I ended up just clamping the timber in my vice and using a cordless drill for this part (see picture). Doing all six dowels on one side first, then adding the other side and repeating. I knew that in having angled legs, I'd need an angled cut on the top and bottom of each leg to secure it to a horizontal baseboard. This means that the Critical Height must be as tall or taller than the monkey bars. It was a great school holiday project (meaning she got to help out) and who doesn’t love monkey bars? I knew that I wanted the legs to anchor on not at the very edge because I needed to brace these. For $20 I picked up two fairly rough cut pieces of Blackbutt timber from my local scrap yard (Urban Salvage in Spotswood which is amazing). The bolts are 6" long and are galvanized (due to contact with the pressure treated 4x4 posts), and are secured with a nut and washer. Did you make this project? Let me know. The rungs are spaced 12 inches apart. We will make sure to inspect playgrounds thoroughly and check that every apparatus is safe and up to code. At first I tried my pillar drill (ideal for more accurate cuts) but the speedbore sank into the wood far too quickly and just jammed up every time, regardless of how much I tried to control it. I cut the remaining 400mm (leftover from step 9) in half using a 45 degree cut on my mitre saw. Tepemccu Expandable Gymnastics Bars,Adjustable Height Gymnastic Horizontal Bars,Junior Training Bar Children Folding Training Monkey Bars for Kids. I marked this with a pencil. Having to work from home at the moment so there might be a few more of these on the way :) Speedbore bits are no good for sure. In my case, I was limited by the size of the joists (2x8), so these height adjustment holes are about 5 or 6 inches apart. Also, while I have two height adjustment holes on each 4x4 post, you can apply the same procedure (i.e., drilling extra oversized holes) to make additional height adjustment holes for greater versatility. Get it as soon as Tue, Sep 8. Height adjustable from 1.5m -2.4m Suitable for users up to 6ft tall 99 $109.99 $109.99. Very nicely done and a great first instructable too! This gave me two pieces that I could brace either side of the leg. Measure 12 1/2 feet from the outside edge of the postholes to where you want the other end of the monkey bars to be. FREE Shipping by Amazon. They can be OK, but only at slooooooow rotation speed. There are a few things I would do differently but this was basically my process. When I started with the flip bars I made sure I had the following equipment: 3/4” galvanized pipe, drill and titanium drill bit, paddle bits, concrete, and a 4X4. You can adjust this to whatever you like though. With some help from my daughter at the other end, I got my first leg in place onto a stool, then drilled the guiding holes (x 2) through the leg. This means that the Critical Height must be as tall or taller than the monkey bars. In hindsight, I should have gone and swapped the bit for a spade bit and used the pillar drill. $83.99 $ 83. You could put mats underneath if you only had hard floors etc.

For monkey bars or upper body equipment, the highest part of the structure to the surfacing determines the Fall Height. The front end of the monkey bars can be at a high height, while the back end of the monkey bars can be at a low height - and vice versa. These adjustable monkey bars are easy to make, and are a lot of fun for the whole family! First Prize in the Outdoor Fitness Challenge. Each 4x4 post has an additional hole for height adjustment. This helped a little bit, but special monkey bar gloves were the best solution for us. I'm thinking about adding another piece and creating a modular ninja warrior course for them! The height and slope of these monkey bars are adjustable. I cut 4 x my remaining pine lengths down to 1600mm on my mitre saw knowing that was roughly the height I wanted, reserving the 1000mmm offcuts. Note: this is my first attempt at writing an Instructable so apologies for any lack of clarity in the instructions. The assembled monkey bars is quite light and relatively easy to move and mount. This was a bit trial and error as I was sort of making it up as I went.

This would allow more gap between the starting position and the first rung. This proved unnecessary because when I used the mallet to knock the dowels into place, they ended up snug and secure (though I may need to do so depending on how it wears).

The process was simple but the flex was all but eliminated by this. Thanks for the tip about speedbore bits! $99.99 $ 99. You've included plenty of photos, written steps, and details to cover the whole process. Thank you for sharing your work :-)(As an aside, the "speedbore" can be a bit easier to use if you either move the drive-belt on your pillar drill to the slowest possible speed, or else use a brace-and-bit to drive it. Monkey bars that are part of composite equipment must be six-feet away from other stand-alone equipment. To hang the monkey bars from the treehouse deck, I used four 4x4 posts. I would consider moving the legs back a little bit towards the edge of the frame. I have two daughters and wanted the younger one to be able to use it as well so I needed to put a couple of steps in so the little one could reach.

This worked really well.

Share it with us! I worked my way through all six dowels, testing them in the pre-drilled holes as I went to make sure I ended up with a snug fit so the monkey bars wouldn't rotate in the wood. Since I had plenty of room at the far end of the Adjustable Monkey Bars, I hung rings next to the monkey bars for an additional challenge.