You can seldom do anything about it but to succumb helplessly. In cases where they do have people to supervise them, they have the ability to bowl their supervisors over with their sheer brilliance and out-of-the-box thinking. A mole located on your upper cheek near the outer edge of the eye denotes romanticism and a problematic love life. This mole which is usually well hidden in the eyebrows suggests an enshrouded talent, an artistic bent of mind and a massive capacity to harness success and glory with back-breaking hard work and persistence. Gender does make a difference. There have been various theories about the same. A mole that's protruding, smooth, as well as dark and pure in color is considered good. Keep this in check as ultimately this is what will come back and bite you. Some people have moles with thick and black hair which look quite unsightly. What do the hairy moles imply in Chinese face reading? Moles are something we all have. It also denotes wisdom and individual behaviorism.

A mole at the bridge of the nose suggests the individual will constantly face problems in health, marriage, and wealth. Otherwise, pursue a position of authority with zest.

Beats me why he had to go ahead and get it removed! Their meaning would also depend upon the size and shape of the mole. According to The Chinese Art of Face Reading: Book of Moles, if you want to know about a person's reputation, nobleness, wealth, blessings, and longevity, look at their forehead, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, and chin. That is the only thing that can help you with the predicament that comes along with the Crying Mole. If you're a believer in mole reading, you may be concerned.

Literally. You talk like a maverick, and your success gives you a deep-seated satisfaction. In spite of the temper issues, these people are charming and a lot of fun when they are allowed to exercise their free will and are not bombarded with opinions. Men with this mole are likely to travel overseas very frequently and earn handsomely through these trips. Is it good to have a mole with hair in mole reading? The Ill Health Mole is right where the health palace is situated and thus, it usually has a profoundly negative effect on a person’s wellness. Many are hardly aware about the meaning of moles on the face. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. In Chinese face reading, moles are usually considered auspicious.

But did you know that there are meanings behind every mole on the face along with different speculations associated with it. It might just result in a disaster otherwise. You are a lucky guy with a taste for the good things in life.

This luck worsens if the mole is a deep shade of black. Pay heed to this weakness before it ruins your life and you become prone to food-related allergies. A mole in the center of the chin suggests the person will enjoy a stable life. The origins of moles and beauty spots: Ancient past. Firstly, it is called a Husband Mole wherein it is believed that a woman having this mole has an unpleasant married life, fraught with tensions. Sports – that is what you should pursue because not only are you passionate about it, you have a natural flair for it as well. We hope you enjoy this website. A mole above the eyebrows generally indicates two things – wealth and traveling. A peaceful and happy life is basically what you shall have throughout.

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