DOES THAT SINK IN? That's when Alinity joined in on the conversation, and she probably regrets doing so. "No trolling, no joking.". The enemy player used an emote which Ninja used as confirmation that he was being sniped (showing off for the camera), and Ninja reported him.

In a separate incident, Ninja reported another player who killed him who had a high ping, as you can report players who have connection issues in the game. Just wanted to be sure that was clear. Dr. Lupo and xQc then had a brief exchange of clarification. THE LACK OF SELF-AWARENESS IS INSANE., As all of their name-calling and back-and-forth continued, esports reporter Rod Breslau joked, "this calls for xqc+adept vs ninja+jghosty 2v2 bo3 for charity.". Heroine movies and heroine dramas, leave all them to Zen Pictures. Ninja has good and bad moments like anyone, but this entire situation was absurd, and the community was wrong to run with it the way they did. You have 0 clue the amount of work Jess does for our family and our business, and when she wants to buy a Gucci bag she fucking can because she worked for it. I mean, these gucci bags don't pay for themselves. Of course I was going to answer sweetie, I was eating breakfast, fueling up for a productive day. This should have been where things ended. Hope to see you doing a fundraiser in the future since you have so much to say about them . You should teach me a thing or 2 about fundraisers i'm sure you know a thing or two about raising funds. yikes, I’m using the “sexism card” because I refused to be called sweetie and challenge a big gaming figure telling me I don’t work or deserve what I have. Keep doing amazing things! "Just honestly that I clearly need to be even better so situations like this can never happen," Ninja told me. I was waiting for your response. How dare you use the SEXISM card in such a trivial interaction, lumping in actual victims of sexism especially in gaming. Not very relatable I know! But as xQc pointed out, some streamers earn money from doing a charity stream. Lupo, a friend of Ninja's and another top streamer on Twitch, often does charity streams for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. If you want to be sexist and act like because I’m married to a successful man that it makes me a do-nothing mooching woman, that’s your choice to be that kind of person. The way I understand the original story, Ninja was angry that he was killed by a player, whom he accused of stream sniping (someone who would watch Ninja's stream and try to get into his game to purposefully kill him).

Here's what we know. In fact, earlier this month, Dr. Lupo raised $965,683.09 in his charity stream. Jessica Blevins, the wife of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, chimed in later by calling xQc out. Charity streams are exactly how they sound, a streamer will broadcast themselves (typically playing games) while allowing people to donate in an effort to raise charity. But stuff like this is enough clickbait to last drama-hungry redditors and YouTubers a month, so sadly, it seems inevitable that this was going to happen, and it will probably happen again.

Sorted by that movie's sexiness and hornyness . IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU BEING A WOMEN. Dr. Lupo, a friend of Ninja's and another top streamer on Twitch, often does charity streams for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. . Then xQc became profane with his language, and everything erupted into insults. Here's what we know. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. It seems like this entire situation was concocted to imply Ninja's rage can smite random players at will, but that isn't the case. Several of today's top streamers got into a heated argument on Twitter that resulted in Ninja bringing up Alinity's controversy with her cats. 2020 updates : Illicit Desire@65 Paranormal Sexperiments@64 2013 edition : Film contains Great and many sex scenes are only included .New movies will appear once a week from now , So keep checking for best horny movies made for you ever . Enjoy your day, QVC! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The drama mostly subsided following this interaction, but it was an interesting conversation between many of the most recognizable streamers. After xQc used "sweetie" to refer to Blevins, she became upset and called the streamer out for being "sexist" and saying he doesn't respect women. News and opinion about video games, television, movies and the internet. Lots of erotic , softcore even porn ( hardcore ) movies are making to the list . Ninja streams live on Twitch! From an r/LivestreamFail post on Reddit regarding @xQc stating that a majority of streamers get paid to do charity streams - I've never been paid to raise money for @StJude.

is a recipe to get a whole of attention, and clearly that's what happened here. But the community blew it up to an absurd degree to make Ninja look as bad as possible. This whole drama started because of comments xQc made Monday night on Twitch. xQc says he wasn't implying that any of the top charities were involved in this, and Lupo came to a mutual understanding. But the conspiracy theory implications here that Ninja has special banning abilities via a direct pipeline to Epic are ridiculous, and clearly this entire scenario was concocted to try and hurt him. Correction: Originally this article conflated two different reporting incidents, Epic has issued a statement about the second one. In the end, all Ninja did "wrong" was to get momentarily angry at a few players. X-It’s very clear you don’t respect women, or really anyone with again, the trash, I’ve heard you spew. The player in question was also caught joking about "ending Ninja's career" on a recorded Discord chat, so if you believe nothing else, that's pretty significant in and of itself.

All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Alinity then called Ninja "the most toxic person in gaming. I asked Ninja if he had any last thoughts on the incident. In the end, however, this turned out to be an elaborate con job. Epic dug into what exactly had happened here and deduced that the ping-report player had not been banned as a result of Ninja's report, which was dismissed due to the fact that there wasn't enough evidence, but that the player later changed his name to that of another banned player to make it look like Ninja's report had gotten him banned. New Releases list / Actress list / Directors list / Series/Type list / Contact Us / Q&A. While the first player was never confirmed to have been banned as a result of the report, the second player in question turned up saying that he had his account banned by Epic after his report, that he was just some innocent guy who had been taken down by Ninja, the implication being that Ninja has the power to auto-ban anyone due to his high profile connections to Epic. ", (Twitter) The community, mainly on reddit and YouTube, relished the idea that Ninja had done something mean and bad and threads and videos were shared far and wide about the pair of incidents, and turned into memes about how you better not anger Ninja or else Epic will ban you. You may opt-out by. Oooo. TOP DOWNLOAD; MEMBERSHIP; TOP; New Release; Location Report; Information ; 0; CART; SEARCH. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.,, Ninja and Shroud became free agents after Mixer ends, Why is Dr Disrespect banned on Twitch?