In other situations where formal speeches in Māori are made that are not on a marae or in the wharenui (meeting house) the term mihi whakatau is used for a speech, or speeches, of welcome in Māori. Synonyms: Online activities of the Te Whanake textbooks for playback on computers, television or portable devices.

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Pronounce the local names in Te Reo correctly. CONTENTS Topic Page How to use this resource 4 Karakia 5 Mihimihi and introducing yourself 7 & 8 Nga kupu 9 Greetings Farewells Praises 10 Cautions Instructions 11 It's all about me and where I fit into my family. (verb) The basic format for whaikōrero is: tauparapara (a type of karakia); mihi ki te whare tupuna (acknowledgement of the ancestral house); mihi ki a Papatūānuku (acknowledgement of Mother Earth); mihi ki te hunga mate (acknowledgement of the dead); mihi ki te hunga ora (acknowledgement of the living); te take o te hui (purpose of the meeting). See more ideas about Te reo maori resources, Maori words, Māori culture.

Wherever possible, Te Reo Hāpai combines the lived experience of tāngata whai ora and tāngata whaikaha with clinician and practitioner input. / Afterwards the woman who owned the house went down to the kitchen and thanked the cook for the somewhat superior food he was cooking. 1.

So Tuai grieved for his children and his wife. Near the end of the speech a traditional waiata is usually sung.

1. (noun) speech of greeting, official welcome speech - speech acknowledging those present at a gathering. stream Te Aka Māori-English, English-Māori Dictionary and Index by John C Moorfield.

“Ngā mihi whanau! Use this method and replace the dates and months accordingly. / The Judges set about vigorously discussing the oral evidence submitted to the Court in the two cases. Recall our mini from memory. endstream Your mihi tells the story of the place and the people you beloing to. 8 0 obj endobj The printer is out of paper. Mrs. ...ā i runga anō hoki a Tā Wiremu Mātenga rāua ko Mihi Mātenga (TW 17/8/1878:8/412). <>

stream Click on this link to visit the talking map. The following is the common way of writing dates in te reo Māori: 2 July, 2018: Te 2 o Hōngongoi, 2018. Nō te 10 o Hepetema, 1878, i mārenatia ai a Mihi Rata ki a Te Kehipata... (TW 14/9/1878:6/458). <> to help give you the best experience we can. 14 0 obj endobj Mauri Ora!”, This little one cut 'Mihi/Pepeha' booklet is a great scaffold to support your students with learning their mihi!

(verb) (-tia) ���� JFIF �� C speech of greeting, acknowledgement, tribute. Synonyms: tūtohunga. He persisted in carrying them off. x���Mo�@��H��9B;��E�1N��µ]���\Jr���RO��]0V!15���33̾� 7 0 obj Kua pau te pepa i te … 13 0 obj With the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android app you can use the dictionary anywhere without the need to be online.


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<> <> This dictionary comprises a selection of modern and everyday language that will be extremely useful for learners of the Māori language.

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Kua te pakaru taku rorohiko.

1. he mihi. / Turi would not listen.