Once you find yourself growing close enough with your friends, you start thinking of nicknames for each other.

48. Peach is perfect for someone with a bright attitude and seems to always be positive. Godzilla: This is one of the funny nicknames for friends you can use if your friend always seems to break things. Amiga translates from Spanish to English as, “Friend.” It is the female pronunciation of the word. Someone who gets jealous a lot can be called this.

Known Nicknames for Chance. 42. Popular now because of the famous Netflix Original Orange is The New Black, it is usually used on those with crazy looking eyes. Use this name on the oldest person in your group. Better Half: Hopefully, your best friend is someone who makes you a better person. Lala Land: If your friend always seems to be daydreaming and has their mind lost in the clouds, go with this option. Someone who isn’t afraid to get a little rage out once in awhile.

Someone who adores the moon and has a bubbly personality should be called moonshine, instead of the generic Sunshine. so these Cute nicknames are our collection for your girl. Barbie is a perfect nickname for that one friend that, well, kind of resembles a barbie doll! Snuggles: If your friend loves to snuggle, go with this adorable nickname. Cuddle Face: I absolutely love this nickname. 46. 24. I love playing games, exploring new technologies, buying cool gadgets. 31. Someone with extremely good looks is usually called Stud. 14. My Conscience: This nickname for best friends is self-explanatory. 36. Sparkles is a great name for someone with a sparkling personality. Backbone: If your friend is your hidden conscience and your backbone, use this nickname for him or her. A cute name to use with your friend that you share an interest in. Girls are always sweet in my eyes, if you are finding a good name or nickname for a girl that must sweet. Do you need cute nicknames for your girlfriend? Look at this rundown of magnificent epithets for that cool young lady in your life.


You can’t picture her doing any wrong and she looks as innocent as ever no matter what she is doing! A nickname that originated from Grey’s Anatomy and it was used to describe one of the hot doctors, but he had a kind heart. 29.

Destined for those of your friends that love to toke up! You'll find three basic nickname lists below: one will be best suited for guys, one is best for girls, and another is made up of random names that I think are cool. Cheeky belongs to someone who doesn’t know how to bite their tongue and gets snippy with people. Hoops: This is a great nickname for a friend who likes to play basketball. It doesn’t matter who you give it to. Call them sailor. It means that they are the height of excellence. 5 Reasons why Nicknames for boys sound so cool. Sweetie Bug: This is just a cute, adorable option to go with. Channi (Channie) Nelli (Nellie) Anell or Anelli (Anellie) Anni (Annie) Chan. 45. Don’t worry we have the solution to it is well. Favorite Answer. Anonymous. Peanut Butter: If one of you is peanut butter, the other can be called Jelly! Someone who never thinks before they speak or act may wear this nickname. Sunny/Sonny is usually a nickname saved for that friend with a bright, optimistic personality.

Second Mouse: The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse will get the cheese! Lionheart: Use this for a friend who is truly brave and courageous. Do you have a friend who is a country bumpkin and has all the qualities of country living in them? A name that is commonly used between friends, both male and female, but is technically a male term. They always seem to want to crack jokes and play games. 50. Again, another nickname to describe with old traits or who is old. Usually used on someone with a big personality. So make sure you check the below names. It’s commonly used among youth and no, it’s not considered offensive.