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All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Mega Man’s special weapons do not get recharged between stages, so it helps to know what each boss is weak against in order to conserve the appropriate weapon’s energy for the coming battle.

So I've been playing Mega Man 4 on the legacy collection and I reached at the final boss.

Instead, slide under it and you’ll avoid being hit. From time to time, Mothraya will use the sharp spike on it’s break to destroy a layer of the floor. Congratulations, you have the boss locked into a very predictable and easy to manage pattern! Weaknesses: Rain Flush (best), Mega Buster, Skull Barrier (good for defense). Jump between the gap in the beams to dodge them. A little gun on wheels that could raise up to shoot Mega Man in the face. Since you can’t evade this move, you’ll have to prevent it by hitting Toad Man with a charged shot or Drill Bomb. Mega Man 10. Search this site. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a2a16e3e0cf5b509d8ad0c710972a235" );document.getElementById("ed7dea0fb5").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); RetroMaggedon.com is not affiliated with any of the companies, entities, institutions, or organizations which are referred to on this website.

Finally, Skull Man will sometimes use his shield (Skull Barrier) which is the least dangerous of his attacks, since he gestures before using it and you can take the opportunity to jump over him. When advancing through the last Final Weapon stage, you will have to fight all of the eight bosses again. About five solid hits will destroy the capsule and end the game. Need help with the Final Boss for Mega Man 4. A recommended order in which to fight these bosses is also provided. Just wait for the shield to dissipate then unload on him, since he will remain stationary while the shield is active. Fortunately this boss is not as disgusting as the name implies, but this fight can end quickly thanks to the spike lined floor. The good news is you can run or slide under Wiley’s ship to avoid being hit and catch a breather for as long as you like. This seal robot was likely intended for Dive Man's stage, but it never shows up.

If he flies down into the water, he will fire out stingrays and will begin to suck X in towards him.

Sigma's second form will look similar to his forms in previous MMX games. Mega Man 5. Mega Man.

There are two small platforms on the left and right side of the Square Machine that hover up and down. ")Developer: This game has unused graphics.

Mega Man & Bass. The copyright was (once again) moved to the beginning of the game's boot up. Dash under them to dodge the balls. You can also dodge his shot by jumping towards the block just before it explodes, but this requires more space and timing. Normally you should be able to get two hits in on this boss while it’s together.

This move renders Dust Man invincible and it will slowly draw Mega Man towards him. Even better, tapping the B button rapidly will ensure that the Bright Stopper will be reactivated the second it wears off. Mega Man 8. Mega Man 8. The final boss theme from Megaman 4. This boss order is not necessarily the optimal sequence for attempting these stages, but it is based off of my personal experiences and is effective. Just run from one side of the room to the other to force the Doctor to chase you and expose himself to attacks. 3. If he charges up a purple beam, he will dash across the screen twice with it extended. This game has unused enemies. Also provides some tips and a recommended order.

You’ll see two moving platforms on the left hand side of the screen….ignore them. The bombs can hit you while you are on the ledge, so hop down and run around to avoid them. When you see leaves falling down from the top, he will appear where they are falling. He'll then create a mirror clone of himself and they'll perform several attacks while the clone is active. The charged Mega Buster and the Skull Barrier also work reasonably well against Bright Man. If you use Drill Bombs, jump up, fire, and push the B button again to make the bomb explode just before it hits Wiley, which is the easiest and most effective way to damage him. The boss’s fire balls will pass harmlessly over your head and you can easily jump up and hit the orb on Tako Trash’s head with the Ring Boomerang after he fires about three or four fireballs. This is a laughably easy fight. Be sure to fire your charged shot after evading his attack. Generally I recommend going through the room counter clockwise, starting with Drill Man and ending with Pharaoh Man. It’s generally a good idea to slide back under Wiley after attacking, since his plasma shots come fast and you’ll have to do a lot of jumping and sliding to stay alive. Dash under him and stay in the corner behind him to dodge it.

Good positioning and timing will allow you to jump over Skull, which is your best bet if you want to fight strategically and avoid getting hit. Dr. Wily and Dr. Cossack have unused pointing sprites intended for dialogue usage. A part-time hobby soon blossomed into a career when he discovered he really loved writing about movies, TV and video games – he even (arguably) had a little bit of talent for it.

Dust Man is probably the first boss you’ll want to tackle since his stage is easy, his weapon is useful, and he takes a fair amount of damage from the Mega Buster. Pharaoh Man’s moveset is fairly simple: he’ll move from one side of the room to the next, jumping over the uneven floor in the process. He will also sometimes fire out large ice spikes that will fly down from above and land in the ground. After shooting four or five bombs (the number seems to vary a bit) Drill will probably burrow under ground again. Be careful not to stand directly under him, because he will try to grab you with the pincers on the bottom of his machine. After jumping or walking a few paces, he’ll start firing off drill bombs. His attacks will involve him breathing fire across the screen which will be difficult to dodge, he will also create a small fire ball that will fly up and then down at X. CapcomPublishers: Capcom (JP/US), Skull Man is one tough cookie and picking up the two E-Tanks in this stage will help. Take your time, charge up the Pharaoh Shot and evade Wiley’s attacks patiently until victory is yours.

This boss sits on an elevated portion of the floor for the duration of the battle. Bright Man’s Bright Stopper is by his most dangerous move, since you cannot move or attack while it’s active and the boss will either shoot or ram into you. Robot Masters. He will fly out of the screen often and then reappear to perform an attack. A few hits will exterminate the first Cockroach, but the fight isn’t over yet.

The order of attacks will be as follows. Either way, be sure to charge up your Mega Buster right after you fire and try to stay close to him as you’ll often only have a brief window between his attacks. Thanks again. About six good power shots should be enough to end this battle. Mega Man 4 is the first Mega Man game to have someone other than Dr. Wily as the final boss!. Be ready to slide, because this boss breaks into horizontal sections that fly across the screen from right to left or vice versa.

Close. Blow them up next to Wily to hurt him. Fast means it will probably do another pass, while slow indicates that it will likely stop.

This boss will simply float from one side of the screen to the next, occasionally firing a shot aimed at Mega Man that can be jumped over, slid under, or just walked away from. The following three bosses will be fought in the Spaceport and Final Weapon stages. In the Japanese version, the Cossack Catcher starts moving earlier. The shot will arc up if you are jumping or come in straight if you on on the ground.

Dust Man–>Dive Man–>Drill Man–>Toad Man–>Skull Man–>Bright Man–>Pharaoh Man–>Ring Man. There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero.

Mega Man 4; Game Hints; MEGA MAN 4 PASSWORD GENERATOR. Judging by the flashing light bulb weak point, it's probably an enemy.

Mega Man 4. Perform a short vertical hop to avoid each bomb. Related: Mega Man 11: Robot Masters Order And Weaknesses. Jump over the ring and towards the boss slightly, then be ready to slide so the returning ring passes over your head.

Colonel will use the same attacks as he did during the earlier battle. The Rain Flush fires slowly, so make sure you have an opening before using it; between Bright Man’s jumps, after he fires his chest level shot, and before he uses his Time Stopper are all great windows for your attack.

Run up to the machine the moment the battle begins and stand as close to it as you can without touching it. It takes two hits for a section of floor to be destroyed, which opens a deadly chasm. Mega Man X3.

Like the previous three games, players can choose which stages and bosses they want to conquer first. It’s best to attack just after it fires a shot (you should be able to get about two hits in before you have to dodge the next projectile) and when it’s lowering its spike to damage the floor.