Geller's result (right) was produced in isolation from the target illustration. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Intelligence community. So that is my advice to you. Depending on what you were involved in there are countless alphabet agencies that will hire you after you get out to work all over the country. No approval or congressional oversight State … 2.Which MOSs allow for most time “outside the wire”? Add to that the fact that Afghanistan in and of itself is trying to kill you every chance it gets. Thanks! My recruiter told me how I was going to be James Bond and fuck bad bitches. And if you really want to get a clearance make it easy on yourself and already have a list ready of your friends and their addresses and known addresses from at least ten years prior to getting the clearance. I was generally pretty safe physically during my time there with a few exceptions but nothing that left me debilitated or maimed. Because unless you're at a super chill strategic MI unit, you will not necessarily be surrounded by the "MI professionals" that you hold in such high esteem. I don't really have the knowledge to help you on this but I'm interested in this field as well. Yes, the military would help to a degree but in order to be a case officer, which is what I did, you really can't prepare for it ahead of time. From my experience the Army is big on customs and courtesies and the stereotypical military image, where us AF guys tend to be on a first name basis with most people under the SNCO tier. My final assignment was with a top secret task force operating amidst the Syrian Civil War. His answers are often sprinkled with humor and compassion that you don't feel from any military mouthpiece. And while tactical Intel in garrison is pretty boring, when deployed is the most rewarding job cause if you're good everyone wants your opinion. Do not fall for the high-speed propaganda they put in those recruitment videos. These two jobs are the only ones I saw going outside the wire regularly. Known as Stargate, the program launched in 1978 and lasted for two decades, exploring reports of so-called psychic phenomena that originated behind the Iron Curtain and around the world, and conducting experiments testing "mind control" techniques. As such, I am fluent in Farsi (and by extension, Dari). He's asking a legit question, stop shooting him down. Former 35D (Army All Source Into Officer) here. Like I said, most of intel is paperwork (or if you get into IMINT/GEOINT, looking at pics and video) but you can scratch that itch if you do good work for your unit and pick up those Gucci taskings. Will our solar system survive the death of our sun?

Officers are more for big picture planing and supervision than nitty gritty in intel. Unfortunately, the intelligence community vacancy announcements often look like greek to those that haven't been inside to know what the language means.

Source: Inside Palantir, Silicon Valley’s Most Secretive Unicorn. © I do not have a degree (stupid, stupid, stupid) and I went in out of HS with no real work experience. Almost all of the MOSs and AFSCs regarding intelligence will be 99%-99.9% desk work. We read every letter, fax, or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate. I just don't think I have the personality for the military, and at age 28 I don't think the military is an option anymore. {{ article.headline | getDecodedUnicode }} Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The 10 Most Outrageous Military Experiments, William A. Tiller Institute for Psychoenergetic Science, Hubble telescope spots a 'Greater Pumpkin' in space for Halloween. Opportunities for qualified applicants are available in the U.S. and abroad. 6.What is the culture in the military like? Lastly, there is one final path that is much more narrow. You will be following a set program. The documents include accounts of spiritual healers in Russia and Mexico, "firewalkers" in Greece, assorted tales of poltergeists and hauntings, and experiments testing metal bending through mind control. Based on the information about me that I’ve given you, which branch and MOS would you recommend? Agencies of interest: CIA, FSB, KGB, Stasi, Mossad, NSA, NRO, FBI, GCHQ, ASIS, Military … The Deep State news blog provides readers worldwide with the best in reporting, analysis, conversation, fact-checking and online education about secret intelligence agencies. Which MOSs allow for most time “outside the wire”? Thanks for the advice!

If you are doing business analysis at company hq, you get to spend time around the people that can pull the strings to get your clearance investigation started. But like you said, if you get the right opportunities there is definitely a chance to get out there and do some ground pounding. I was 24 when I went to BCT and was 26 when I graduated from DLI. Sleep tight America. The complex life of a CIA officer is unveiled in this fascinating AMA on Reddit, which reveals an existence that is both terrifying and amusing, … If you want to join the Navy as an Intelligence Office let me know. Once my contract is up, what would my options be? Is the path I take up to me, or am I following a set program? Because they are understaffed and hold high clearances, they tend to stay at the strategic levels. One thing about the military is there is not a whole lot, if any, choice in where you go and when. Join the Air Force. Thank you for reading this long post. linguists that speak Farsi will have no problem working outside the wire, if thats what you want. What I mean by this is so I sign my contract, get shipped off to basic, then begin AIT, then DLI, then what? It doesn't necessarily have to be one of the three I mentioned above. Hello, first, let me give you a quick rundown of my background and experience, I just got out of the Air Force this past fall after doing 8 years in the intelligence field. Could Russian Hackers Turn Out the Lights on Behalf of Trump?

We've pulled our favorite exchanges from this AMA, which is filled with enough acronyms to make your head spin. Please use our Job Fit Tool to discover where your skills and work experiences fit within the career opportunities at CIA. Geller first mused about seeing "drops of water," then described "purple circles." After seeing mostly saggy old ladies on the beaches of Monterey and getting a world of warcraft account I quickly realized that my new home was at a desk, and real intel was paperwork and powerpoints. I'm not sure how much that would help, but I'd like to develop my skills since I don't really have anything beyond a bachelor's degree. I have an intrinsic obsession with all things political and historical in the Middle East. In one notable example, the word "bunch" was selected at random, and the control subject drew a bunch of grapes. That way everyone is starting on a level playing field.

It doesn't necessarily have to be one of the three I mentioned above. I don't know too much about the Army, but from my understanding the initial process is pretty much the same across the board.