James and John are friends at Oxford University. Sir, the great evil is, that there is too much commonplace light in our moral and political literature; and light is a great enemy to mystery, and mystery is a great friend to enthusiasm. Chapter V  [* "Hush, hush; softly, softly; let us not make confusion" from Rossini's Barber of Seville Act II.] After some days he pronounced the name Lierganes. Yet will I tell thee true, grey friar,               I very well can see,             That, if thy looks are blue, grey friar,               'Tis all for love of me,---               'Tis all for love of me. Being a compound of the Allegro Vivace of the O'Carrolls, and of the Andante Doloroso of the Glowries, she exhibited in her own character all the diversities of an April sky.

Except my works and those of my particular friends, nothing is good that is not as old as Jeremy Taylor: and, entre nous, the best parts of my friends' books were either written or suggested by myself. Catherine becomes intrigued by the death of Eleanor and Henry's mother years earlier. 'I really do not know, sir.' [* This character is based on John Frank Newton, who also provides the model for Mr Ramsbottom in Crotchet Castle and some characteristics of Mr Escot in Headlong Hall. a year: yet he does not appear to have been a very terrible personage, and certainly went off with a very small portion of human respect, though he contrived to excite, in a great degree, the astonishment of all honest men. Marionetta thought she perceived in all this very manifest symptoms of a warm love cooling. Once he is told of the true nature of the Morland's financial situation, which is moderate, he gives his consent, and the novel ends with the marriage of Henry and Catherine. The voices ceased, the accustomed rolling sound was heard, the door opened, and Scythrop was discovered alone. Publisher: Wordsworth Editions The moon doth shine. Pardon me, Miss O'Carroll; I do not take any interest in any person or thing on the face of the earth; which sentiment, if you analyse it, you will find to be the quintessence of the most refined philanthropy. Why are thy looks so blank, grey friar? At the ball that night, Henry returns, and Catherine wishes she could dance with him instead. He passed whole mornings in his study, immersed in gloomy reverie, stalking about the room in his nightcap, which he pulled over his eyes like a cowl, and folding his striped calico dressing-gown about him like the mantle of a conspirator. From the union, typified by Gemini, of light and celestial matter, issued in the second compartment Leo, Primogenial Love, mounted on the back of a Lion, who produced the pure and perfect nature of things in Virgo, and Libra the Balance denoted the coincidence of the ecliptic with the equator, and the equality of man's happy existence. I understand de phrase: ve have seen nothing else since ve left town---ma foi! Fear ye not the waves that roll?

He wandered about the ample pile, or along the garden-terrace, with 'his cogitative faculties immersed in cogibundity of cogitation.'