morganrielly: On my way with the biggest teddy bear the toy store had . The amount of Leaf fans, prominent accounts on Leafs Twitter, media members and regular dolts who tweeted unfounded reports or fake outrage simply by going off what they were told they heard and without having a shrewd of any actual evidence was pretty sickening to watch in real time. #TessaBonhommeWho?? Thank you though! Just to offer some additional background on this hoodie and why Mo is even more of a fuckin' stud via Bardown: "Morgan Rielly is showing some love to Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird in the NHL bubble, rocking the Love is Uninterrupted hoodie that they designed for Pride Month.

And hahaha babe.

159.7k Followers, 688 Following, 113 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @morganrielly I love Y/M/N ❤️. We have a jersey with her name in it! But in this story you dated, and it ended badly. Register this device to receive push notifications. You wanna know why?

Get in the picture. Meanwhile, Arkells' frontman noted just how kind Tessa is, suggesting she run for Prime Minister.

Die-hard fans were quick to speculate that Tessa was lurking in the background, and even noted the somewhat flirty grin on Moe’s face. WilliamNylander: Congrats, guys! **, Press J to jump to the feed. #FairyGodMother ‍♀️. mitchmarner: gutty comment @austonmatthews.

#HomeStretch, ❤️ austonmatthews, morganrielly and 1,498 likes, morganrielly: watch yourself, kid. To wrap up their live stream, Tessa shared some kind words for healthcare workers and grocery store clerks. Also, you go best friend @yourbff . jakegardiner: please, @williamnylander we all know I’m going to be the god father. It all started bc someone had a theory on Reddit (or an axe to grind, or was just bored) and then it blew up from there.

He was tarred, feathered, and hanged before there was ANY analysis or investigation.

morganrielly: Get you a man that looks at you the way @williamnylander looks at @yourname and @yourbff when they cross the U of T stage . Congrats to my girls!! That and a C on a Tavares Jersey probably is a bump in Jersey sales. ❤️. , JLeivs: Mo, are you considering a new career? And what's terrible is those same people who should've learned a lesson in empathy are the same ones who still have their pitchforks out today looking for their next victim. It is open to your decision*. austonmatthews: my birthday gift. **The Toronto Maple Leafs subreddit, home to links and discussion of the Maple Leafs.

You report for a living?

williamnylander: if I can’t get the A or the C can I be your baby’s GF at least?! sydneyesaison: I’m not even pregnant and I’m jealous of your pre-baby bod .

#Sox, MitchMarner: @AustonMatthews @JLeivs agreed boys #Demoted, MollyBozak: miss you love! It’s honestly such a fucking shame this guy was the one that was caught up in the “rag it” incident. Benefits from the hoodie have gone to support the Athletes 4 Impact non-profit.". But, I want my body back . Author and beat reporter, Lance Hornby even tweeted out "TV audio caught a hot-headed Morgan Rielly with an inappropriate comment to an official when a penalty wasn't called. I’m so glad @morganrielly and I got to experience it! He was drafted by the Maple Leafs in the first round, fifth overall, of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.Before being drafted, Rielly played with the Moose Jaw Warriors of the Western Hockey League. mapleleafs: cutest doggo. *Note: for this post I worded it so you could identify as Willy’s GF OR Mo’s. And then it was completely forgotten about once Mo was cleared.

I was JUST saying this to my brother during yesterday’s games.

Tessa and Moe were joining Kerman, who has been hosting live music lessons on Arkells' Instagram account all week. Love you tonssss . williamnylander: @mitchmarner $100 says Mo lays him out at practice tomorrow morning. , ❤️ morganrielly, austonmatthews and 7,988 likes, austonmatthews: cuteness overload!

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Best way to ring in the Dirty 30. I'm really proud he's a Maple Leaf and that he reps our team with such class. That controversy, from my perspective, was always pretty stupid. “She’s too nice though sometimes, people get so captivated by what she has to say and then one thing turns into another and we’re there for 20 minutes,” Rielly laughed. , StephLachancee: um, damn mama! Hockey (these days) feels like it’s got some of the most inclusive athletes. I really appreciate his work in the LGBTQ space, marching in the Pride Parade and just being an advocate for such important issues. Hello, princess , YourBFF: OMG I CAN’T WAIT TO TELL PEOPLE! Auston Matthews teased it, Leafs fans shipped it, and now it looks like Tessa and Moe have confirmed it. Abuela loves you babies. I’m hurt! I really wanted Morgan to get the C. Stand out human being, great player and true leader. Confirmation of Canada’s favourite power couple has finally arrived and fans simply can’t even. See ya soon! Love you both!

the fact still remains that putting yourself in a position that can be interpreted as abusive to BIPOC/LGTBQIA2+ communities needs to be called out and punished appropriately because the alternative hurts vulnerable communities too much.

NBA has been a huge leader in anti-discrimination and seeing this in the NHL is heartening.

Tune in on Rogers 360 Sept. 15. lucygardiner: so soon, mama! ‍‍, ❤️ yourname, yourbff, williamnylander and 10,123 likes.

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@austonmatthews LOLOLOL, williamnylander: count your blessings, dude. yourname: I cry #InMyCalvins. Another Twitter user added: "Tessa and Morgan connecting to the Arkells live stream literally cleared my skin, watered my crops and raised my grades.

yourbff: that’s my best friend @yourname .

Born on 09.17.27), ❤️ austonmatthews, williamnylander and 10,345 likes. Bryan, Taylour and Emmah. It’s honestly hilarious to see the community try to pivot between the two opinions. ❤️ connorrielly, nazemkadri and 24,878 likes, williamnylander: I love you, baby girl!! Imagine you're his parents and you go to sleep that night thinking that many people are accusing your kid of being a homophobe simply bc they have nothing better to do. He deserves all of the success in the world! Tessa and Moe were joining Kerman, who has been hosting live music lessons on Arkells' Instagram account all week. Il évolue au poste de défenseur Biographie Carrière en club. xo @morganrielly, (I personally do not like*vid. Morgan Rielly (né le 9 mars 1994 à Vancouver, dans la province de la Colombie-Britannique au Canada) est un joueur professionnel canadien de hockey sur glace [1]. bless. She even added a shoutout to her and Morgan’s mothers. I’m sooo excited to meet you, baby boy. He was a professional inside and out of the classroom. morganrielly: “she’s so pretty, daddy! It was a shame he was caught up in the incident itself, but it was an even bigger shame how everyone else handled it too. I'm not trying to hate on the egos of Matthews or Tavares but it has to factor into the social landscape of the team and then ultimately the choice of captain. #WillyTheGodFather congrats guys!! Every so often he will be chirped. Ragging is exactly what you want to do. Like, what the fuck? yourname: yeah, leave @connormcdavid .

#OHLorBust. yourname: good! On Monday, March 23, with Rielly and Virtue in tow, he focused on the band's 2015 hit "My Heart’s Always Yours." , yourname: don’t worry, @austonmatthews… your fellow USA girls don’t know what a golden hug feels like either jkjk , yourname: @morganrielly both I think? I totally would have stopped her. #AnnualGolfClassic , ❤️ lexsolofs, williamnylander and 998 more, MorganRielly: best sportscaster I know!

yourname: @austonmatthews I’m deceased . So if you're looking for something to brighten up your day in Toronto during the COVID-19 social distancing, add obsessing over Rielly and Virtue to the list. yourname: Charlotte Ariadne Rielly. This is not about you. Gideon loves his baby sister! Btw how are my parents?? You love to see it.

But, while some of the younger TML players love gaming, Virtue suggests Rielly isn't that keen himself. Our bubs will be besties! @MorganRielly , FreddieAndersen: Nice work @MorganRielly only goal you’ve scored all year , * * *, ❤️ lucygardiner, connorrielly and 15,345 more. As a former teacher of Morgan I can confirm that he is a kind-hearted and genuine person. But babe, your mom was like “hurry, Morgan. Because people were so outraged that they spelled his named wrong. Hey you! We personally know Mo's background with LGBTQ. Watch your back tomorrow , ❤️ austonmatthews, morganrielly and 10,455 likes, morganrielly: was that medal just for looking like a rocket or fir winning the tourney?