I don’t know much about cactus but, well, they’re green, thorny and exotic; they bear pinkish fruit (or are they flowers); and they seem to grow on rocky, sandy, windswept terrain. Your email address will not be published. Despite the grapes being grown in Ninh Thuan, the wine they produce is generally called Dalat Wine. The delicate flowers grow in little bunches of pink, purple and white. The fruit is refreshing and watery but surprisingly tasteless. Surely one of the most loved tropical fruits, Mangoes are available all over Vietnam, although slightly less so in the more temperate climate of the northern provinces. The fruit is bright pink with green tips at the end of several flame-like ‘fins’. One area in particular is known for it: To my mind, the king of trees in Asia, the Banyan is grand, exotic, heroic, mysterious and majestic. The tree — “Sao Den,” or “black star,” in Vietnamese — was popular in traditional Vietnamese economies because it resists termites. Agriculture Minister Chan Sarun told Kyodo News that as many as 50,000 palm trees will be seeded and planted in seven provinces bordering Vietnam. But Frangipani come in other varieties, including smaller flowers in pink and purple. Selected Resources for Travellers & Expats: Your email address will not be published. Handsome, strong, and ‘friendly’ trees, there’s also something mildly haunting about Casuarinas: perhaps it’s their ghost-like pallor and the diaphanous quality of their canopy. You’ll find it around Dalat and on Phu Quoc Island. But new teak plantations can be found on the mountainsides, and older stands of teak can still be seen here and there. I see it most often in coastal resorts on the southern coast or Phu Quoc Island, where African Tulip trees are planted for their aesthetic value. *Other names: Flaming Trumpet | Hoa chùm ớt or hoa rạng đông (Vietnamese). *Other names: Christmas Star | hoa trạng nguyên. National symbols of Vietnam represent the identity of its nation. *Other names: Silk Cotton Tree | Cây Gòn (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Southern & central plains & coast [MAP]. A familiar sight in the grounds of Buddhist temples and beach resorts, hibiscus are often grown as ornamental flowers. The Lotus is a sacred flower for Buddhists and Hindus alike: in Buddhist temples throughout Vietnam, Bodhisattvas and deities, such as Quan Am (the Goddess of Mercy), are portrayed standing on a lotus, hovering above the petals, or emerging from the flower. The tree has a strange form. Strangely, the teak trees that I’ve come across are often in eerie or significant places, such as dotting Hill A1 in Dien Bien Phu, the remote northwestern corner of Vietnam where the bloody final battle of the Franco-Vietnam war took place in 1954. Often seen in dry southern coastal regions, Dragon Fruit is famous as one of the most exotic-looking and colourful tropical fruits. An Australia-based forestry expert, Tran Lam Dong, reports that defoliants destroyed about 7,700 square miles of forests — six percent of Vietnam’s total land area. The only sound in the dusty parking lot was of birds chirping. Drop us a query A local man took a fallen branch and sketched the name ‘Phượng Vĩ’ in the gravel. The hatch is now covered by rock and Indeed, along the, As one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of coffee, parts of the Vietnamese countryside are completely blanketed in coffee bushes. *Other names: Cây điều, Đào lộn hột (Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Coastal & midland regions, especially south-central provinces [MAP].

On this page, I’ve compiled an informal, illustrated list of some of the flowers, plants and trees I regularly see in Vietnam’s cities and countryside, in the hope this may be something other travellers, road-trippers, and expats may find interesting too. When I started living in Vietnam and, in particular, when I started making road trips through the countryside, I was mesmerized by the colours, smells, shapes, sizes and variety of the flora I saw. The hopea is a big tree with a long life.”. The Central Highlands region, in particular between Bao Loc, Dalat and Buon Ma Thuot, underwent huge transformation to accommodate the profitable cash crop. Peeling the fruit is half the fun: the skin is thick and waxy, and comes off in a satisfying way.

Known as annatto, the dye is red-pink. If you ride along the scenic, All along Vietnam’s long and meandering coastline are found large stands of Casuarina trees. These’s something almost celestial about its appearance: it looks like it could be one of Jupiter’s many moons. I see it most often in coastal resorts on the southern coast or, This pretty little flower grows on a shrub-like bush, especially by the sea. It exists almost everywhere in Vietnam, though mainly in rural areas. In Vietnam, broths may contain annatto, giving them a deep red tone.

A fairly large tree with buttressed roots, the canopy is sparse, but the branches are laden with long, gourd-shaped seedpods. Thirty-six are Medal of Honor trees, each a descendent of a historic tree. In Vietnamese, the name for cactus –, The Star Apple is quite a common and much-loved tropical fruit in the south of Vietnam, where it’s found along the coast, midlands and highlands. Essentially a small, green tree with bursts of red leaves, Poinsettias are a fairly common sight in and around Dalat, where temperatures are around 10 degrees cooler than lowland areas. This is why many Banyans have impressive empty arches at their base. The Poinsettia is a common Christmas flower in most Western countries, which accounts for its popular name, the Christmas Star. You can’t not love the coconut palm. *Where & when you might see it: Coast, lowlands, deltas, midlands & some highlands nationwide [MAP]. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? One of the first fruit trees I can remember seeing regularly in Vietnam, jackfruit is a medium-sized, fairly tall and slender tree, with dark green leaves. Kapoks, while striking, are not especially beautiful. The vines are wound around wooden trellises, growing about 5-feet above ground. A dark green bush which grows in many places in Vietnam, but particularly in the Central Highlands, the Rose Myrtle has very pretty, violet flowers. Although Spider Lilies are used to adorn private and public grounds, I find there’s something a bit sinister about their shape and form: they look like the Martians from H.G. The Central Highlands region, in particular between Bao Loc, Dalat and Buon Ma Thuot, underwent huge transformation to accommodate the profitable cash crop. From spindly, delicate bamboo that look like a Chinese ink and water painting, to thick, sturdy columns that look like the pillars of a palace wall, Bamboo comes in all sizes and colours. The plants are green with small leaves that look like a herb bush. In addition, bamboo tree has nutritional values as bamboo shoots are commonly found in Vietnamese kitchen. Banyans can grow to enormous sizes and live many centuries, sometimes over a thousand years. It’s somehow benevolent, calming, and reassuring: with it comes the promise of warm weather, sea breezes, salty air, tropical storms. In Vietnam, the Rose Myrtle bush is most well-known for its dark berries, which are used to make a potent, flowery-flavoured liquor, called rượu sim – rose myrtle wine. The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) estimates that over 100,000 helicopter pilots and crew members served during the Vietnam War — often called America's "Helicopter War," due to the significance of helicopters in facilitating rapid troop transport, close air support, resupply, medical evacuation, reconnaissance, and search and rescue. This tree is over 1,000 years old. *Other names: Ficus religiosa, Sacred Fig | Cây Bồ Đề(Vietnamese), *Where & when you might see it: Outside Buddhist temples nationwide [MAP]. This tree, named “Khe” is more than 800 years old, 20m high, 1.4m trunk diameter.

Neat, bell-shaped flowers on a small tree with skinny, grey-green leaves, Yellow Oleander grow in gardens in the Central Highlands, or are planted as decorative vegetation along highway partitions in some southern, coastal cities. A particularly good place to see bamboo is on the back-roads of, Found in large open orchards in coastal and lowland regions in the south-central provinces, the Cashew is an attractive tree bearing the famous nut and a less well-known, juicy fruit.

What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Apparently originating from Madagascar, the Traveller’s Palm is a favourite decorative tree in Vietnam. Yesterday, today & tomorrow is a lovely name for a plant. Thanks for the wonderful guide – both write up and pictures! Thirty-six are Medal of Honor trees, each a descendent of a historic tree.

Indeed, along the Ocean Road you can usually smell a cashew tree long before you can see it. I can still remember when I first became aware of it: on the beach at Ho Tram. The flowers are so neatly presented in bunches that they look like cheerleaders’ pompoms. Green Hydrogen: Could It Be Key to a Carbon-Free Economy? When the flowers are in full bloom and in the bright sunlight of a good highlands’ day, the Mimosa’s leaves and flowers glow like candles. From resorts to villas to compounds to farmhouses, the elaborate fan of the Traveller’s Palm’s green sails adorns and enlivens many an urban and rural scene. In Vietnam, I generally see Kapoks in midland regions – between the coast, the plains, and the mountains. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. It’s very refreshing with a rubbery texture, or, when served in a cold salad (, The quintessential, exotic, tropical hardwood tree, teak is found in pockets throughout Vietnam’s highlands. This is in no way a scholarly work and, in most cases, I much prefer using the colloquial names (which are often romantic-sounding and rich with exotic connotations), rather than the less accessible, Latin-based, scientific names.

This has made it popular as a shade tree throughout the world: I remember seeing an age-old local market in rural northern Ethiopia taking place in the shade of an age-old tropical almond tree.