was elected team captain his senior year as the Falcons claimed the WAC championship. One Olmsted scholar currently on track as an intelligence officer following her international experience in Mexico City at the University Panamericana is Lt. Jessy Elfstrom, intelligence watch officer at U.S. His Würzburg experience helped Werner develop the language skills that prepared him for a course in Bulgarian he completed before departing for Sofia. "For more than 50 years, our program has educated young officers in foreign language fluency and foreign cultures, which are becoming more and more important in today's world and in supporting the Navy of the future.". For more information, visit,, or AFSCs don’t matter when getting selected for the various programs that get you into that world. Mar 17, … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Currently available to unrestricted line, information warfare, and supply corps officer designators, the Olmsted Program is a unique I understand both aren’t available to my rank (and maybe even MOS) right now but I’m just thinking long term to keep options open. It, and a more awesome program called the Olmsted Scholarship, are available for application through the Commandants Career Leadership and Education Board (CCLEB). We suggest several reciprocal swimming mechanisms that lead to locomotion only in viscoelastic fluids. Most USMC funded masters programs for the O-3 rank fall into this board (not all though). I feel certain that whatever is to come at me personally or professionally, that I can manage it successfully because I was successful at conquering so many challenges alone as an Olmsted scholar.". By RUSTY BRYAN | STARS AND STRIPES Published: September 20, 2004. But only temporarily. I couldn’t find a definitive list of requirements. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get more info on the process to apply for FAO? I have no real interest in going rated or pilot, but in it somehow increases my chances, ill give it a look.

“I wasn’t scared of living abroad.”. For more news from Naval Education And Training Professional Development And Technology Center, visit Normally starts with attending a school/program that gets you the language/foreign expertise (Olmsted Scholar/Mansfield Fellow/foreign IDE) then you get the designation. Applicants must have demonstrated strong leadership qualities, solid overall performance, strong promotion potential, and superior demonstrated scholastic ability. Scholars are expected to live on the local economy and travel widely. Werner returned to his sport while undergoing his language training in the Washington, D.C., area last year, working as a volunteer assistant to British Olympian Noel Loben at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Va. And it helped in his selection of Bulgaria as his Olmsted destination. “I was used to doing something different,” Werner said while visiting his parents in Würzburg this summer. Candidates must have three years of commissioned service, but no more than 11 years of total active federal service as of April 1, 2019, to apply for the scholarship. ), is an adjunct professor, California State University, Sacramento, and Olmsted Scholar (Spain). JavaScript is disabled. If you have more questions, feel free to message me directly. Hey bud, I was interested in FAO cause I did some semesters abroad in France during college. Given it's like a year long course and the pay is only a few hundred a month.... if money was all you were worried about seems like a second job would be more cost effective. I’m a 2nd Lt in the wing, still in the schoolhouse and fresh out of TBS, and I was curious about the FAO and FSF Advisor (0570 I believe) pipelines. Since its inception, the foundation has focused on educational and charitable purposes. Otherwise im assuming id have the best chance with maybe intel? I am planning on applying to the program, and general baseline scores that I need to aim for would be helpful in my preparation. Stripes Okinawa

Hey bud, I was interested in FAO cause I did some semesters abroad in France during college. Bulgaria was recently added to the Olmsted program, which, Werner said, started in the 1960s in western Europe and Latin America.

They always have open seats and I went through MCCMOS with a new 2nd LT between TBS and MOS school. Stripes Korea.

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Facebook: Stars and Stripes Pacific Normally starts with attending a school/program that gets you the language/foreign expertise (Olmsted Scholar/Mansfield Fellow/foreign IDE) then you get the designation. There is a bit more info about the program in that thread, so that helped. Just send them an e-mail to discuss your interest. It's funded - at least on the reserve side - by MARFOR G-3. “I have a good base from my training in D.C.,” he said. All Others. “The German I learned gave me a framework for attacking [Bulgarian],” he said. Definitely recommend you go for it now, if you have the time. Check out the AFOCD on google, it provides information for both FAO and PAS duties and what kind of "background" they look for. Werner, a 33-year-old Air Force major, is one of five or so people chosen each year by the Air Force to be an Olmsted Scholar. “He told me he’s even starting to think in Bulgarian,” Duane Werner said. Werner, whose previous assignment was piloting U-2 spy planes out of Beale Air Force Base, Calif., expects to complete his master’s degree in 2006. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Applicants should be available to start language training in summer/fall 2019, begin study at a foreign university in 2020, and complete study in 2022.