Plague with fuel system problem. In the past, they've had no problems getting me in on a Saturday or even late during the week.

The next day I was going take it to a local auto repair shop and have it looked at, but on my way the check engine light wasn't lit anymore, so I drove straight to work. The other way is if the injectors are leaking. When they are dirty but not yet clogged, you may be able to clean them with a good fuel injector cleaner. Make it even better by getting a fuel injector replacement for Mazda 3.

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There’s always more than one, and one going bad is enough to make a noticeable impact on the drivability of the vehicle. I called back today and the owner told me to give it a few days to see if it works itself out. les pannes, Bonjour à tous, lorsque le moteur dépasse 2300 r/mn ,il ne répond pas, [RÉSOLU]Ma voiture ne démarre pas, aucun voyants ne s'allume, RIEN, calage de la chaine de distribution sur moteur 2 litre, Probleme de demarage apres avoir change la cloche mes lauto par sur la compression, probleme du systeme de freinage sur nouvelle mazda 3, Fiche

When this happens not enough fuel enters into your 3’s combustion chamber.

That’s why it’s important to check the fuel pressure at the rail before replacing injectors, otherwise you may end throwing good money after bad. When this occurs they must be replaced. I called the shop and they told me it's not surprising considering the injectors were just cleaned and the detergents were working through the system and expelling out the exhaust system--probably an oxygen sensor that got some debris on it. Good luck! Bad Fuel Injectors Diagnosis: Mazda CX-3 Leaking fuel injectors are often caused by a bad a crack in their body. When I took it back so they could reset the CEL, they discovered a crack in a vacuum tee that apparently had happened during the fuel injection cleaning. Essais, nouveautés, fiabilité, sélection d'annonces auto... Petites annonces de pièces détachées auto, allumage intempestif plusieurs voyants tableaux de bord, Toutes To avoid these issues, get new Mazda 3 fuel injectors, so that the primary fuel delivery system in your internal combustion engine works properly.

And therefore no warranty coverage for it where it's still under 3-year basic coverage (total of ~ $1500 inc tax).

Cliquez sur un type pour ne plus If the injectors are clogged you’ll need to have them cleaned by a professional. If your 3 is experiencing the symptoms of bad fuel injectors, it would be wise to address the issue right away. Here is a great video from “Ratchets and Wrenches” on YouTube on how to go about the process of diagnosing a fuel injector from beginning to end. The fuses are all ok. Bad Fuel Injectors Diagnosis: Mazda 3 Leaking fuel injectors are often caused by a bad a crack in their body. Mazda BT 50 3.0L injector problems. You might be surprised how many fuel companies draw from the same tanker ship......Its all the same. I was able to identify the spiders as the same spider that Mazda had already recalled for other model years, yet did not for ours. A defective Mazda 3 fuel injector causes starting issues, low RPM and poor fuel economy. At this point, I've found another mechanic (very good reputation) that I'd like to take my car to for a second opinion. When this occurs they must be replaced. Warranty covered.

Thats a crock. The car has gone through tire replacement, new brakes pads, new battery. They said the CEL is telling them that the actuator is sticking (they didn't give me a specific CEL code). They did indicate that if it happened again, they would probably have to check below (where the larger hoses are) for a bad seal or a damaged gasket, and this would be a larger, all-day type job. 2019+ Mazda 3 – Front Strut Tower Bar is ready for action! I'm going to give it a few days, but I'm not sure whether I should take it back to Brakes Plus to look at (pros--they just worked on it so they would have record of it and hopefully not charge me to fix it; cons--I've taken it back twice and a new issue seems to pop up each time) or take it to the dealer and have them check it out fresh (pros--they would probably have more expertise specific to the Mazda; cons--I'd be paying for it from scratch).