If you don’t give ‘em some break, they’ll leave you.

Keats says other attributes of a good lease partner are a willingness to share the work, respecting the landowner’s property, obeying all game laws, being unselfish toward others, and dependably meeting financial obligations. There is that portion outside the west Yolo Bypass levee that extends a bit further north. Make sure there’s no misunderstanding about who’s responsible for pumping water (if water is to be pumped), when water will be pumped, where vehicles should be parked, and other such matters. We take him a gift at Christmas and send a card on his birthday. Fireworks and beach bonfires are not permitted in Duck. Oceanfront to Sound front, 2 – 9 bedrooms and many offer private pools, elevators, keyless entry, linens & pet-friendly! With Water Rights established pre 1914, the levees and water drainage within the island are maintained by the Reclamation District. Northern Flight Duck Club and Guide Service: CHC #1105 Northern Flight Duck Club and Guide Service: CHC #1105 Northern Flight Duck Club and Guide Service: ... Nelson North, harvest completed,field prep in progress,ok to brush up blind. This keeps ‘em using the field. You’ve got to be able to put the water where you want it, when you want it, to keep fresh food available.”, Hill starts pumping approximately 10 days before the hunting season. Riceland The little town of Duck has garnered quite a reputation as one of the best vacation spots on the Outer Banks. It is a fully functioning, income producing farm complete with all the equipment to plant, harvest and maintain.

Agent: Harvey Ramirez Open Ground Nelson South,Harvest completed,field prep in …

In 1957 a group of well known investors purchased Venice Island and formed the Venice Island Duck Club. Owners must keep their dogs under control at all times. If you prefer beer, you can select from 24 beers on tap or try a TRiO Flight and sample a taste of four beers. “We never get through tinkering,” Hill explains. In addition, the town is home to a number of art galleries, restaurants, and is close to Northern Outer Banks attractions such as The Whalehead Club in Corolla. As developer attention grew in the northern Dare County and Currituck beaches, the county and local governments stepped in to ensure that Duck would retain its small, natural character. Finally, you need that familial setting of passing the plates, helping yourself and fighting for the very last piece. Check all references, and follow up on all leads. Once a lease is obtained and the membership organized, those involved must decide how the club will be managed. Not a problem. Tree Ground “We invite the landowner and his family members to hunt with us. No matter when you come, you'll want to keep an eye on the Town of Duck's calendar of events, because in Duck, community celebrations are always in season. For a sit-down meal, check out our Nags Head eatery shared with Pizzazz Pizza. We pump with electric pumps, and we can raise the water a few inches at a time.

But the biggest attraction that draws seasoned Outer Banks vacationers back every year are the miles and miles of pristine beaches. The natural habitat immediately west of the Sacramento Bypass inside the Yolo Bypass is the Swanston Duck Club. He must find the right spot, deal with the landowner, sign on members, work out a management plan, and oversee development details. Henry’s Restaurant offers down home, simple food done Outer Banks style. , Duck retains its small town quirky character and distinctive draw to vacationers from all around the country. SOLD - North Bypass Duck Club $895,000 . While deciding when to book your vacation, be sure and keep an eye out for upcoming festivals and special events. Hunting “My other two partners are impeccable in their ethics, manners, and other aspects of their behavior. Agent: Logan Taylor

If you can find a place the ducks are hitting, and you can lease it and flood it the next season, then you might be onto a honey hole.”. Should formal membership rules be written, or is an informal rules agreement good enough? Another consideration in successful duck-club management is hunting pressure. The last several years have seen a major trend toward the leasing of hunting lands and the establishment of private clubs. They’d sail over us each morning by the hundreds and go into the reservoir. The property is divided in two hunting areas comprised of 100 acres and 115 acres respectively. Yolo County You'll also want to bring a good pair of walking shoes. “Sometimes we’ll have a lot of ducks in the area, but they’re hard to kill because the weather’s warm or whatever. Vacation Rental companies offering homes in Duck include: Duck Town Park and Boardwalk - This 11 acre park in the heart of Duck offers Maritime forest, willow swamp, an open lawn with ampitheatre and public shelters, and a beautiful over-water boardwalk winding along the Currituck Sound.

The good news is that you'll surely savor every day that you're on your Duck vacation. Owned by Garry Oliver, the proprietor of the Outer Banks Fishing Pier, this small wooden aqua blue-colored store on the Nags Head-Manteo causeway has been serving the needs of fishermen for decades.

Perhaps the reason that this area of maritime forest goes unnoticed, (an area which in fact comprises the majority of Frisco Village), is simply because the oceanfront beaches just yards away are too alluring to ignore, and garner the lion's share of vacationers' interest. Choose from a wide range of amenities, including private swimming pools, hot tubs, theater rooms, game rooms, pet friendly lodging and more. We just decide what we’re going to do before the season starts and stick to it. Proudly operating since 1947, we are family owned business that serves Outer Banks visitors and locals. Visitors love Duck because of its lovely, natural setting. Shelling is best after a low tide or seasonal storm or hurricane, and particularly in the off-season months when the beaches are uncrowded. Regardless of how you spend your sunny days, whether it's shopping, eating, or just lounging by the water, you'll discover there is no shortage of activities both on and off the beach. Duck Clubs Dogs are allowed on the beach year-round, unleashed (although leashes are recommended). | Privacy Policy. But as many know from experience, finding, securing, and managing a new hunting lease takes a lot of work, and it can also be a gamble. For winter visitors, the annual Duck Yuletide festival provides late-night shopping opportunities, one of Duck's famous tapas crawls, and live music performed in the Duck Town Park. When booking with KEES Vacations, travelers can expect excellence in service and a one-of-a-kind OBX vacation experience. Located on the Northern Outer Banks just past Southern Shores and a few miles north of the busy Outer Banks 158 bypass, Duck is a 7 mile stretch of beaches in the middle of NC Highway 12.

TRiO's bistro is elegant and comfortable, with a large bar and two-story dining and bar area. Cape Hatteras Anglers Club Invitational Surf Fishing Tournament. Almond Orchard

“Sometimes, the ducks get a little decoy-shy when there hasn’t been a cold front for several days, but this has never been too big a problem.”, They continually experiment with new levees, new blinds, and different management schemes. In 1984, The North Carolina General Assembly established Duck as a North Carolina Beautification District, and in 1986 the community agreed to develop a seven-mile multiple use trail within the town limits. Instead, bad research, bad management, or just plain bad luck can cause your best laid plans to go awry. Commercial I call this spoon-feeding the ducks. Tree Ground In the past 20 years, he has located, leased, and successfully managed several farms in mallard-rich east Arkansas. Ranch There was no reason why this spot wouldn’t pull some birds, but we never killed a duck on it. Feel the ocean breeze and taste the salty beach air as you cruise the Outer Banks beaches in our exclusive OPEN AIR, 13-passenger Hummers with one of our seasoned guides in search of the Colonial Spanish Mustangs! Both are in excellent flyways. “You’ve got to give the ducks a chance to come and feed. Right smack-dab in the middle of it. Visitors love Duck because of its lovely, natural setting. J and K Enterprises Duck Club has 2 areas in the valley to choose from. Agent: Ben Myhre

The name stuck and became official when the town was officially incorporated in 2002, making it the newest town on the Outer Banks. Visitors can reach Duck by heading to the central Outer Banks and then taking NC Highway 12 north.

Right now, with commodity prices so low, more farmers are amenable to leasing their personal hunting spots, and the best way to find them is through people they know.”, What about leases that are advertised in newspapers or hunting magazines?

Instead, ducks like newly flooded areas. Don’t want to venture out?