Browse waste and recycling solutions by material. You can also write to the company at their email address . Sorted to be free of boxboard, off-shore corrugutated, plastic, and wax.. Old New Paper waste, Waste paper, Over Issue News Paper. Quantity: 1000 Tons per Month, Your email address will not be published. Therefore it makes sense to invest in such waste paper products when it comes to managing a startup business that focuses on such materials. To bale or not to bale is an important decision in OCC recycling. Very often, recycling and waste haulers use the term OCC in reference to cardboard. One of the most important ones among these is certainly OCCWASTEPAPER.COM, UK that has been known to deliver waste paper materials belong to different grades and specifications. It involves diverting old cardboard from the waste stream, the elimination of contaminants, and the flattening or compressing of material to promote ease of handling, storing, and transportation. Since the prospects of such a business are great, you can very easily secure substantial profits for your business and work on to expand your enterprise further. The OCC 11, also referred to as Grade 11 OCC mainly includes corrugated containers used for paper recycling. Typically, these waste paper materials are classified under OCC 11 Waste Paper.While there are around 50 different grades of waste paper, the materials that fall under OCC 11 enjoy the maximum demand in the market. Storing OCC paper and recycling all depends on the volume your business produces and the space available at your location. Royal Oak Recycling specializes in handling fiber of all sorts, including corrugated cardboard recycling. Prohibitive Materials: May not exceed 0.5%. Typically after buying an electrical device, the consumer throws the boxes away in some dump. Each comes with its own set of benefits, and your waste provider can work with you to identify the right equipment to implement your recycling program with ease. Contact suppliers to find prices and other details. OCC Weste Paper is a able to meet the needs of various market sectors, We have wide range of product such Grade 11 (OCC), Double Sorted Corrugated: Grade 12 (DS OCC), Magazines: Grade 10 (OMG), Over-Issue News: Grade 9 (OI or OIN), and OCC 95 / 5. The paper is too valuable to be wasted! 4. The OCC 12 waste paper specification is also often referred to as DS OCC or Double Sorted Corrugated category.

Premium OCC ISRI (12): Double Sorted Old Corrugated (DS OCC) Code: Grade 12 DS OCC (PS#12) 1.04.02. Not only will you be keeping waste out of landfills, but also, you’ll be generating a new revenue stream out of your waste stream. All rights reserved. It is due to this reason that they have taken an active approach to make the best use of waste papers. OCC 11 (98/2, 95/5, 90/10, 80/20) (Grade 11 Old Corrugated Containers) Waste Paper selling leads/offers from exporters, Brokers, suppliers, OCC 11 (98/2, 95/5, 90/10, 80/20) (Grade 11 Old Corrugated Containers) Waste Paper merchants, and sellers. The recycling of corrugated containers is straightforward. We supply OCC waste paper, 100% cardboard, in Bales Post-industrial collected from private companies. Mills use newspapers, a lower grade paper, to make more newsprint, tissue and other products. “Most of the paper mills in the Pacific Northwest receive enough OCC supplies from local recyclers in the area.” Healthy … for now While domestic and export markets for OCC have experienced slight improvements in the first quarter of 2020, few recyclers and brokers are optimistic that conditions will improve dramatically in the near-term future.