Military must, the study of weapons White ants Streaming site, originally mail order DVD service High school science course, substances Prevents Antonio from losing a pound of flesh Scenes shot for movies, tv shows, etc A __ degree burn causes blisters Head __, cold cut made with meat jelly Alice in Wonderland, Looking Glass, Lewis __ Japanese company that brought us Mario and Luigi, French philosopher, mathematician

Choplifter was on Atari, Sega, and __ Cafe __ at Night, painting by Van Gogh, __ Swift, invented the female name, Vanessa Egyptian statue that sang in the morning breeze, Got its independence from UK in 1921 Neolithic monument in Ireland's County Meath. "For fools rush in where __ fear to tread": Pope. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses Large deer, both male and female grow antlers

Saintlike Islamic teacher of West Africa Costs incurred by a company like energy, labor Purple coneflower drunk as tea to ward off colds

Opening in a wall to see out of Generic term for Chinese martial arts Flowering part of a plant, when open Owns or manages a lodging establishment This browser’s logo is a panda, not a fox Folded pamphlet used by companies to market

Word or phrase everyone is using Turned toward someone, face to face

It is developed by Fanatee, a Brazilian app developing company who has done a very good game with Codycross.

__ hermit crab fixes its shell to an anemone Northern China sea aka Bo Sea, Official name of study of mites Palace of the Moorish kings in Seville, Spain Make or become thick or thicker Cocktail tastes like York Peppermint Pattie Jump __, was House of Pain’s 90s party anthem Roman emperor whose wall encircled the city

Mary Poppins combines live action and __ __ bubble; where comic characters' words are shown. One engaged in a mutual obligation to a lord All of the varied forms of agate are common in the dark-coloured basalt flows of Jurassic age. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Type of hay baler invented in 1936 Silky sharks have very __ skin The capital of Texas The English __, a large dog breed, has huge head A 1969 western film starring John Wayne

Moss and banded agate are very delicate and beautiful. Lumbar puncture

Loser, beaten, destroyed

Building holding those who break the law Known for PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX Represented in the design are the blue of sea and sky; the dark and light greens of evergreens and deciduous trees characteristic of the province; the white of rocks and coastline surf; the gold of Nova Scotia's Royal Charter; and the red symbolizing the lion rampant on the Nova Scotia crest.

Tibetan-originated, long-haired dog breed Inkblot psychopath of Alan Moore's Watchmen. The act of making designs with acid or the like

Racquet sport with a shuttlecock Soft white fibers from plants used for clothes Bomb developed by the Allies in 1945 With Pharisees in the New Testament, opposed Jesus Boston's official Christmas tree stops in Hampden on way from Nova Scotia, Maine CDC investigating four new COVID-19 outbreaks, Biden picks up 3 of Maine’s 4 electoral votes, Maine CDC reports two more coronavirus-related deaths, Maine CDC reports new daily record of COVID-19 cases. Later a movie.

The lark __, V. Williams piece for violin In 1960, when the Canadian government announced that the horses would be removed from the island and auctioned off or slaughtered for dog food, a public outcry ensued. Tubular, foam piece used in pools and lakes Comet is a smaller __ with a forked tail Now, __, 1942 film inspired by Whitman poem Person’s real name, not pseudonym Country where the dance called Hasapiko is popular. The Great Mouse __ is an animated mystery film Dadaist painter worked with objects and body parts. Area of X-rays and medical applications Violent encounter between military forces

Response provided after questions on social media First commercial computer with GUI, __ & Mather, US important advertising and PR agency Heat exchanger cools the engine of a car Tiny African nation nearly landlocked by Senegal __ shark is an aggressive species in warm oceans Estuary and bridge to the east of England.

Compulsive urge to buy things West Bank city, Cave of the Patriarchs, All white cetacean with no dorsal fin California __ domestic cats look like a leopard TV series about a woman with amnesia and tattoos Items that sell a lot The __, American movie about Chinese farmers Pearl-producing animal can change genders A person who trains lions US city where the Gateway Arch can be found Find all the helpful info you need to plan your visit to Nova Scotia, Canada.

In a circus, the area behind the big top British machine-gun used on the Western Front Modern pentathlon includes this shooting event

Sudden rupture of a car tire Celebration must-have items from 10thC China Inflamed oil gland, infected, pus pocket on skin The Old __ = Virginia’s nickname __ pie, berry pie requires no pitting Prince William is the son of __ Diana Kim __, star of Hard Country, 8 Mile

Beverage __, pops the top aka bottle __ To interrupt the quiet, rest, peace, or order of Sustained without quitting, underwent Cinderella, a __ fairy tale from 1697 Egyptian goddess of lower cataracts of the Nile Team that is playing at home, opposing the visitor Finnish music festival, held in Turku since 1970. Popular red pepper typically dried aka cow horn US government has 3 of these to balance power Violent, hostile, forceful act against another

Only living members of the genus Struthio

These kind of hours fly fast

__ zone of sea water, from 0 to 1200 feet Galaxian, a game of __ alien ships on the screen

Bartels’ __ have a dancing mating ritual Prominent part, characteristic, attraction The width of the flag is twice its height.

The following year, the people of Nova Scotia sent a Christmas tree to Boston as thanks. Swamp boat, driven by caged airplane propeller George Orwell book: "Down and Out in Paris and __". Medical problem appearing again, returning Nova Scotia adopted the osprey (Pandion haliaetus) as its official bird by an Act of the House of Assembly in 1994. With Stan Lee, co-creator of the Hulk, Thor, etc. Sadly, she sank in 1946 when she was run aground on a reef near Haiti. Juno is the Roman goddess of __

Texas Ranger, martial artist, tough guy meme The tree is able to survive in virtually any terrain and condition, and was chosen to represent the strength and resilience of Nova Scotians. The strongest tendon in the body __ cone is a predatory sea snail

__ showers; rainfall that occurs at intervals.

Male of this marine species carries the unborn

Large electric cooking pot used to cook slowly

Deviate away from the main topic, __ Can Wait, Warren Beatty 1978 comedy A bad one makes a bad ending __ Galley, William Kidd’s ship

Pompous, useless official; Mikado character. To lose body liquid Bright, intelligent Congenital foot deformity, also called clubfoot. Means both to separate and hold together Make sure you get the big piece of this bone Robin __, won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting

The Calvados of colonial America, Strolling balloon vendors in circus The students learned about the history of the tree and wished it well on its journey. Munit haec et altera vincit (One defends and the other conquers). __ wrasse has irridescent bright colors Wayne role in True Grit, __ Cogburn Report a problem or mistake on this page

Eastern European river ends up in Black Sea Bees are found on every __ but Antarctica, Fish able to puff itself up to look large What makes the man, according to Shakespeare Wrote your name alongside someone else's. Low quality counterfeit