A glimpse of the second Red Girl at the hangar. How can I save 2B from the virus when you're A2? "Within the factory ruins. ", "Valentine's Day?

"No, there's no way. As you explore the game's open world you'll encounter spots called Access Points which are shielded by enemy protection.

However, when he's within the Bunker, there's no mistake.

Her left leg feels heavier than lead, and with just one step, she's already winded.

Two words appear on the large terminal within the server control room, despite the complete lack of anyone's presence.

Up until Chapter 6, the only way up is via a transport terminal in the Resistance Camp. She wonders what to do with it, but for the time being, answers with a "thank you" instead of voicing that. Though it is true that 9S requires exercise more than 6O does.

Due to his intense concentration, he doesn't even hear the sound of the door opening. His position in NieR: Automata is unknown. This is your job. From here, the Commander sends down orders to the YoRHa units through Pod transmissions, as well as drops down support materials and weapons. "You could've just told me that through one single transmission. "2B's the same way, always doing unreasonable things.". User Info: Realsoccerdud3. "You know, the new equipment? They know of and feel indebted to their model of machines that ran rampant long ago. She always has, and she always will. "I guess you're right. Whenever he isn't being sent out on missions, he's always, always, always guaranteed to be working in this room. ", "Yes! ", "And besides! This is her problem, not the Commander's.

"Commander! Come to think of it, he seemed a bit strange a little while back, as well. It's our duty?

However, they have yet to fully overcome their disadvantage, and thus the fighting has been prolonged.

2B stops herself from finishing her thought. Classified She can hear the liveliness in his voice now. To access the mission, you will have to make it to The Hangar and board a flight unit to go into City Ruins.

21O's tone may sound like she's verbally shrugging her shoulders, but in actuality, it's meant to be gentleness.

", "I get that there's no helping their characteristics, however ...", "You wish they'd act with a little more restraint, right? How do I return to the factory at the start?

The server control room — the room within the Bunker where a large terminal is installed. It's as though the Commander was able to read her mind. "I guess you could say they're running us ragged. 9S is just a ball of curiosity.".

2B had always been thinking that the weight she'd accumulated each time she finished one of her duties was hers and hers alone to carry.

9S puffs his cheeks up. A custom from the Old World? That date is also known as Valentine's Day, which is a day where you give brown objects to those you adore! 6O immediately gets down to business.

NieR: Automata will launch for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 23.

9 Model S (voiced by Natsuki Hanae), YoRHa Model A No. This is explained in-game as a result of the loss of the servers allowing a unit's data to be backed up.

The Commander then turns her head to look over her shoulder.

About the arrangement of materials in the Bunker ...", "Please allow me to report the situation in the city ruins ...", "Please approve the supply container to be sent to the moon ...", "It appears the transmission bandwidth in Sector F Ward 3d is failing ...".

<Androids are just full of mysteries, aren't they?>, <That's right. "Today is February 14th! "Advanced preparations are especially important!". Bunker "However, no matter the mission, all responsibility for it lies on my shoulders. 21O knows he's not being serious with that.

Main Zone:

You've been working in here without even a single break for how many hours now? She believes she'll be in trouble if she misses them. Despite being unable to see his eyes, she's sure they're shining as he immerses himself in his work. If no problems occur with the preliminary investigation, it'll be the descent force's final experiment.". ", 21O raises an eyebrow at that, as if to say, "so, what? 2 Model B (voiced by Yui Ishikawa), YoRHa No. She'd thought it was because she surprised him by suddenly being in the room with him, but at the time, his gaze wasn't even facing towards her, but in another direction entirely. "But, but!

You won't get sufficient exercise like that.". Well, actually, if she does, she can just contact them through a transmission, so she won't be in that big of trouble. The Bunker is the headquarters of the automated infantry squad, YoRHa, which floats in the satellite orbit. He drops his shoulders, and turns his gaze towards 21O.

21O finally nods her head at 6O's spirited response. Players may use these terminals to save and fast travel to other discovered access points. From here, the Commander sends down orders to the YoRHa units through Pod transmissions, as well as drops down support materials and weapons. Most of his memory is gone due to the long years that have passed. The accumulation of all that meager information could inform important decisions, or help units avoid danger. The one who asked that is an operator known as 6O, the one in charge of communications with 2B. These Androids have organized their own resistance army and lend their support to 2B and 9S as they share a common cause—“for humanity.” Here, you can buy items, strengthen your Pods, and take on sub-quests. If you idle long enough in the bunker corridors as 9S, no lie - a lunchbell / doorbell jingle will start playing. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. ", "So," the two of them speak in unison. Suddenly, 9S makes a strange expression, like he's taken aback by something. Operator 21O on the other hand, who is in charge of 9S, is calm and composed. Upon death you also respawn from them. Just then, the Commander approaches her from the front. You didn't have to come all the way here.".

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Director of the Bunker, a base that floats in the satellite orbit, and the person in charge of commanding all YoRHa units. didierre 3 years ago #2. In order to unlock the Alliance Raid, you will need to complete the quest called On the Threshold. When she's finally able to complete that step, her right leg's joints are the next to begin creaking. As she listens to the Commander's systematic footsteps fade behind her, 2B continues on towards the Development Department's room.

It seems that the operators believe that if one merely holds the title of "Commander" then that means their processing power must be higher than anyone else.