Mesh material has become the most common upholstery on office chairs within the last decade for its breathability and economic viability. This top-tier chair allows you to adjust everything, including more esoteric things, like the tension of eight zones of the fabric (including the important lumbar support) and the tilt and angle of the armrests.

Can anyone recommend a chair that doesn't cost $1000?

Breathable Mesh Upholstery. Finally, the chair has a fantastic weight capacity of 300 pounds. Its arms aren't adjustable, but it is available in a variety of colors.

better ventilation on mesh for sure, I wouldn't say it would be a deal breaker for me either way though, if its hot, its gonna be hot no matter the seat, but the bonus being with mesh is that your sweat is unlikely to soak into the cushion and stain it. I tested the Furmax against the BestOffice chair, another top-ranked mesh-back chair with lumbar support on Amazon. Sure, you could spend upward of a grand on a Herman Miller Aeron, but unless you're planning to work from home permanently, you don't need to go all out on an office chair. There is also a bit of a feeling difference, mesh gives more of a floating experience, whereas the foam is more of a … The AirGrid also has a mesh fabric back, which makes for better ventilation on hot days. I prefer it to the Aeron I have at work for example, and it's quite comfortable for all-day sitting. **Reminder:** Please use the search function before making a request.

I remember getting mine for much less. You can't adjust a lot about this large chair, except the height and tilt tension, but you aren't likely to take a backward pratfall if you lie back, as the seat is designed to tilt back 30 degrees and lock into place.

It should also wick moisture so you don't get sweaty on warm days. You can also try to find a better chair used, like a Steelcase Leap or Gesture, or Herman Miller Mirra. I am looking to spend up to $500 but possibly more depending on the deal. After price, there are two main criteria for choosing an office chair: comfort and adjustability. It costs around $60 and has a mesh back with lumbar support, so you'll remain cool while your backbone remains supported.

Reason I need to replace it is because the arm totally just broke off. Something more affordable in the $200-300 range It's also about health. I went to my local office furniture store before I bought it and tried out a couple dozen chairs, if you can do that you might find something you really like. I like armrests, but not everyone does. There is no back and no armrests; it's just a simple seat that can tilt and rotate as you use it. Aeron. It is only … Additionally, the lumbar support is rather small, and you can't move it. That means you can lie back, put your feet up and relax in comfort as your minions scurry around you — or your kids run around you, depending on whom you share your home office with. I work from home, so I spend a good 8-12 hours a day in this chair. Colors: black, blue, gray | Material: Fabric | Seat width: 16.1 inches | Weight Limit: 265 pounds. However, the design of this chair encourages you to move your upper body more often and lean forward, so that may not be a big issue for most people. The seat and half back of the Hon Volt Task Stool is covered with leather, although a fabric version is available.