We as American Citizens have concerns with corruption and abuses in our government, local, state and national, but we do not want the basic structure of government to fail. TYRANNY, of corruption from elected and appointed officials will not only oppress the general citizenry, but also oppress and mistreat public employees, as well.

TERRORISM, is an unfortunate reality of the world today. Followers 7. However, when unexpected situations occur that put an overwhelming strain on these public services and personnel, tax dollars alone cannot always resolve the immediate matter at hand. As members of the public in general, we expect services rendered for the tax dollars we pay, and so do you. We Are The Un-Willing,Led By The Un-Qualified,To Do The Un-NecessaryFor the Un-Grateful– John Corry, a Vietnam Veteran.


Pamphlets & Handouts; Events. With the established 12 Field Training Exercises (FTX’s) each year, and 6 of them being special training exercises, the availability to participate, train, interact, and get to know your fellow volunteer citizens requires only you. We should all enjoy the best of times today, but always prepare for the worst of times, as well.

Michigan Militia. We go to work everyday to earn money to maintain or improve our standard of living, and so do you. In such cases, prepared citizens can assist you with some of the less critical aspects of dealing with this, such as traffic control, crowd control, observing and reporting, rolling out fire hoses, communication and other areas of support. No,.. We as taxpayers, citizens and residents of the communities in which we live, expect a level of professional and responsible service from our elected public officials who oversee and manage our local, state and national government. Right-wing Michigan militia members, arrested last week for a plot against that state's governor, also considered targetting Virginia Governor Ralph Northam because of his tough coronavirus measures. You need to ask yourself “what can you contribute in knowledge and skills”, that can not be done in solitude alone, but in the company of those who will be standing by your side in that time of greatest need. We are a public militia with annual elections for the position of Unit Coordinator, WE ARE NOT MILITARY, nor do we pretend to be.

Pamphlets & Handouts; Events. INVASION, of a Community by gangs, rioters, or unlawful mobs will put an overwhelming strain on every public safety department.

Many times our children and grandchildren attend and participate in our Junior Militia Corps where they learn outdoor skills and safety. 26th Anniversary Picnic; About Us; Contact Us; Sign Up; Welcome to The Michigan Militia. CRIME, repeatedly occurs when people fail to become involved, or when they refuse to report what the know, or when they fail to take steps necessary to defend their lives, their homes, or their property.

Trask said the Michigan men had met online with people of similar leanings from several other states, discussing taking action against government officials. "These threats, this rhetoric, is not coming from another country, it's coming from Washington. An FBI agent testified Tuesday that the heavily armed right-wing militia that plotted to kidnap Michigan's governor also discussed similar action against Virginia's governor. 2 replies; 1,687 views; AdamPeisker; January 28, 2018; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 .

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The man considered the father of the modern-day militia in Michigan told News 8 he denounces the plot to kidnap Gov. Here’s a quote that explains what many know. The choice of the level of commitment is yours, and yours alone. 50% of our members are veterans, 50% of those have combat experience, but in the end, all we are is private citizens – nothing more, nothing less. We understand that pursuing further skills and acquiring additional equipment, one’s ability to fight and survive most any situation will be greatly enhanced. Public Safety Departments are frequently under-funded or under-staffed. The Michigan Home Guard issued a statement over the weekend condemning the alleged terrorist plot.

October 7, 2020 … According to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, some of the men charged in the plot were members of a group called Wolverine Watchmen. These things I need not discuss further, because just by being here, you already know. The citizenry should never have to fear you, and you should never be afraid of the citizenry, because when hard time arrive, we will need each other. To be able to attend all these FTX’s would be to your advantage, but family, work and life in general rarely complies.

However, this is not always the case. A prepared public can assist by not being a burden. Wolverine Watchmen Incident.

Here’s a quote that explains what many know.

Gretchen Whitmer but understands what motivated it. The crisis is upon us again and the goal is the same, the destruction of Liberty and replacing it with a soft tyranny.

A prepared citizenry can also help by assisting neighbors with food, water or shelter, and by helping to maintain security and order.

The arena of government has “changed” over time and has turned a deaf ear to the “individual” citizens concerns and has elevated the “collective” special interest groups above them. Private property rules over-ride state law in regards to firearm possession. Plus, it will be a big morale boost to know that the community is actively on your side. By providing basic first aid, or helping to transport injured to area hospitals and clinics. When language is used such as 'liberate Virginia,' people find meaning in those words and these things happen," he said. Simply calling the local police when we are aware of crime or suspicious activity can be a big help. After infiltrating two separate groups with similar aims, FBI agents and Michigan police moved in to foil the plot last week as the 13 men sought to pool their efforts, arms and gear. IT IS TIMES LIKE THESE THAT THE PUBLIC HAS LET YOU DOWN and you require their assistance.

Disasters, Crime, Invasion, Terrorism, Tyranny. We also expect these elected officials to provide support, both material and legal, to these personnel and departments within budgetary restraints. Monthly SMVM Public Meeting. Its true power is when people focus is on it and live in fear, instead of conducting our daily lives. In Virginia Northam fingered Trump for instigating such sentiments. We are the unorganized militia under 10 USC section 311 – Militia; composition and classes. Whitmer and Virginia's Governor Ralph Northam are both Democrats who have come under repeated political fire from President Donald Trump for their pandemic control efforts and other policies. “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands in NOW deserves the love and thanks of man and woman” – Thomas Paine’s “The Crisis“. No,.. We are the unorganized militia under 10 USC section 311 – Militia; composition and classes. within budget, hire responsible, qualified and professional for all areas of Public Services. The content you requested does not exist or is not available anymore.

Qualify as a level 1 & 2 Rifleman – the absolute minimum level of preparedness necessary to be an active line member as well as vote in SMVM activities. As a volunteer, individuals, may come and go as they please, and to pressure an individual to commit would be no better than the tyrant’s pressure to submit,… That has been the history of this world except for the last 237 years. We are more open and accepting than you may imagine, as Voltaire said, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” “To protect the right of the INDIVIDUAL to live free and for themselves” has always been the basis of our Constitution and national spirit.