The phenomenon of Titanic, meanwhile, transfixed the entire world for what felt like an entire year. All Rights reserved. Some things never get old.

Subscribe to Deadline Breaking News Alerts and keep your inbox happy. On last night’s The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special, Corden launched into his bit with Dion in the usual carpool fashion: He picked her up in his car, they bantered as they cruised Las Vegas, sang songs (including “Baby Shark,” which the chanteuse proved could be a very dramatic song indeed). Pressured into an essentially arranged marriage to an arrogant bore (Billy Zane … what was his character’s name again? We know, clearly enough, the layout of the ship herself, and of the way the rich party above and the poor get stuck below.

Eventually, the ship hits an iceberg and all the truth about Rose trying to run off with Jack comes out. Who, you’re supposed to wonder, is this whole thing for? All Rights Reserved.

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Why? Because Titanic, while it can be frustrating to a certain viewer, quite simply isn’t a bad movie, no matter how simple that plot synopsis above sounds to you. And my heart will go on, and on, Love can touch us one time You don’t hear references to it as often; it’s not particularly quotable. Once more you open the door For me, the story already gets off to a clunky start with a framing device placing us in the present day, as a group of deep sea explorers who are apparently fixated on one piece of jewelry recover from the wreck of the Titanic herself a drawing that depicts a young lady wearing it. An elderly woman, Rose (Gloria Stuart), comes forward to claim the picture is of her, and begins to narrate the story of her own fateful journey aboard the ocean liner whose wreck would transfix the world. Copyright: Writer(s): James Horner, Will Jennings Lyrics Terms of Use, Every night in my dreams Follow him at his blog.

This is proud melodrama, here, pretending to nothing more and nothing higher. Celine Dion’s performance promos still, still feature the soaring ballad “My Heart Will Go On,” despite it being at best the third or fourth best ’90s movie ballad. An entire subculture of Titanic obsessive—ship and movie—was already springing up by the time it came out.