they like having power over people who can't fight back, I'm a teacher at a tier 1 school and the amount of things I've heard and seen are deplorable., I feel vindicated bc my elementary school bully, who was also my best friend, is an elementary school art teacher now (AT THE SCHOOL WE WENT TO), In HS everyone said she turned nice but all I know is she was the root of a lot of my body image and self esteem issues, Omg literally.... all the mean white girls from my hs have become nurses , By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement. but she found she could make money with that act so she stuck with it.

her daughter is in kindergarten and she got a call from her teacher because her daughter didn't bring a lunch and asked her to do it. Their is nothing better than being a good role model for your daughter. They’re insane. english was my second language and this was my first day in an american school. All those sisters have legit serious issues.

English is my third language and I remember being in like the 6th grade, only about 4 years after moving to Canada and I had a male teacher who made me feel like the dumbest person on Earth for not knowing proper grammar. As I got older I actually realized my first experience with racism was when I was like 5 or 6 from one of my counselors at the day camp I used to go to. Though many of the Stauffers’ fans posted sympathetic comments on their video announcement, some have been more critical.

Kicking really hard Popa caught baby a fish Having fun in popa's pond in the back yard Its not easy bein... Daddy and kova passed out, after what seems to be an extremely hard days work. oop, I submitted this post before tonight's other Myka post was published. and this is after he spent months at a "behavioral camp" in Arizona.

i went from being an honour student to failing all my classes. My heart is shattered,” one person commented. ...this brought back memories of this one male teacher I had in middle school who I kept getting assigned to during free period despite the fact that he knew I had a phobia of animals at the time and he'd let his birds, snakes, and lizards out of their cages so kids could play with them. In addition to Huxley, the Stauffers have four other children. YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer, in the glow of camera-friendly lighting, staring into the lens. She adopted her son Huxley from China, but decided he was too much work and returned him. Myka lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband James, where the couple has posted wholesome content about parenting on their YouTube channel, The Stauffer Life,since 2014. This was the weird thing for me with nurses: I was in a medical coma for a few days in 2016 because I'd tried to kill myself, so the nurses knew me exclusively through my partner at the time and my mom before I woke up. Proud parents Myka Bellisari and Joshua Colliver.

and when my mom went to the school about it they didn't do a thing. For years, Myka’s channels had included regular posts about Huxley, the 2-and-a-half-year-old child she and her husband adopted from China, in which she shared intimate details about his autism diagnosis — often in sponsored posts. In her last adoption-series video, posted in September 2019, Myka said that Huxley had been in applied behavior analysis (ABA), and was “doing so well.” But after that, Huxley started appearing on Myka’s Instagram much less frequently. They accepted donations to help fund the adoption and gained countless… Over the past few months, fans of YouTube influencer Myka Stauffer started to suspect something was afoot with the popular mommy vlogger.

she had the class do the game where one kid says their name and the next kid has to say that kid's name and then theirs, and so on. We have been ultra busy working and making memories with lil miss bean.

she never got fired. Proud parents Myka Bellisari and Joshua Colliver. YES. There’s a lot going on here. The psych hospital I did my internship at had a pediatric unit. ( Log Out /  I watched a few of 'Crazy Middles' videos before - just because it was wild to me that anyone would be allowed to adopt that many kids, and would even be able to afford it. Does anyone follow Our Tribe of Many on Youtube? We have hard days, lots of them. The couple adopted their son from China in 2017 and documented their adoption journey on their YouTube channels.