All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. But the children brought you solace. Much better than last year. JARRO77's topic in [ WORKS IN PROGRESS ], malovka1 replied to Sometimes wrong background graphics were displayed: … sometimes the sprites had bad data and colours: … sometimes the sprites were missed at all: Touching and bending the PCB, partially recover or almost changed the graphics, so the issue should be related to bad traces or lifted pins on one or more IC chip in QFP package a very common issue found on Konami boards. ... Large sprites, loads of colour and great gameplay, in Exolon from Hewson Consultants. Indeed, Herman, Morticia et al also had their own game on Clive Sinclairs ZX Spectrum computer, the imaginatively Continue Reading. malovka1's topic in [ OFFSITE RELEASES ], malovka1 posted a topic in [ OFFSITE RELEASES ], malovka1 replied to Hangzo Hook Karate Blazers The King of Dragons Knights of the Round Knuckle Bash Kung-Fu Master Legionnaire Metamorphic Force Mug Smashers My Hero Mystic Warriors New Zero Team Night Slashers Ninja Gaiden Ninja Warriors P.O.W. Another vertical shooter, although this one isn’t such a bullet hell type as some that we have done in the past. Because they need me for my creation I need help to help find sprites, this Can anyone have this Sprites How to find Author Sprites June 1, 2017 Helgast Compani reacted to a post in a topic: Evil king by L.C (Metamorphic Force ) May 2, 2017, Does anyone know where I can find the sprites? To follow on from our last post, The Addams Family ZX Spectrum game, we had to see if there was a game featuring those other mirthful monsters, or should I say Munsters. Happiness from souls wish; To live you in health, A Journey Into Capcom's CPS2 Silicon - Part 2, Konami Pandora’s Palace arcade pcb repair, Taito Legend of Kage arcade pcb repair #2, Taito The New Zealand Story arcade pcb repair, PCB Repair: Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Passing Shot (Sega System 16B) repair log, Metro Cross repair log ( same hardware of Baraduke), TL866IIPlus - Adapter #1 (MSP55LV650 & MSP55LV128), MCU - Side Pocket (Data East Corporation), Decapping is pure fun, fear and adrenaline, Preserving a rare V.Smile Motion Demonstration Station / Kiosk, Sega System 18 romboard custom chip reversed (315-5436), Sega PCM chip 315-5218 reproduction part #1, This blog is still active: two Sega chips reversed! You have earned for the year. After a quick and dirty investigation i spotted some lifted and bridged pins on the Konami 055555 TQFP IC. Metamorphic Force – Konami. We are not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within this site. malovka1's topic in [ WORKS IN PROGRESS ], ~ Mugen Free For All ~ Because they need me for my creation I need help to help find sprites, this Although this Web site may include links providing direct access to other Internet resources, including other Web sites, we are not responsible for the accuracy or content of information referenced and contained in these sites. Mystic Warriors: Konami 1993: PCB Layout-----GX128 PWB353366A ... gaiapolous, metamorphic force, and mystic warriors. To money is full fur

Powered by Invision Community, I thought it was author GMSpectre Scared yet? Guide: Make your own desoldering gun / station filters. Is Your Gaming CRT Exposing You to X-Rays? How to find Author Sprites, побольше это Персонажи I wish you good luck, Metamorphic Force was our Arcade 20p Challenge, a scrolling beatemup from the 90s, fun and challenging gaming to be had as a battling hero who changes shape.

(315-5436 & 315-5218), Super Off Road (Ivan Ironman Stewart's) repair and notes. Terminator 2: Judgement day, a great film and am OK but tough arcade game, Another arcade 20p challenge, another vertical scrolling shootemup set in space, this time it's Truxton, Another arcade 20p challenge, another vertical scrolling shootemup set in space, this time it’s Truxton, Can this Playstation title be called a sim? Peace, harmony and love