COP path length test-retest reliability was predominantly good to excellent for all three devices (ICC = 0.80-0.95). of Bologna, Univ. Learned Distress and Chess: Role of Familiarity and Similarity of Tasks / Détresse apprise et jeu d'échecs: Rôle de la familiarité et de la similitude des tâches. Currently, it is thus possible to record the motions performed by the patients during serious gaming exercises for later analysis. We observed significant differences in the path lengths between FP and WBB in most conditions. Evaluate the validity and reliability of the data from the Wii balance board (WBB), against a force platform (FP) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Results of VJP showed that the HBS revealed deficits in the assessment of activities that require rapid, high force movements such as jumping and running. We think that the main factor influencing these results is that patients use more of their available cognitive processing to improve their postural control. Conclusion The inherent complexity of the tight cooperation between sensory perception and motor output makes the comprehensive quantification of postural competence very difficult. You can request the full-text of this article directly from the authors on ResearchGate. Data sources In people with moderate/severe ID, statistically significant differences between the WBB test and retest scores were found. We used differentiator filters to generate time series of low-frequency fluctuations of sway velocity and calculated their Lempel-Ziv complexity (LZC). Two reviewers performed the data extraction and quality assessment. Ognjen Amidzic, Hartmut J. Riehle, Thorsten Fehr, Christian Wienbruch & Thomas Elbert, Pattern of focal γ-bursts in chess players, EYAL M. REINGOLD, NEIL CHARNESS and RICHARD S. SCHULTETUS, DAVE M. STAMPE, Perceptual automaticity in expert chess players: Parallel encoding of chess relations, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, A.E. Hahn ; J. Quon, A self-learning evolutionary chess program, Adaptive expert decision making: Skilled chess players search more and deeper. performed a postural control task before and after two experimental (MIP + anodal or sham tDCS over Results: Good construct validity of the assessment was observed, with on average moderate-to-high correlations between game parameters and cognitive tests, measures of lower extremity function and dynamic balance (range of rs including extreme outliers = 0.00-0.70, P < 0.001-0.998). CONCLUSIONS Progressive stabilization exercise program with respiratory resistance is an effective method with clinical significance in pain reduction, psychosocial stability, and enhancement of motor and respiratory functions.

We observed the same significant differences between the HS and MS populations across the two measurement systems. Sleep deprivation may cause accidents, and it has deteriorating effects on health. Graduation 2010: The Chess Component of Critical Thinking. Validity and reproducibility were analyzed using the interclass correlation coefficient (ICC). The presence of outliers can lead to inflated error rates and substantial distortions of parameter and statistic estimates when using either parametric or nonparametric tests (e.g., Zimmerman, 1994, 1995, 1998). No significant inter-limb balance differences were present in females. Statistical analysis was used to assess significant differences between the features estimated using the WBB and the FP and between HS and MS. RSW assessments using somatosensory stimulation at 240 Hz may provide a useful index to measure the postural stability of elderly individuals. Valencia Spain: the cradle of European chess, Computer Chess: Algorithms and Heuristics for a Deep Look into the future, Decision Making under uncertainty: A Rational Approach to Kriegspiel, Univ. This study demonstrates that dual task interference on postural control can be observed in PD patients during performance of cognitive as well as motor tasks. The PD patients were tested in the morning during the ON phase of their pharmacotheraphy cycle (2-3 hours after taking medication). Under static conditions, the HUMAC Balance System revealed a relatively constant and comparatively small margin of displacement error. Results A local Parkinson’s association. During the measurements, a screen placed in front of the participants showed a footage of either alert or sleep-deprived faces. In conclusion, the QPS was able to detect the change in the postural control system due to both the ageing process and disease.

These findings reveal the difficulty of PD patients in maintaining stability when carrying out activities with DT, which may limit their functionality, since many everyday activities require the execution of different tasks simultaneously. The revolutions of the 18th century / Jeu des échecs, société politique et art de la guerre. In vielen Fällen führt der Link zu der Forschungsarbeit als frei verfügbare PDF-Datei. Qualitative data revealed that the intervention made participants more "aware" of their balance abilities. One hundred patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) and five patients with progressive supranuclear palsy were questioned about the frequency, circumstances, and consequences of falling. The center of pressure was recorded using a balance board (Wii; Nintendo Co., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan). These results are of importance in developing intervention strategies and refining theoretical models, but they call for further study. This work investigates whether sleep deprivation among people is "contagious," as quantified by sway measures. Full text screening of 140 articles was undertaken and 25 were included in the review [19], ... WBB is a device that can measure the center of gravity and body pressure by installing an analog pressure sensor on the corner of a square plate, ... WBB is a device that can measure the center of gravity and body pressure by installing an analog pressure sensor on the corner of a square plate [12]. Significant reductions in MMD (p = 0.028) and SI (p = 0.007) with visual feedback were observed for the entire group data. Secondary outcomes included the balance confidence assessed with the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale and standing balance assessed by the maximal excursion of center of pressure during the Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance and the Limits of Stability test. PubMed, Embase, CINAHL, Ovid Medline, Scopus, and Web of Science were searched from inception to August 2019. Specifically, we utilised the Nintendo Wii Balance Board (WBB; Nintendo, Kyoto, Japan) to deliver this intervention, due to the device's reliability in monitoring centre of pressure (COP; [10][11], ... During both the pre-and posttests, participants were required to perform a postural task which consisted in the validation of 16 targets that randomly appeared on a screen [16]. In this paper, we use sensors and deep learning to propose an automated balance evaluation system for home and clinical use. On irrelevant and infeasible alternatives, The Agricultural Research Institute, Reykjavik, Iceland. but mostly based in motor components, and that the efficacy of treatment is strongly related to the stage of the Fall history was determined during three time periods: previous week, previous month, and previous year. Although PD is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, the results demonstrate that patients with PD maintain or even improve their postural control in all positions. Significant, negligible to moderate effect size (ES range=<0.01 to 0.60) sex differences were observed, with females showing reduced sway compared to males. To read the article of this research, you can request a copy directly from the authors. An example of protocol designed to assess the clinical efficacy of serious games is presented in this chapter. Each subject was tested on their ability to maintain stability in three conditions: (1) steady standing (feet apart, feet together, step stance, tandem stance, single leg stance); (2) in response to perturbations generated by self-initiated movements (arm raise test, step test); and (3) in response to an unexpected external perturbation in upright stance, the shoulder tug test. Knee extensor strength is an important correlate of physical function in patients with knee osteoarthritis; however, it remains unclear whether standing balance is also a correlate. Pawn takes queen: The strategic gameboard in entrepreneurial firms, Steinitz and the Inception of Modern Chess, Henk van Haeringen, H. Jaap Van Den Herik, Peter Smet, Greg Calbert, Jason Scholz, Don Gossink, Hing-Wah Kwok, Michael Webb, The effects of material, tempo and search depth on win-loss ratios in chess.

The concurrent task was verbal-cognitive and required subjects to recite the days of the week backwards. The graphs showed good agreement between the devices. The balance deterioration during dual task performance was significantly enhanced in patients with history of prior falls.

Fallers had significantly more prolonged and advanced PD compared with Non–fallers (p = 0.001 and p < 0.001, respectively).

We have investigated using a force plate under standing subjects, which records movement of the center of pressure (CoP) to quantify LID over a levodopa (L-dopa) cycle. Chess - a new school subject ? ... 10 Other studies using the WBB also corroborate this finding.

The experimental group also showed a significant improvement in confidence (change, 16.48 ± 16.21 vs 3.05 ± 13.53, P = 0.047) and maximal excursion of center of pressure in forward (change, 0.86 ± 1.89 cm vs 0.17 ± 0.26 cm, P = 0.048), left (change, 0.88 ± 2.63 cm vs 0.07 ± 0.48 cm, P = 0.010), and right (change, 1.63 ± 2.82 cm vs 0.05 ± 0.17 cm, P = 0.046) directions of limits of stability compared to the control group. / L'expertise cognitive au jeu d'échecs : quoi de neuf depuis De Groot (1946) ? The current consensus in concussion evaluation involves the use of a subjective examination, supported by multifactorial assessment batteries designed to target the various components of cerebral function.