The band that first popularized industrial rock, with heavy metal dynamics and a leather-clad biker look alongside the usual samples and synths. For the first, Elledge shot a model from Chicago's Art Institute, who was wearing angel wings crafted by the artist's wife at the time. I will continue to recommend this band to new people just starting to listen to industrial. “It’s beautiful, it’s grandiose, it just has this beautiful look to it,” enthused Charlie, who added that Alex Ross was “probably one of the greatest artists living.” A striking use of colour and scale, the image proved divisive among fans, the more irony-challenged of whom were concerned by its “megalomaniac aspect”. Visit our corporate site.

Filth Pig marked a major shift artistically for the band from the previous album. Listen to how heavy Stigmata is – that’s not even a real guitar, it’s a sample! Sign up to get the latest from Revolver, straight to your inbox. If you liked what he did up until year X, then be thankful for how it enhanced your life and move on to other things. Heavily inspired by SOD’s Speak English Or Die and Rigor Mortis, this record is a relentless, riotous nightmare with several curveballs; Cannibal Song has Al channelling Skinny Puppy and The Police’s more experimental moments; Test hears rapper K. Lite proclaiming “This is a test!” over one riff, taking Anthrax and Public Enemy’s rap/metal dabblings even further; Dream Song is full-on, Skinny Puppy-style industrial, egged on by Puppy’s Nivek Ogre’s time with Al. Billed as Ministry’s final act, The Last Sucker would have served as a worthy final chapter; it closed the page on bassist Paul Raven’s efforts with the band, who died shortly after the record’s release. Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album 1989 was a departure for the singer, so it only makes sense that the cover broke with tradition as well. Still doesn’t make With Sympathy any better, mind. Inspiration from ‘60s rockers 13th Floor Elevators led to the cruel, static-laden vocal performance we’re treated to from Al; this record is a masterclass in innovation and, above all, it defined the genre of industrial metal. I think a whole ton of music is total shit - and I have become disinterested in artists I was once in love with, but somehow I feel zero desire to go on a public forum where fans of said music may gather, and proclaim it to a bunch of strangers, never mind call for an artist to stop being an artist. ", The final cover image is a triple exposure—three images on one piece of film. They all wanted Psalm 70, and I gave them an electronic-free record full of gun-in-mouth dirges of nothing but pain. Guess its cool to publicly trash those you once looked up to because he did what?

Much like Dark Side Of The Spoon, Filth Pig remains a stark, difficult record to listen to, even in 2016, but it’s one hell of a ride – even the cover of Bob Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay seamlessly slots into the album, unlike later covers the band recorded.