Some users find that trading off some of the ‘rush’ for fewer health risks is a good compromise. Does anyone have any ideas?

Over the years, Nocturnal Wonderland has been held at a number of different locations, including the Empire Polo Field in 2000, where a record-setting 40,000 people attended. nope dolly no drugs up the bum but i think these morons like to do them up the butt XP.

They need to know there is a better way. last years nocturnal brought togehter 35000+ kids together (including SpecilKNY, the very first BL'r to fly out and visit us here in SoCal) in Indio, CA with a totally killer lineup. By mid-August, however, only Nocturnal Wonderland was left standing. Sounds like you did the raping. I could sit here and talk all day but the bottom line is the christian community is brainwashed and doesn’t know anything about the bible even if they say they do.

It simply lets people express themselves as human beings. To celebrate this joy for the swapped mushrooms, ravers mix their pills and “infected mushrooms” to enter into a state called “Candy Hip-E Flip” and it supposedly turns their brain upside down and allows them to speak with Abe and Adam telepathically. Further… am I the only JesusFreak who thinks this entire website actively and repeatedly SPITS on the face of Jesus….

Those look like the candies that kids pass out on Valentines. never. All you’re capable of is spitting insults at people who disagree with you. idk whats wrong with these people im telling them for their own good but it looks like they like having their heads in their asses! All Rights Reserved. Nocturnal Wonderland 2020 features a lineup of house music, trance, dubstep, electro and more! Joshua L. Los Angeles, CA;

So much hostility Alison, please get laid. Everyone knows who I am.

#Coronavirus Is that Ke$ha? there is no butt drugs i guess unless a penis is a drug? #LockdownLife Poi shows, is where ravers use electronic lights to spin around to imitate the sperm streams that were ejected out of the tips of their Abe’s skin torpedoes.

You see, these vixens of sexual masturbatory imagery are hired by the Insomnia rave lords to send taint tremors down the male raver’s Adam whistle and excite them to the point where they can not fight the bad touch urges no more. They were the only ones who knew the recipe for ecstasy and they used that power to control the masses. There are usually 5 stages that each have a ritual that displays the loyalty of the ravers to their false gods. I can get whatever, whenever.

Nocturnal Wonderland was incredible this year <3 Nothing but incredible vibes and the best music. People pay over $300 to do drugs and be told that showering is not cool. You make many claims, but I didn’t see a shred of evidence supporting any of them. Past(09/2/2016) ... Hailing form London, two electrical engineering students-Jono and Paavo-met at The University of Westminster in 1999. putting in the back just proves its fake. I think if you use your anal-passage responsibly you should be fine. How come we have to learn about him? oh yea cuz their fake! People have the free will of choice and they have every right to make their own choices without being judged. Reblog. Just like all drug infested raves, Nocturnal Wonderland is shrouded in hazy drug eyed mystery of sex blood games, reverse orgy three ways and toxic anal drug taking.

Christianity is responsible for most of the wars that have occurred. No one really knows how this party of pornography filled drug dancing and electronic clusters of demon music came about, but we can tell you what goes on at this festival. Like I said, My buddies a dealer. Nocturnal Wonderland is currently a two-day boutique event across four stages and features a wide array of blacklight art, performers, and camping amenities and activities. People die all the time booty bumping booze at alarming rates. You’re little heart goes pitter patter Be too sweet and you’ll be a gonner

You’re looking sexy today! I am Cannibal

Nocturnal Wonderland was incredible this year <3 Nothing but incredible vibes and the best music.

WAKE THE FUCK UP YOU BIBLE SUCKING TURDS. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Comment yours below ⬇️, #RaveMeetup Thread starter Spencer; Start date May 19, 2001; ... Dec 21, 1999 Messages 8,042 Location Parts Unknown. And yes Satan’s grip is in all of us, it is the force that we Satanist’s call natural instincts.