Team up with Khoronar to use revive skill; revies with 75% HP when eliminated if Kornoar is on the same team. With the right team combination, you can unleash their full potential and crush the opponents in no time: –, Aforementioned in the above tier list overview, A tier/Tier-3 champions are average/situational – they can do well in the right situation, meaning that their abilities can help you in some battle stages: –, B Tier, Tier 4 champions are useless most of the time –. lol yes, shes a better farmer n does more CB damage with warmaster, Missing adjudicator, steel bowyer, interceptor, sikara, crimson slayer. AoE. That lack might keep him out of “S,” but he should still be at least an “A” in my book. What’s up with Steadfast Marshall? B = 4 Ratings – C, Word Bearer – Support, Magic, Ratings – C*, Duelist – Type – Attack. He can provide a variety of buffs to the allies in the battles; healing, increase in defense.

Over-all, good attacker, but in my opinion not B tier worthy, but he could be depending on how you look at it. Thanks for sharing.

Skills: – attacks one enemy, chances to gain an extra turn, decreases enemy max HP. Ratings – A, Tier 3, Magister – Type – Support. Ratings – A+, Tier 3, Basileus Roanas – Attack, Force, Ratings – B, T4, Lyssandra – Type – Support. He has skills that have denial potential, but he has low speed. Element – Magic. Do let us know in the comment section of you want to improve your heroes power exponentially also tell me which one is your best heroes among others. You have to fight One-on-one with the opponent. Let’s continue in the Raid: Shadow Legends tier list – other factions. Element – Spirit. Dragon ball legends can be played with AI or friends. AoE. Civ 6 Tier list’s fourth Tier is the C Tier.

Ratings – B, Tier 4, Adjudicator – Attack, Magic, Ratings – B, Tier 4, Elhain – Type – Attack. Zyle is crazy with extra hits, bleeding and insane high damage she will put your enemy in a lot of tough spots in Monster Legends, I can promise you that, I hope this lists help you which monster you should get after in Monster Legends. Lastly, I am way down on ziz and kronx. April 29, 2019, 1:40 pm, by Ratings – A, Tier 3, Grandmaster – Type – HP. I'm gonna disagree with Zizania on this one. not sure which is more correct, towards the top of the list or further down. If you think something is wrong in ratings, feel free to share your views on this Raid: Shadow Legends tier list 2020 (November ). He’s very annoying for the enemy to deal with, especially with the healing back up he can use wasting your enemies skills nice to get a victory at the end.

Nowhere on this page does it explain anything. First of all, the AoE is honestly pretty underrated. Dunn Ra (B) - Dunn Ra makes this category for three simple reasons. Submit Here. A+ = 7 Ratings – A ~ S, Tier 2 ~ Tier 3, Errol – Type – Attack, Element – Force, Ratings – B+, Tier 4, Abbess – Type – Attack, Element – Force, Ratings – A, Tier 3, Martyr – Type – Defense. We will polish this post soon , I don’t even understand your list. C – Bad.

BY THE WAY, THIS IS OLD. Have you thought about a weighted numeric score e.g: This guide is trash.

Reduces buff duration(enemy). Overall actually one of my favorite monster of all. Probably the most controversial discussed monster on my list is Nox.

Here’s the list of B tier Epic grade Champions in Raid Shadow Legends: –, C Tier, Tier 5 Champions are the worst and not recommended at all. You can use him as a tank for sure and when his turns come up you can be sure that he deals crazy high fire damage to all enemies. Check Out – Best mobile games. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Excellent job compiling this info! Ratings – A+, Tier 3, Heiress – Type – Attack.

Ratings – A+, Tier 3, Tayrel – Type – Defense. Ratings – C, Swordsman – Type – Attack.

You can get him through the summoning portal using the shards. Great list. Ratings – A, Tier 3, Seneschal – Type – Defense. Some Champs are good at arena but suck at clan boss. However, I will also list where that monster is good in PvP. Lord Champfort has amazing skills; debuff the enemies, increases ally HP, AoE attack, and more. Element – Void. Also, Cain has grown on me. With the best res in the game sitting at a 3 CD, team NER, PER moves and cursing potential, Wyrmlad makes the perfect candidate as a support monster. Hey thanks for compiling this. buff on allies. Keep in mind that the rankings for each monster are based on how good the monster is in Player Vs. Element – Spirit. Wheres Jareg in the lizardmen sections for epics?!?!

Ratings – A+, Tier 3, Lordly Legionary – Role – Attack. My newbie group unlocked the dragon dungeon to several levels, and all other dungeons at least to level 2 or 5, BUT the spider dungeon defeated me with everything I could muster.

Also, devs may adjust the stats in updates. This actually disables the enemy tank, leaving the people behind it vulnerable until the slow tank gets a turn.

Decrease DEF Debuff on target. here – indicative for discussion). Civ 6 C Tier List. Element – Magic. Tier List spreadsheet breakdown - SB Overlord Kartana. Debuff enemies. Bye. Tier: – B, Tier 4, Jaeger – Type – Attack. ….Oh also, I just got Lady Etessa and Madam Serris, but I don’t see them here, either. Element – Void. because of the massive damage it deals to all enemies that makes it really helpful to have. It seems there are multiple ratings for the same champ, such as A in one part and B in another. Ratings – A, Tier 3, Azure – Type – HP. She just isn't good for the meta, which lands her in D (But she's still neat because Pierce). Royal Guard – Type – Attack. Join Raid Shadow Legends Reddit, FB, Discord community for the latest updates’ info. AFK Arena Tier List: Best Heroes(November 2020), AFK Arena Codes: Redemption Codes November 2020, S (Tier #2) – Good to the best performance, A (Tier #3)  – Average/OK to Good performance, B (Tier #4) – Bad to an average performance. He has artifact as a trait, allowing him to survive for a while (Usually) until he gets a turn in. AoE, Skills: – Consecutive x3 strikes on random enemy and chances to freeze. Ratings – B, Tier 4, Myrmidon – Role – Defense. Element – Void. @Paul Thanks for the suggestions! Can this be updated with all the newest heroes? A – Very Good

Ugluk (A) - Ugluk makes A tier because of the extreme damage it can inflict on a team once it gets a turn in. You can acquire this champion from the summoning portal.

You also have the chance to make enemies bleed for 3 rounds which adds vers helpful extra damage so a sure thing for me that he’s on that list of best monsters here. by Ratings – B, Squire – Type – Defense. Element – Spirit. Mansa Musa – … Ratings – C, Elenaril – Type – Attack. Element – Force. Chances to place leech debuff on the enemy. Buff; blocks DMG on all allies. This list is not a ranked list!

Barbatos is around for quite some time but has always been one of the best ones to use and has the right to be on that best heroes list here. In chat many players admit they needed days to find out another ‘lesson’ of that game. Love the game and all the information is helping me make the best choices available.

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Element – Void. Ratings – B+, Tier 4, Elfguard – Type – Attack. Ok so I had to Google what the letter “S” means in the rankings… is a champion with the letter S higher than those with the letter “A”?

Gorg barely misses out on A tier due to the power gap, and he lands a very high B tier. HP Regen.

Thanks for reading the above guide. So these are the Barbarians faction champions. Skills – Grant extra turn, damage increases based on enemy max HP, ignores the buffs such as shield, block damage, Increases ally ATK in all the battles(aura skill). This LoL Support Tier List (best-in-role) is based on:. These are the God Tier best Legendary Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. Here’s the list of C tier Epic grade Champions in Raid Shadow Legends 2020: –, If you are looking for the best characters in Raid Shadow Legends, then this part is for you – showcasing the list of God Tier Best Champions in Raid Shadow Legends 2020: –, S-Tier Legendary characters have great abilities and do well in almost all sorts of available game modes. Thanks for making this! Debuff enemies; DEF. He wants to be an attacker, but the moves have somewhat lackluster power. Your email address will not be published. @Anonymous You can check the full rating – here. Perfect Veil buff(Self). It's a nice gimmick, but Zizania isn't able to execute it sufficiently. Again, there are more powerful monsters in Monster Legends and this list is only my personal favorites that should inspire you, nothing more , Your email address will not be published.

Still missing the Steel Bowyer – Dark Elves, Attack, Force. His skill makes enemies drop like flies dealing more than 50k damage easily and the ability to heal himself by 50% makes him so crazy overpowered that you should get and take him! Colleen (Fire Harpu) Good For: NB10, Raid (R5), Hall of Wind, Rift Beasts, ToA The damage he applies to all enemies plus Quicksand and bleeding is just insane and will wipe out your enemy really hard. Probably one of the toughest tank monsters in Monster Legends who heals himself up, gives himself shield and works a lot of with stun and freeze making him no tank to ignore for the enemy team. Element – Force. He has fire weakness moves, and many DOTS, extrmely high power moves and a move that gives him pierce. Essence relic big too. Dealing good damage and has the ability to revive an ally gives Undertaker a place on this list of best monsters here for sure.

Wyrmlad (A) - It's no question that Wyrmlad makes the top tier. Best Monsters In Monster Legends. You should update it! Ratings – C, Tier 5, Reliquary – Support, Void, Ratings – A+, Tier 3, Aristocrat – Role – Attack. Element – Spirit. Element – Spirit. Element – Magic.

Second: Gear changes a lot. Element – Force. I appreciate you! Aura: increases ATK power of ally in dungeons by 35%, Skills: attacks an enemy, removes random debuff. He might have even gotten less viable, as his niche as an attacker is being taken by mythics. BEAR THIS IN MIND BY LOOKING AT THE DATE. Ratings – C, Tier 5, Valerie – Type – Support. Ratings – S, Tier 2, Vergis – Type – Defense. Element – Force. AoE. The Boss Hoss

if you consider Lich a ‘B’ I must seriously question your list. He is super versatile and the PER before damage is great. Like all things, difficult to do and rarely appreciated – thanks.

Ratings – A+, Tier 3, Yannica – Attack, Spirit, Ratings – B, Tier 4, Ithos – Type – Attack.