I'm currently designing this costume for my husband. To complete the look, I made a thick belt from the black fabric that wraps around the waist and clasps on the back (you can see this on the second picture). Thanks for your help!

I then used one hand to apply the paste to each paper strip and squeezed out excess paste before applying it to the horn armature. Ram poisoned … Look at picture 1 for the sections. I kept adding newspaper & tape until achieving a relatively smooth long cone.

Not glamorous nightclub Willie Scott of course; Bath-robed, bug-covered Willie Scott. When you can’t find the costume you want at the shop, it’s time to make your own. The rest of the cape wrapped around my body and around my waist.

I was able to remove this by rolling extra bag material under the knot I just made. Microsoft MakeCode — micro:bit version 2 Announced! This is my arm hole. With the outfit, I would wear sandals. I recommend making a few more teeth than what you think you'll need.

He was also highly devoted to the villainous Thuggee cult that he leads, and wishes to make them, and himself, all-powerful. Human heart(fake) One thing to keep in mind is that the jaws have a slight curvature and frame the sides of the face towards the mouth. use the heavy duty glue to glue the wig down the the helmet.

By starting red halfway, you can achieve this effect while having the part on the forearm become red on one side/black on the other.) The bone necklace is also something that he wore. for that price, I can make it myself. With that done, Javier made the horns: 1) I used 2 wire hangers and stretched them out pulling from the hanger hook and middle of the bottom of the wire hanger.

The headdress for Mola Ram, the Thuggee high Priest, was an interesting challenge. As with the structure of the skull headdress, I added enough features to achieve a similar look to that from the original movie.

At this point, I recommend you take the helmet on and off a few times to ensure that you can put it on and off easily before adding the plaster strips to the jaws. http://adafru.it/discord. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Having worked with long hair extensions in the past, I know they can add a bit of weight. I unwrapped the hair extension, folded it in half and then sewed along the folded seam. It may take practice. I did not want to wrap the wire with the plaster strips, so I made sure that the strips only covered the poster board jaw cut-out. It may take some trial & error to achieve this. Participated in the Halloween Contest 2017. 4) I bent the long cone to match the shape of the horns (I recommend looking at pictures from the movie for reference). Do the plaster and clay make it heavy? Once happy with the shape, I traced this on another piece of poster board and cut it to create two identical jaw outlines. I'll be sure to post pictures of the complete costume.

The bending of the wire hanger armature created creases in some areas of the cone. Using ivory paint as the base coat, I mixed shades of brown to highlight certain areas (and dark brown/black for the eye sockets). Thanks for sharing! I worked in layers to add color and shading to the headpiece.

When it dries, give it a feel to see if you think it is sturdy enough. Share it with us! AT ANY POINT, GO TO STEP 5 TO VIEW ALL IMAGES OF THE HELMET FOR REFERENCE! The heart is great since that is what Mola Ram is know for, ripping hearts out. And so, I decided to pursue this latter point in 2010, the year I made my first costume as an adult (ended up being a faun - a costume that was very well received).

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I recall as a child watching Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom and feeling both scared and thrilled at the same time. After placing each strip on my head, I pressed on it to ensure it was tight and flush against the bag that covered my hair. Everyone is different so the length will need to be adjusted, but the width should be between 1' and 2'. 3 years ago. You can just add clumps of newspaper and tape it to the horn if certain areas look like they need more beefing up. When you can’t find the costume you want at the shop, it’s time to make your own. I cut part of each horn and positioned it on the back of the helmet, ensuring that the horns were approximate mirror images of each other.