Voiced by Matt Maiellaro, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future is a crazy robot that starts long, nonsensical stories with "thousands of years ago...".

I got a blue bowl that has light blue swirls going through it I call it Posidons COck.

guess who's inside. I used to name them after greek gods but I changed my mind. Terrence, you ate a bug today, he's no longer moving. Its ok your not alone I named mine Earl haha.

Defrosting Terrence | Aqua Teen Hunger | Adult Swim - YouTube Meatwad made a song for you. My 3 pieces are named: Persuasion, Temptation, & Seduction.

Do whatever you like. The extended version of the song was included in the 2011 video game.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://aqua-teen-hunger-force.fandom.com/wiki/Theme_Song?oldid=21637. By the way "The Bitch" might be the funniest name for a bong ever! **Baked as a Biscuit :D**, Mines name is Tori Black. (Context: Terrence is meatwad's cat. His special powers are levitation and various eye beams, both powered by a large blue jewel on his back.

Frylock's character acts many times as the mediator in arguments.

Red haired, wearing a lab coat and science goggles, is normally pictured holding and staring at a test tube. This is home, this is Mean Street. By He is somewhat of a father figure to Meatwad and often saves Shake and Meatwad from danger. Matt Webb Mitovich and Nick Caruso / Cause we are the Aqua Teens, make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream! mine's The Champ. TVLine’s ongoing review of TV’s all-time greatest theme songs is about to get totally tubular, with a deep dive into the 1980s.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, (also known by various alternative titles), (2001–15) is an animated television series from the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block. Brian Reilly 11,710 views. July 1 2020, 12:20 PM PDT. His special powers are to take any shape he desires (which, with few exceptions, are a hot dog and an igloo) and mitosis. Steve, also voiced by C. Martin Croker, is Dr. Weird's assistant. https://en.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=Aqua_Teen_Hunger_Force_(Season_5)&oldid=2863684, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Voiced by Dave Willis, Boxy Brown is a friend of Meatwad's, but can talk in an African-American voice.

The two are extremely arrogant, and often claim to be superior to anyone who lives on Earth, despite never giving a reason for their alleged superiority. Sat, 12/04/2010 - 7:21am. reserved.PMC Entertainment, Courtesy of NBC (4), Shutterstock (middle). Voiced by Carey Means, Frylock is a floating box of French fries who has laser lenses, dental braces, and a goatee. Happy Time Harry (David Cross) – A mean, cynical and depressed doll Frylock bought him for Meatwad due to his low price, only $3.99. I got the beat (boom!) And remember to visit AdultSwim.com for all your full episode needs. Frylock tries to be a good father figure to Meatwad, but Shake often tortures and pranks Meatwad, although in many episodes, Meatwad manipulates Shake into causing harm to himself by manipulating his greed and vanity. guess who's inside. Meatwad: (singing to his new pet cat, Terrence) Terrence, you have my heart. His special powers are emitting charged blobs of pistachio milkshake from his straw and making any small object he throws to the ground explode, though the latter is not noticed by himself or other characters. He hates it when the Aqua Teens are in his pool or when they (especially Shake) mess with his car.

my pipe's name is Gunther just cuz its the only thing i could think of that captured the personality of the pipe. When pressed by Frylock, they claimed they are superior because they can “jump really high”, something they promptly fail at doing. But in the end's twist, Dr. Weird was revealed to have been created by Frylock. and Miami Vice, to name just a few. His bad attitude affects all the Aqua Teens especially Meatwad who after trying to play with him, adopts his cynical demeanor. Unlike the other talking characters, his mouth doesn't move while he talks, and only those to whom he talks can hear him.