However, that same internal fuel tank can be a problem today.

Since I had already removed it and filled the old holes during paint prep, it was ready. For a list of boat-specific awards, click here. When screwing into the hull, first put a little dab of caulk in the hole so water cannot seep in. In the course of making boats for over 42-years, Boston Whaler in bad condition. In some regions, seasonal fluctuations in price also occur. A large and costly repair may be needed to remedy these conditions. The boat is a 1990 Boston Whaler Outrage 19. De-lamination can often

First, soft spots in the hull will occur.

Due to the foam core construction, the Whaler will remain afloat when sawed completely in half. And any below-the-water-line damage that has been Once the wood is finished, count all the screws you will need to put it all back together on the boat.

Look over the interior of the boat carefully, The one I’m going to focus on is the Outrage 18/19 — … For further information on how we use cookies and how to change your browser settings, please read our Cookie Policy. By doing so, they could remove many of their competitor's outboards from the transoms of new Boston Whalers.). Aside from the special case of the new 13-footer, the price for new

If the deck needs to be re-done, you might as well re-do the fuel tank while you’re at it.

The engine that came with my Whaler was an old 35hp Johnson two stroke which I was told ran with low compression. With what I know now about laminate and gelcoat repair, I could have easily fixed that boat up in a few weekends to almost factory original condition. Montauk.

The truth is, on an older boat, the less electronics the better.

I did 5 coats on the first side and 5 on the underside. For more advice in assessing used outboard engines, see the separate article on this topic in the REFERENCE section. After the first round of filling has dried (most turn a different color) lightly sand over anywhere there is filler, it is easy to sand too hard here and destroy your filling efforts. Before I learned how to work with epoxy and gel coat resin, I saw a used Boston Whaler 11-foot hull that had been in service for 10 or more years mainly as a duck blind. The max horsepower for an Outrage 19 is 150 hp and the boat has an internal fuel tank which helps to add weight and soften the ride. Re-powered with a 2008 Yamaha 90 TLR and includes a trailer. I don't know of any formula-based solution for assessing the depreciation, object to the boat is to locate it in an area that has backing material This is a verified HTML 4.01 document served to you from continuousWave In 1958, boats made by the Fisher-Pierce manufacturing company were first marketed and sold under the brand name Boston Whaler. they can be ignored and a cosmetic repair done later. A boat with retained water in the interior may be difficult to dry and repair.

[2] Thru the late 1980s, the classic 13 ft 4 in (4.06 m) Whaler, and the 16 ft 7 in (5.05 m) Montauk were the most popular models in terms of sales. We love our dealers, and our dealers love us.

on Introduction.

and you will find yourself looking at over a thousand dollars in a hurry.

Refinished mahogany console, bench seat and anchor locker hatch with annual varnish work to all mahogany. This is how it looked before it got loaded on the flatbed for the trip to Sarasota. water to enter.

You're just going to replace it all anyways, and the fewer holes to patch and mend the better. Watch what happens as a Montauk gets sawed in half, right in the middle of the water, in front of a live audience. Fisher contemplated putting "some stuff on the bottom to move that airy water out of there."

Motor runs incredibly strong, with newer battery, fuel filter, water pump, thermostat.

boat currently available new in the recreational division of Boston Whaler. When Yamaha entered the U.S. market in the late 1980's, it pushed its brand as a premium outboard and they began to show up on Boston Whaler boats, too. I rolled it on simply because it was quicker.

boats has been steadily increasing year to year, but occasionally there I sold it on craigslist because I wanted a Yamaha outboard. and storage. There is light at the end of this tunnel, its time to prime the boat. Beacon Marine/Twin Cities Marine (Ask for Sue)eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'lazylocations_com-box-4','ezslot_7',114,'0','0'])); I utilize the service and benefits of Boat U.S.

Their rate of depreciation is much steeper than the hull's rate.

It is a subsidiary of the Brunswick Boat Group, a division of the Brunswick Corporation.Boston Whalers were originally produced in Massachusetts, hence the name, but today are manufactured in Edgewater, Florida Fisher imagined it as a replacement for the lightweight balsa used in small boat construction, and in 1954 he constructed a small sailing dinghy filled with the foam, with a design similar to the Sunfish. I removed the engine and disconnected the controls. If you don't mind. These two features, along with great performance and rough weather handling made it very desirable.

[1] Since the mold was already made, it was modified by adding to the flat center between the three chines, turning it into a V-shape. items to the hull or interior. Getting ready to cut out the opening for the teak door, This is the “almost finished” new center console. One boat that fits this category is a “classic” Boston Whaler.

See why our loyal and trusted dealer network supports the Boston Whaler brand, year after year.

I bought mine fully serviced and with a brand new battery.

The presence of a current dealer, especially an old-line and active Boston Whaler dealer, can also affect the market price for used boats. and a major reduction in value. I was doing this project on the cheap side, but not bare bones, so I decided to go with polyurethane brush/roll on paints. You do not have to sand down to fiberglass, just remove as much of the old coats that you can.

The boat was very stable and had great carrying capacity. Question

One quick check on a trailer's condition is to crawl under and behind the wheels to look for evidence of grease having been flung from the wheel bearings onto the wheels, fender, and axle.

The true legend of a Whaler lies in the possibilities it empowers, the enjoyment it evokes. This is a vintage boat with solid construction and a unique design for its era.

Galvanized steel or aluminum construction is preferred and is more common When assessing a used Boston Whaler, pay close attention to hull integrity, gelcoat condition, and wood finish.

too small or too large.

likely to be in good condition. not available from lumber yards and must be custom milled in many cases. A dull and oxidized gelcoat may require considerable work to restore. I did three coats of the white topside and two coats of bottom paint starting with the topside. If your are able to get your whaler for less than $750, you are lucky.

Anyone who owns a boat generally adds something to it over the years; This is a major defect.

Painted steel trailer wheels may harbor serious rust.

Again, boats stored out of the water and out of the sun are the most

Follow the instructions on the can and thin accordingly. I think I went a. If the interior and exterior paint is good enough for your standards, skip to step 5, If you decide to do a new paint job, continue after this step. the Currituck-Montauk, have been in continuous production from their Find A Dealer Enter Zip: 2013 - - 130 Super Sport. About: four tires and wheel? For 60 years now, Boston Whaler has engineered the most reliable and forward-thinking boats on the water.

lower unit, the propeller, and the skeg.

The process that gives the hull its combination of strength and light weight depends upon the integrity of the Uni-bond construction.

especially boats more than twenty years old. With your friends help, hold the motor in place on the transom and hammer the top two bolts through and tighten them down.

We do our best! [5] It is used for sport fishing, water skiing, as a runabout, and as a tender on larger yachts.

there are plenty of used Boston Whaler boats available for sale. Offering the best selection of Boston Whaler boats to choose from. Desert Tan. Email.

The Bolivian Naval Force (a land locked country) has 32 Boston Whalers in their fleet. Get your Montauk ready for the summer! Fisher built a prototype out of Styrofoam and Epoxy.

Current production models range in length from 11.3 to 42.5 feet (3.4 to 13.0 meters). Ironically, it is often quite easy to sell an used trailer as there seems to be a ready market of bargain hunters looking for inexpensive trailers. Carefully go around the whole boat, bottom and topside, spreading the filler inside and over the imperfections, this will take a while.

See Details. Author: James W. Hebert It’s very important that you consider this when evaluating a 30 yr old Whaler. Before starting anything having to do with paint, remove everything from the boat that should not be painted such as running lights, cleats, engine, controls, benches, etc. Older trailers are often constructed of steel and painted for corrosion

1980 Outrage 20' Cherry Whalers restored Boston Whaler Outrage 20' more details. you've got yourself a deal. shelter can represent considerable value. where they are built to order and tend to be more expensive Boats whose molded-in serial numbers have been obscured are inception.

Buyers looking for used 13-foot boats will have to weigh their value against a new 13-footer for $7,995.

Boston Whalers were used in the Vietnam War by both the Navy SEALs and the United States Coast Guard in rescue and river patrol missions. To begin, decide whether you are going to repaint the interior and the exterior or just one or the other. Is the canvas the OEM Wm.

Tap and listen for any dull responses.

For some models of Classic Boston Whaler, there is no equivalent There are many classic Whalers that are still awesome today (Sport 13, Sport 15, Montauk 17, Outrage 18/19, and the Outrage 22).

For stories, product first looks and offers.

and to use an appropriate number of smaller screws to distribute the load. To attach the new rub rail, start with the biggest piece which is also the stiffest, begin at one corner on the boat and work your way around screwing in the rail. and they are dark and wide, they indicate more serious flaws, perhaps even structural problems with the hull.