Jack read the minutes from the deacons’ meeting? Which statements are correct? The apostrophe is for possession but do the manufacturers really own the list? The institution doubled its size last year. Is sheep singular or plural?    Oxford, 1998). “Homeowners are responsible for their home’s exterior maintenance.” Or does it go after the “s” in “homes”? 3. This could be interpreted as ownership of the bitter beer or could be referring to her mood. girl’s hats (one girl who owns more than one hat) We too can get a bit upset when spellings or usages change according to the lowest common denominator, especially when useful nuances are lost. There’s one more way to use apostrophes. a. Jean’s and Dan’s pants are blue. Is it accused’ or accused’s? Many residents say that speeding cars are there principle […], easier to write good reports now that we all have laptops. The Browns’ house has a swimming pool. Compare: Just as you might write something like Bank of America’s profits rose last year, you could write The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ latest financial report … It may be easier to write The SPCA’s latest financial report … OR The latest financial report of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals can be found …. What about if it was a sheep eg: the sheeps field, the sheep’ field or the sheep field, Since you wrote “a sheep,” we assume you meant one sheep. Jose Sanchez’s artwork       can’t – cannot Apostrophes are always placed after the last letter of a word or name. Well, all I can suggest is making some small changes to the on-line book in the places where applicable. The customer’s clothes were made of fine silk.

Others also add another s.” See Rules 1b and 1c of Apostrophes for more discussion. As far as I know, in British English you can use both ‘has’ and ‘has got’ meaning ‘to possess’, cf. An editorial in the Irish Times newspaper recently used the word ‘Her’s’ twice. Most of my job responsibilities coincide with a manager’s job responsibilities. Thanks. But all contractions should formally be written in full unless they are well established: advertisement rather than ad; demonstration rather than  Chris’ Or Chris’s? See our posts Apostrophes and False Possessives and Confusing Possessives for more information. sound, the option is available of using an apostrophe without an additional, But the traditional practice is to retain the additional. (Possessive here is a grammar term – also known as the genitive – and is nothing to do with ownership.A noun is a word like horse, house, person, idea, table – a name for something. https://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/apostro.asp. "Board of Directors Meeting's" or "Board of Director's Meeting's".

Where apostrophes are appropriate, some organisations use them –, Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association, Some town and city councils are among the culprits, too, with such ungrammatical street names as Bishops Gardens, Cobblers Lane, Martins Because its’ would be meaningless. “We had a great time with the Murphys.” Singular Possessive Plural Possessive The noun was made plural first and then the apostrophe was added. In formal scripts, the words or numbers should be written or figured in full. What should the plural possessive be for deer? However, would the following be technically correct even though it’s not ‘allowed’ or common; You can watch two videos about apostrophes on this website, and there are practice exercises and answers as well. Manufacturers List. families    Both families‘ houses were burglarized. Several families decided to start a block association. If necessary, use the "Search" box on the right side of the page to find a post closely related to your question or comment.Your email address will not be published. We are not sure what your question has to do with apostrophes. You have provided some excellent examples demonstrating the importance of apostrophes. Mr. Brown Mr. Brown’s car is in the garage. Most of my job responsibilities coincide with those of a manager

      couldn’t – could not Examples: Please ensure that your question or comment relates to the topic of the blog post. There are multiple homes and owners in our neighborhood association, but each homeowner (whether a single person or a couple) is only responsible for one home.

(The voice of or belonging to David), Where possessive nouns ending in s make a harsh ziz sound, the option is available of using an apostrophe without an additional s. Thus –, Jones’s house is the one at the end of the street. It’s always been there. ), House was provided by a friend of my boss. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Just straight up choose the correct answer. Which of the following is correct? Can you tell me if this sentence has the apostrophe’s in the right place? A meeting is schedule for both functional and technical Enterprise System owners’ to start the discussions around the Dept. There was no possessive in either sentence. c. Please stay out of the boys’ locker room. I was just looking at your website for some help with apostrophes. Your email address will not be published. It is not a contraction; therefore, there is no apostrophe. Thank you so much in advance!

We recommend something simple and clear like either Drs. We would have to see it used in a sentence to say more. In American English, without the noun beer, we would most likely interpret wife’s as a contraction before the adjective bitter in your sentence. Please help. Required fields are marked *.

So a sheep’s wool is the same as many sheep’s wool. All are based on one boss and his friend. Writing Children’s Conferences is grammatically correct. Childs? The rule above says, “To show plural possession, make the noun plural first; then add an apostrophe.” Therefore, write girls’. The dog's dinner looks disgusting. An example is “Sarah’s report card showed all A’s, but Roberts report card showed lots of failing grades.”. My mom wants to wood burn a welcome sign for a newlywed couple. way of avoiding confusion without this misuse of the apostrophe: Two of the most recent councils officially to abandon apostrophes on their street signs are Birmingham and Wakefield.

women   We’ll be discussing women’s safety issues at the conference.

Both men and women take each other’s responses the wrong way, creating a communication breakdown. Today, we would write. and quoted speech. Maria’s dad’s doctor is always running late of another noun. My business partner and I are putting together our website. Examples: PowerPoint: The Four Types of Police Reports, Lesson 2: A Closer Look at Report Writing, Lesson 4: Organizing and Writing a Report, Lesson 5B: More about the Four Types of Reports, Lesson 8A: Using Quotations in Police Reports. Burchfield, for example, writes, ‘Though once commonly used in the plural of  PowerPoint 1: What is a Professional Report? Part II Lesson 11A: Using Active Voice in Police Reports, Part II Lesson 12: Criminal Justice Terminology, Part II Lesson 12A: How NOT to Write Like a Cop, Podcast 3: Requirements for Effective Reports, Podcast 4: Probable Cause and Types of Reports, Analyzing a Type 3 (Domestic Violence) Report, Robbery Crime Report & Writing Skills Response - Writer Tasks.