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You can find a detailed description of how we use your data in our Privacy Policy. David Crookes , The Black Knight satellite conspiracy theory claims there is a spacecraft orbiting Earth that is of extraterrestrial origin, and that NASA is engaged in a cover-up regarding its existence and origin. March 1967 I was teleported to NORAD to read their minds and shut down their computers, and I was told this by a stranger after he heard about 8-19-12. Given Oberg's debunking you'd think the matter would have drawn to a close. There she goes” – dropped thermal blanket floats from ISS.

The so-called "Black Knight" is a mythical satellite of supposed extraterrestrial origin. 2 3 This test range is …

Some speculate that the Black Knight could be this theoretical transmitter.In 1954, several news reports claimed the US Air Force had discovered two satellites orbiting the Earth, moving from east to west, in retrograde orbit, several years before the first man-made satellite, Sputnik, was launched. Far from being an extraterrestrial object, the black item floating in space was nothing more than a blanket. It has been reported that a decade later in 1973, a researcher from Scotland, Duncan Lunan, looked back at the Norwegian scientists’ data from 1928, before claiming the “messages” suggested the ‘Black Knight’ was sent by aliens from Epsilon Boötis, as a welcome message to Earth 12,600 years ago. Please refresh the page and try again. Then there are others who mention that the photo was taken in the 1960s before the shuttle missions. Where did I come from? Reentry into the Earths atmosphere is rough. Skeptics have noted that Keyhoe had been promoting a UFO book at the time, and the news stories were likely written "tongue-in-cheek" and not intended to be taken seriously. 95% of all claims involving Tesla are false.

[4][5], Space debris photographed in 1998 during the STS-88 mission has been widely claimed to be the Black Knight satellite. Why Today's Vote Affects California Tenants and Uber Drivers, Samoan Islanders and an Ex-Astronaut. When Will We Know Who Won US Election 2020? In all language versions of the websites any comments posted can be edited. The Taurid meteor shower of 2020 peaks soon.

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They just know. 22 October 2019.

For some reason which I can not fathom many, many people purposely and intentionally want and can believe anything. In the end what you believe does not matter, it is what you KNOW that counts. This so called mystery is no mystery at all. origin.

Skeptics have noted that Keyhoe had been promoting a UFO book at the time, and the news stories were likely written "tongue-in-cheek" and not intended to be taken seriously.

Many skeptics claim the legend was retrospectively created after the 1998 pictures emerged, with the preceding odd events weaved into the story to make it more convincing. The Black Knight is likely to be debris left over from extravehicular activity (EVA). How would the Gov’t handle him? Are you sure you want to delete your account? It contains details about the types of data we collect, how we use it, and your data protection rights. Users are obliged to speak respectfully to the other participants in the discussion, readers and individuals referenced in the posts. [5], In 1954, UFO researcher Donald Keyhoe told newspapers that the United States Air Force had reported that two satellites orbiting Earth had been detected.

In a very unique setting over Earth's colorful horizon, the silhouette of the space shuttle Endeavour is featured in this photo by an Expedition 22 crew member on board the International Space Station, as the shuttle approached for its docking on Feb. 9 during the STS-130 mission. Tesla was amazing in what he actually attained in his life and he is godlike in what is claimed he has done.